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by Dan Brown

Found here is a continued introduction to the Symbolic Living Language between Sons and Daughters of God and the Family of God—God your Father and His Earth's Christ Son, as well as God your Mother and Her Earth's Chryseis Daughter.

I hope that you, as visiting Sons and Daughters of God, find and respond to an inner 'knowing' that sleeps within your Spirit.

Perhaps you lived in the 1700’s and helped to carry out the Great DivineDream in the formation of this great nation. As a Son or Daughter of God, our forefathers accepted a DivineAssigment to form a democratic nation based on religious freedom, where one could openly experience the Living DivineLife Program for Advancement of their DivineHeritage. As Sons and Daughters of God, who with the Advancing Nature of the Father and Mother within, could offer Higher Intellectual advancement in all philosophies, and in turn, Graduate into Men and Women of God--Individualized Spiritual Beings of Light, whose Robes of Glory are the Father's All Knowing and the Mother's All Understanding—the Living Nature of Pure Love.

To better understand your DivinePurpose in life read http://templechryses.org/lifecycle.html.

To renew your DivineJourney, enter the Eternal DivineJourney into the Kingdom, see http://templechryses.org/ancient-book.html

And now, a nation's DivineDream, as told in the Language of the Gods.

Prologue: Masonic Symbols.

A material enactment is made into a ritual of a DivineEncoded Statement. The code states: "A hollow skull, used as a bowl, is filled with blood red wine and drunken thereof."

A hollow skull of bone, represents the emptiness of material life without DivineLife.

The 'skull' itself represents the Spirit's mental advancement, both material and Divine.

The word 'bowl' represents one's Immortal Spiritual State of Being.

The statement: "filled with blood red wine", 'blood' symbolizes DivineLife Awareness, while 'wine' is symbolic of DivineIntoxication or Rapture when a Spiritual-Soul enters into the Living Presence of the Father and Mother's Pure Love.

The material act of 'drunk there of' is symbolic of the Spiritual-Soul's 'taking within', as DivineMemory, the Light Natures of the Father and Mother's Perfect Nature.

Pg. 4. Masonic Temple Room.

The overall room design is symbolic of the Human Immortal Path passing through the DivineLife Program's Awakening, Rise, and Crown stages.

  • The perfect square room is a symbol of completion of both one's material up-building as well as Transfiguration of material memory into Light.
  • It is supported by a Green granite column that symbolizes material life evolution, green in color, the "pillar" for DivineAdvancement.
  • The thirty-three-foot tall Throne (3 X 10 = 30) represents the completion of the three stages of Immortal Advancement, symbolized by the Son or Daughter of God's Holy Trinity Principle becoming One at the completion of the Awakening, Rise, and Crown Stage. The Throne, offered by God the Father is Witnessed during a DivineLife Protocol Visualization. The Act of 'Sitting upon the Throne' is a free will demonstration of Acceptance. God Responds by Passing through the Spiritual-Soul a Great Energy that Transfigures the Spirit into a Final and Higher State of Being.
  • The Masonic material Throne is placed against the western wall that signifies completion.
  • The symbols on the walls of the Inner Temple, when translated according to Sacred Coding or the Language of God, portray the human Spirit's path from material to that of a Christed Individualized Being of Pure Light.
  • The solid block of black marble is symbolic of material life filled with ignorance and dogma that trap and hold the Spirit from DivineLife progression—the inversion of DivineTruth.
  • The statement "the secret is how to die," refers to the 'death' of the Spirit's body of material psycho-aspects of memory at the time God Transfigures or Christ's them into their corresponding Light Psycho-Aspects of God the Father's or Mother's Nature.

Pg. 31: The Order of the Eastern Star.

The Women's Masonic Branch and DivineLife Program as the same for men and women. The difference between the two is the material identification with life and, thereby, its rituals; however, know that the Spirit's up-building of memory must be balanced through the destined act of symbiosis with both male and female material bodies.

Pg. 32: The Crucifix.

This symbol was made popular by the Catholic Church. But, in actuality, the symbol originated in Sumeria 3600 B.C.E., where Immortals designed it to symbolize the travesties in life necessary to up-build the Spirit and soul-mind's intellectual consciousness (male figure), as well as will and courage for character strength, and the meeting of destiny requirements dictated by each stage within the Cycle of Life. The Great Cycle of Life stages are symbolized by the cross' four major quadrants.

Pg. 32. Holy Communion, or Sacrament.

  "Jesus took Bread and Blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to His Disciples, and said, take, eat; this is My Body. And He took the Cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, 'Drink ye all of It, for this is My Blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.'"--Matthew 26:26-28.

  "Jesus took Bread and Blessed It,"
Jesus taught DivineLife and the inner visual awareness for the Spiritual-Soul to Journey into the Kingdom of the Lord in order for the Human Spiritual-Soul to Attain, as DivineMemory, the Psycho-Aspects of God the Father's and Mother's Living DivineTruth and Knowledge, symbolized by Bread, for Evolution of the Spirit's DivineBody of Memory ("...Blessed It...").

  "And brake it, and gave it to His Disciples,"
The material psycho-aspects are evolved as masculine and feminine ("...break it,...") themes that up-build into matrixes of memory that form personality attributes or traits. The matrixes (symbolized by the Disciples) become attributes that once matured, can be Transfigured or Christed into God the Father's and Mother's Nature.

  1. Peter.......... The analytical lower mind
  2. Andrew......... Faith and search for truth
  3. James Zebedee...Hope and progressiveness
  4. John Zebedee....Love and philosophy
  5. Philip..........Courage and assertiveness
  6. Nathanial.......Perseverance
  7. Thomas..........Intellectual truth seeking
  8. James Alpheus...Modesty and receptiveness
  9. Judas Alpheus...Broadmindedness
  10. Simon...........Gentleness and attentiveness
  11. Matthew.........Critical deliberation
  12. Judas Iscariot..Judgement

  "And said, take, eat, this is My Body."
Jesus is saying, this is what I did to form my Christed Body of Light, as a Son of God, you now have the means to do so.

  "And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them,"
He offered their Immortal Spiritual-Soul ("...cup..."), the means to Transfigure or Christ their material memory into the Light Natures of the Father and Mother.

  "Drink ye all of it, for this is my blood of the New Testament."
Upon the Spiritual-Soul Guided into the DivineLife Itinerary ("...my blood...") that allows the Son or Daughter of God to take within the DivinePersonalities of the Father and Mother ("...drink ye all of it..."), for this is the New Covenant between man and your Father and Mother ("...New Testament...") that allows you to Graduate into All Knowing (from the Father) and All Understanding (from the Mother), the Nature of Perfect Love.

  "Which is shed for many for the remission of sins."
Upon the Spiritual-Soul Attaining a Body of Pure Light and Love, the need for further rebirth into the material life is unnecessary ("...remission of sins...")--It is Done.


The overall design encompasses astrological, palmistry, and Mystical Symbolism—the Symbolic Language between man and God. Once translated it depicts the DivineLife Program that allows Sons and Daughters of God to Advance toward Completion as a Man or Woman of God. - http://templechryses.org/lifecycle.html

The Picture's Symbolism was Designed to Awaken a Son's or Daughter's Spirit to Their DivineHeritage by intuitively prompting its soul-mind consciousness to enter into DivineLife through the Portal. - http://templechryses.org/ancient-book.html

The picture is in the shape of a rectangle that symbolizes an Evolving Immortal State of Being - a square depicts completion.

   Wings - a symbol that represents the DivineAct of 'flying', as it were, into the DivineRealm or Kingdom of the Lord for DivineLife Advancement. While the ...

   'All Knowing Eye of God' Appears to the Son or Daughter at the Peak of the Great Pyramid of Light during the second half of the Rise Stage. The Living Icon represents the Completion of an Up-Building of the Father's and Mother's Light Nature within the Spirit's Body of Memory. The Living Eye of God Represents the Privilege of a Visual, Objective, and Telepathic Awareness with the Father and Mother in Paradise. Introduction to the Son's or Daughter's first Visit is Awarded through a Petition to the Christ Son, who will Accompany the Spiritual-Soul to the Father, as well as Petition to the Chryseis Daughter, who will Accompany the Spiritual-Soul to God the Mother.

   Elongated Circle and Symbol in the Palm represents an Evolving Son or Daughter Advancing through the three Immortal Cycle of Life Stages, the Awakening, Rise, and Crown Stage that Up-Builds DivineMemory symbolized by ...

   Gold Trim that represents the Completion of DivineTruth, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding, while the ...

   Fish symbolizes the Pisces Astrological Sign, which is facing right that represents Completion Activity in the last half of the Crown Stage.

   Right Hand is a symbol for self-motivated activity toward advancement of both material and DivineActivities, while the shape of the hand is that of a Psychic.

   Thumb - symbolic of DivinePassion, Logic, and Reason ruled by Higher Will that allows for DivineLife Completion, and is Announced by Being Awarded a ...

   Crown - At the time the Son or Daughter has completed all material life growth, there are three consecutive Crowns Awarded the Spiritual-Soul. The first Crown is Awarded to the Spiritual-Soul by the Chryseis Daughter at the Completion of the DivineFeminine Truth and Wisdom Attributes. The second Crown is Awarded by the Christ Son at the Completion of the DivineMasculine Knowledge and Intellect Attributes. The final and Third Crown is Awarded to the Son or Daughter by God in the Great Pyramid of Light and Announces Completion of the DivineLife Program—the Robes of Glory are at Hand.

   Forefinger - a symbol of the Jupiter Finger that represents ambition to carry out Attainment of DivinePhilosophy necessary for Idealism that Acts toward DivineLife Advancement and Completion symbolized by the ...

   Six Pointed Star - the Attainment of an Individualized Being of Pure Light.

   Second Finger - the Saturn Finger is associated with the development of Higher Judgement, Responsibility, and Introspection. Upon entering into the DivineLife's Salvation Itinerary, the Spiritual-Soul can remove all negative memories that cannot be Christed that, in turn, allows for Higher Reason and Action that Acts toward Completion. Therefore, the ...

   'Sun' symbolizes the Spiritual-Soul's Completion as an Individualized Being of Pure Light.

   Third Finger - the Apollo or Christing Finger is better known as the Marriage Ring finger. The material marriage ritual is fashioned after a DivineLife Scenario that takes place in the DivineRealm during the first half of the Rise Stage. Upon arriving in the DivineRealm, the Spiritual-Soul is Lifted into Paradise, where the Father Places a Gold Ring on the Spirit's Third Finger, which is followed by God the Mother Placing a Gold Ring of the same Finger. At the Reception of each Ring, Transfiguration takes place that Formalizes the Covenant, or DivineMarriage to the Father and Mother. The Son or Daughter of God is now the ...

   Lamp of God—who Lives and Teaches DivineLife and Access to the Family of God--God the Father and His Christ Son as well as God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter.

   Little or Fourth Finger - the Mercury Finger, symbolizes Son or Daughter Acting as a Messenger for the Family of God. One who Teaches the ...

   Key - DivineLife.

   p. 52 Unlock the Mystical Portal is the Access through a Visual Journey into the DivineRealm for Study and Participation in DivineLife through a Living Awareness with the Family of God. - http://templechryses.org/ancient-book.html

The Apotheosis of Washington

The Apotheosis of Washington

The entire Rotunda Fresco is painted in Allegory coding and conveys the DivineLife Program—the purpose for which man lives.

The Fresco covers an area of 4,664 Square Feet—that adds up to 20, the symbol for completion of the material and DivineSelf. It is 180 feet up from the floor that symbolizes a Being of Pure Light.

Surrounding the Fresco are 72 stars - 7 + 2 = 9, completion of material and DivineLife.

On page 83, it is noted that General Washington was referred to as a demigod, thus awarding the Capital of America, Washington.

Labeling George Washington as a demigod is a misidentity based on the lack of public understanding of the evolution of the human Spirit and the DivineLife Program that provides the means for the material memory within a Spirit to be Transfigured or Christed into the Pure Love Light Nature of God the Father and Mother.

Brumidi's 1865 Rotunda Fresco is actually honoring Washington's evolved Spiritual State of Being—a Son of God in the closing Rise Stage. His Spirit, along with thousands of advanced Immortals, transferred to Earth to act as Idealists in order to form the World cultures and Philosophies, according to Civilization Two's evolutionary design. And second, through their service, it provided the Immortal Sons and Daughters of God the opportunity to bring to maturity their material psycho-aspects for their Transfiguration or Christing into the Pure Love Nature of God the Father and Mother through the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son. As of the year AD 2000, the Civilization entered into the Crown stage that will last until AD 4000 and allows all Sons and Daughters of God to enter into the DivineLife Program's Completion Itinerary that provides them with the means to Claim their Robes of Glory and Become Individualized Beings of Pure Light and return to Paradise with a job well done.

Brumidi painted Washington with a Rainbow at his feet. A Rainbow is an Inner Visual DivineSymbol for the Bridge between man and the DivineRealm. A Rainbow is formed from the reflection of the sun—God's Light, in water-drops that represents DivineTruth. The center fresco appears as a DivineTriangle, with the center yellow in color that symbolizes Kingship, Attainment of a Crown, in Conquering Earth's DivineLife Program to Become an Individualized Being of Pure Light. See http://templechryses.org/lifecycle.html

Working with the Masons, Brumidi, himself a DivineActived Son of God, working with the Masons, encoded the entire Fresco in DivineAllegory. What is seen by the material eye depicts America's central ideal, freedom to advance in all philosophies for growth of its citizens. And within the design of the fresco design is the DivineLife Program.

George Washington's Divine Vision

In Valley Forge, during the darkest of days in the winter of 1777, Washington was Awarded an External DivineVision to Support his DivineDestiny.

His DivineVisitor, Earth's Celestial Daughter and Co-Director for Earth along with the Celestial Son, Appeared in his command tent. The following quotes are only part of the Vision and are taken from "The Vision of General George Washington Pertaining to the Destiny of the United States", by Narrator: Wesley Beadshaw.

"Looking up, I beheld standing before me a beautiful female. Presently, I heard a voice saying: 'Son of the Republic, look and learn.' I now beheld a white vapor and I looked upon a strange scene." He tells of two scenes and on the third scene he is shown America's borders, where he states: "I cast my eyes upon America and beheld villages and towns and cities springing up, one after the other, until the whole land, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, was dotted with them."

In addition, he states: "I saw a Bright Angel, whose brow rested a Crown of Light on which was traced the word 'UNION', She was bearing the American flag, which She placed in the center of the divided nation and said, 'Remember ye are brethren.' Instantly the inhabitants, casting from them their weapons, became friends once more, and united around the National Standard," the prediction of the civil war. "'Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted: three great perils will come upon the republic. The most fearful is the second, passing which, the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land, and Union.' With these words the Vision vanished and I started from my seat, and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States."

Brumidi's Fresco in the Capitol Rotunda

Coordinates for Washington's Rotunda
N 38 53.388 W 077 00.614
18S E 325648 N 4306468

The capitol resides on 274 acres that symbolizes the Higher and lower self (2) finds completion (7) in the four human stages of the Cycle of Life (4), the Hades/Mortal, the DivineAwakeneing, Rise and Crown Stages. The combined numbers 274 adds up to 13, the DivineNumber for an Individualized Being of Pure Light--the Holy Trinity becomes One.

All of the coordinate's numbers, once defined in Sacred Symbolism depict the DivineJourney of the Star of David.

Star Of David

The Star of David is made up of a hexagram of two triangles, one is right-side up—the lower left Point being symbolic of God the Mother and Earth's Celestial Daughter; the lower Right Point—God the Father and Earth's Celestial Son, and the upper Point—Paradise.

The upside down triangle is symbolic of the Human Spirit's Evolution. The lower triune point symbolizes the Immortal Son or Daughter of God; the upper left points - the DivineFeminine Chryseis Daughter Holy Spirit; and the upper right point - the DivineMasculine Christ Son Holy Spirit.

The right-side up and upside down triangles act as a measure of the Spirit's DivineLife Progression into Completion. Let me explain. At the time the mortal son or daughter of man finds completion of the Mortal/Hades Stage, the two bases are just short of touching. Once the son or daughter of man's spirit enters into the DivineLife Itinerary and is Transfigured into an Immortal, the lower base moves upward and overlaps the upper pyramid's base. As the Immortal continues its material and DivineAdvancement upward through the Awakening and Rise Stage, the inverted triangle moves upward into the DivineTriangle. It is during the Crown Stage that the Son or Daughter of God enters into Completion and the perfect Star of David finds Light.

The Fresco Center Picture

George Washington is painted in the center of a right side up triangle—the source of his DivineState Being. There are Thirteen DivineBeings who represent His and Required DivineFeminine and Masculine Attributes derived from the Transfiguration or Christing of DivinePsycho Aspect Matrixes, as symbolized by the Stars over Their Heads. The Figures with Their backs turned represent the DivineAttributes that must, as yet be Transfigured, as they also have Stars over Their Heads. The number thirteen is a DivineNumber, as it cannot be divided—the symbol for completion and Union of the material self with the DivineSpiritual Self—an Individualized Being of Pure Light.

The triangular design, a Symbol for the DivineRealm, is painted on a White Cloud, where the Kingdom or DivineRealm Reality is Experienced during an Ordered DivineLife Visualization Program.

Wisdom is born out of the lessons as a result of action, either material or DivineSanctioned according to one's Spiritual State of Being. Washington is draped in purple, the Symbol for Attainment and Completion of DivineWisdom—the means to perceive the right action over the actions against advancement.

To Washington's left is an Angel who is blowing a Trumpet, the Symbol of Washington's material life DivineProphesy—symbolized by Her Green Skirt.

The DivineBeing to Washington's right is holding a Fasces, which symbolizes the Chryseis Daughter and Her Power of Authority over him. She Assists in his destiny designs; of which is recorded in his Book of Life, the open Book She is Holding. The Book of Life is open, meaning Washington's DivineLife Program is still Advancing. She is wearing a red cap that represents outgoing DivineMental direction (head) as well as Ambition and Power to Assist in Washington's destiny.

Above Washington and at the peak of the Pyramid, a Banner with the words, "E Plurebus Unum," which means "Out of Many, One." It symbolizes both the Republic of America with many states acting as one, as well as the Evolution of the Human Spirit--whose DivineAttributes are to be Transfigured/Christed into One DivineQuality--an Individualized Spiritual Being of Pure Light—a Man or Woman of God.

America, as a DivinePromise for Sons and Daughters of God

Around the perimeter of the Central Fresco are six frescos that depict national ideals necessary to build a healthy and safe nation for the advancement of all Sons and Daughters of God. In addition, within the design of the Frescos, Brumidi encoded the DivineLife Program.

6.1  Agriculture/Lower Awakening Stage

The first fresco, "Agriculture," features the Greek Goddess Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture, grain, and bread, the prime sustenance for mankind's survival. And in a Higher Reality, and according to DivineSymbolism--Demeter represents the mortal son or daughter of man, who is newly Transfigured into an Immortal Son or Daughter of God, and is now in the first half of the Awakening Stage. As a young DivineLife Student, he or she must cultivate its DivineLife (agriculture), as well as strive to Attain within DivineAdvancement (grain), which Awards the Son or Daughter of God, DivineKnowledge and Truth (bread).

  • Demeter is seated, the symbol for the acquiescence of the soul-mind and Spirit toward DivineLife. She has brown hair, a sign that the Spirit is predominately material in nature. She is looking to Her right—material action and activity for growth. She has a Crown of Wheat, a symbol for mental interest in the attainment of DivineKnowledge.

  • To Demeter's right is a young man who has his back turned, the symbol for mental reasoning that acts against attainment of DivineLife--facing Demeter. A Rainbow (the Bridge between man and God) is painted behind his left shoulder, a Sign for continued DivineIntuitive prompting.

  • To Her right is a woman picking flowers, the symbol for Activated DivinePsycho-Aspects of Knowledge and Truth.

  • To Her left we have one female, who symbolizes a promise for the Attainment of DivineTruth.

  • The man holding the reins of a golden horse with a white mane is a symbol for material desires and passions that influence the soul-mind against DivineLife Activity.

  • The golden horses are a symbol for Attainment of DivineTruth and Knowledge.

  • The man to the far left is wearing a gray cloak—the symbol for material activity that acts against DivineLife. He is putting a halter on the horse, symbolizing the soul-mind's hold over the Attainment of DivineLife Growth.

6.2  Mechanics/Higher Awakening Stage

The Greek God Hedphaistos is known for fire and metal works that mold life. In a DivineSense, He represents the psychological profile of a Son or Daughter of God Evolving in the latter half of the Immortal Awakening Stage. Life after life, even though the soul-mind is intuitively prompted to partake in DivineLife, material memory in both intellect and religious dogma, interferes with any intuitive drives to seek DivineActivity.

  • Hedphaistos is standing that demonstrates material life is more important than Participation in DivineLife. His material soul-mind consciousness' power over His Spirit is supported by His brown beard and hair as well as His left hand resting on his hip, a symbol for the dominant influence of material life over DivineLife Activity.

  • His right hand is resting on a hammer that signifies the determination to carry out planned material destinies required for correction, strengthening, and expanding his soul-mind psychological state of being.

  • His right leg is slightly bent meaning his self-evolved actions are slowly weakening toward participation in DivineLife, but his bare foot is resting on the barrel of a cannon that signifies an unbending will molded by the power of material life.

  • His dark red wrap signifies courage, determination, and drive.

  • Fire and Forge - signifies strong desires and passions, energizing one's material life, which stir lower emotions for the development of independent reasoned action. The fire is on Hedphaistos' left that symbolizes continued intuitive drive to achieve DivineGrowth. The forge is symbolic of life destinies that mold the personality for advancement. The two men almost hidden in the background represent developing mental psycho-aspects.

  • There are two men on Hedphaistos' right. One has his back turned that signifies life activities that act against advancement, while the one facing downward is closed to DivineLife and is focused on the material.

  • Smoke from the smokestack is symbolic of ignorance, religious material dogma, and the illusion of the purpose of life learned by each new life's soul-mind consciousness.

6.3   Commerce/Lower Rise Stage

The Greek God, Hermes, symbolizes material merchandizing, the foundation for a healthy nation. The DivineAllegory is symbolic of the Immortal Spirit's Advancement in the first half of the Rise Stage. As a God of Merchants He symbolizes the expanded material nature of the Son or Daughter of God that, by now, is finding more importance in attainment of DivineKnowledge and Truth for Self-Expression and Advancement.

  • Hermes Winged Helmet represents 'flying', as it were, into the DivineRealm for the purpose of Objectively Studying in the Temple of Solomon as well as the Great Pyramid of Light for Attainment of Objective DivineKnowledge that Evolves Intellectualism--the result being Individualized Action in all philosophies.

  • Hermes is sitting, as well as showing a bent left knee that demonstrates acquiescence to search for and participate in DivineKnowledge in the Service to Truth and Knowledge. He is wearing sandals that indicate a mind-set that is released from the grip of material life (bare feet).

  • Hermes is holding a Caduceus in his right hand, a Greek symbol that represents Unlimited Intelligence available from the Family of God's Temples and Pyramid of Light.
      The center staff of the Caduceus is a symbol for solidarity between the Family of God and the Human DivineAwakened Spirit.
      The two serpents are a symbol for the evolving Spirit through the Principle of Reincarnation, while the two heads of the Serpents are pointing to the central staff—intentional attitude to Attain DivineSolidarity.
      The two wings symbolize the act of "flying," as it were, into the DivineRealm to attain unlimited Truth and Knowledge—the stabilizing foundation for evolution of man.

  • Hermes left hand (DivineActivity) is Holding a Bag of Gold that symbolizes a Son's or Daughter's DivineHeritage, as a result of Service to mankind through the Self-Expression of Knowledge and Truth.

  • In front of Hermes are two feathered pens in the inkwell, a symbol for the Posting of DivineKnowledge and Truth for the Higher Education of Man.

  • The bale of cotton with six sections is a symbol for the Spirit's Advancement through the six Divisions for Immortal Advancement in the Awakening, Rise, and Crown Stage. It is leaning to the left—inner responsiveness to DivineIntuition - and against a box that symbolizes material life activity that provides support toward DivineLife Advancement.

  • Hermes Figure divides the fresco in half. The four men to his right represent the labor in material life necessary for the up-building of material psycho-aspects into matrixes that when matured can be Transfigured into the Light Nature of the Father and Mother.

  • The two Men on Hermes' left signify Advanced Immortals, whose left hand is bent upward with his fore finger and thumb extended--a symbol for DivineReceptiveness.

  • To Hermes' far left, there is a young man with a white shirt, which is symbolic of an Immortal Spirit gesturing to the next higher level of DivineLife, the last half of the Rise Stage.

6.4   Marine/Higher Rise Stage

The Greek Sea-God, Poseidon, is symbolic of the last half of the Rise Stage, the Search for Perception and Self-Expression of DivineTruth, the Pearl of Great Price.
During this period, the Spiritual-Soul continues advancement and expansion of both material intellectualism, rejection and replacement of material religious dogma for a Living, Objective, Visual, and Telepathic Awareness with the Family of God--God the Father and His Christ Son, as well as God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter.

The ocean is symbolic of Generated Higher Emotions as a result of the Self-Expression of Truth—DivineWisdom. All emotions require resolution; therefore, the soul-mind must rely on its current level of material knowledge or DivineKnowledge to form a material or Higher Action for that resolution. The generation of lower or Higher Emotions, as a result of that lower or Higher Action evolves lower wisdom or DivineWisdom.

  • Neptune has a white beard that signifies Pure DivineTruth, Knowledge, and Wisdom Up-Builded in the Son or Daughter of God. His hair is made of seaweed, the symbol for DivineEmotions.

  • Neptune is sitting, which is a symbol for the acceptance of the soul-mind toward Attaining DivineTruth.

  • His right hand is gripping the SeaShell Chariot, the symbol for Attainment of Truth at all costs--the Pearl of Great Price.

  • His left hand is holding a Trident that represents a Son or Daughter of God Evolving into Union with the Divine. The Trident's Three Crowing Points signify DivineKnowledge, Truth, and Wisdom. The Trident's Shaft is symbolic of Aspirations to Seek, Activate, and Attain DivineLife Advancement through Action.

  • Draped over His lap is a rosy pink cloth, the symbol of DivineLove.

  • He is looking to His right, which is symbolic of Higher Perception used in Action. Wisdom is defined as the means to perceive several results of a planned action, and thereby, initiates courage to choose the highest for the good of all.

  • He is drawn by two White Sea Horses, the symbol for DivineIdeals and Aspirations derived from DivneTruth, Knowledge, and Wisdom that have been put into Action for Advancement, the three flagons for hoofs.

  • The Female Goddess is holding the Cable with Her Left and Right Hands, and she is wrapped in a purple cloth, the symbol for the Wisdom in laying the Transatlantic Cable, and in a Higher Sense, the Advancement of all Philosophies through Attainment of DivineKnowledge, Truth and Wisdom.

  • The man with his back turned is symbolic of a mental attitude that acts against DivineIdeals.

  • The young boy holding the Reins of the two Sea Horses is symbolic of DivineKnowledge and Truth Intellect that now Rules over material life.

  • Behind Neptune is an Angel, God's Messenger, who Sanctions all DivineAdvancment.

  • The ironclad ship—symbolic of the non-awakened Immortal. The ship has three visible portals on each side, which symbolize the three stages of mortal evolution and three stages of Immortal Evolution. There are two smoke stacks that symbolize the non-awakened Immortal Soul-Mind and Spirit (two stacks) that is unbending (iron) and full of ignorance and illusion (smoke).

    6.5   Science/Lower Crown Stage

    The DivineFeminine Goddess, Gaia, is a symbol for the first half of the sixth and Crown DivineStage. She is known to be the protector of cities, while a city in DivineSymbolism is symbolic of the entire Spiritual Psychological Profile.

    • She is wearing a Gold Helmet, the symbol for the Completion of the Son or Daughter of God Attaining the Transfiguration of DivinePsycho-Aspects into DivineTruth, Knowledge, and Wisdom Attributes.

    • She is holding a Gold Spear, a symbol for Completion of Aspirations to Attain DivineLife.

    • She is pointing with her left hand and forefinger, the Jupiter finger, which is symbolic of the Son or Daughter of God's Self-Initiation throughout the DivineLife Program for Advancement.

    • She is wearing a Yellow Tunic, a symbol for Kingship over material life and DivineLife Evolution.

    • Her Rosy Red Cape is a symbol for the Completion of Attaining DivineLove Attributes.

    • Her back is turned away from the six figures that represents the end for the need of further material life and the completion of the DivineLife Stages.

    • A mother with a white blouse is symbolic of the once young Immortal, while the baby is symbolic of the DivineLife Program that is now mature and symbolized by Gaia.

    • To Her left, the three men facing outward represents the Advanced Immortal Spirit's Service to society as an Idealist. The Rainbow at the inventor Benjamin Franklin's left shoulder indicates his Access to DivineTemples, where he, or an Immortal, can Study, Discuss, or Attain Advanced Knowledge in any philosophy for the Service to mankind.

    • The man with his back turned, wearing a black cloth, and kneeling on his right knee, symbolizes the completed removal of negative memory from the Immortal Spirit by God, as negative memories cannot be Christed or Transfigured into Light. The man in a White Shirt, who is kneeling, is symbolic of DivinePsycho-Aspect Matrixes that are ready for Their final Transfiguration into DivineAttributes.

    6.6   Liberty/Higher Crown Stage

    Directly under Washington, Brumidi paints a symbol that reflects America's Central Idealism--defending freedom that enables man to advance, both material and in the DivineLife Program.
      The fresco depicts the final DivineLife Stage in the Great Cycle of Life, the sixth and Crown. It is in this stage that the Son or Daughter of God finds Completion and Liberty from further material life--the Son or Daughter of God, following the DivineLife Program's Completion Itinerary can fulfill the Requirements to Become an Individualized Being of Pure Light--a Man or Woman of God.

    The Goddess of Liberty - The Celestial/Chryseis Daughter - the Statue of Liberty:

    • She has a Gold Crown of Stars that represents Her Completion of the Up Building of DivineAttributes Evolved in the Great Cycle of Life through Access to the DivineRealm--the Gold Dove, the Symbol for God the Mother and Her Truth.

    • She Wields, in Her Right Hand, the Sword of DivineTruth, or better known as the Sword Excalibur. She is holding the Sword above Her Head, the Sign that DivineTruth from God the Mother is Held Above All in Importance.

    • She is wearing a Rosy Red Cape, a symbol of Her Countenance - Outgoing DivineLove.

    • Her Sleeve is White, the Symbol for Purity in Action.

    • In Her left hand She is holding a Shield—a symbol of DivineWill to Up-Hold Truth and Knowledge against ignorance, dogma, and evilness. There are six stripes of blue, the symbol for DivineIntellectualism as well as six stripes of White, the Symbol for DivineLife. The twelve stripes represent the completion of the DivineLife Program.

    • Her Dark Blue Bodice is symbolic of DivineIntellect.

    • Her Gold Skirt is symbolic of the Treasure of One's DivineHeritage - DivineTruth, Knowing, Wisdom, and Understanding the Nature of Pure Love - the Nature of the Father and Mother.

    • To Her left is the Great Eagle, the material symbol for the Christ Son's Nature, the Source for Courage, Bravery, Loyalty, Love, and Action. The Eagle is holding Shafts of Wheat - a DivineSymbol for Knowledge and Truth.

    • The six men under a red blanket symbolize the completion of material life destinies in the six divisions of the DivineLife program's the Awakening, Rise, and Crown Stage that Finalizes in Kingship over material life.

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