Spiritual Healing Program

Healing the Spirit Heals the Mind and Body

The Spiritual Healing Program's Itinerary is designed as a psychological corrective modality that addresses the Human Spirit's psycho-Nature, the true seat of psychosomatic symptoms.

The Human Spirit, as an Immortal DivinePotential Spiritual-Soul is an Extended Member of the Family of God—God the Father and His Christ Son as well as God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter. As a DivinePrivilege and Honor, the Spiritual-Soul can be Awarded Entrance into the Divine Realm for Counsel, to find Understanding, Attain Knowledge, and participate in Its own Healing of Its Spirit and Soul-Mind for the Betterment of life and advancement toward completion. The DivineHealing Program’s Itinerary arranges for the Soul-Mind consciousness, its Spirit, and the Healing Nature of God to correct and/or remove dissonant patterns of memories created from mental and physical trauma, emotions of fear, stress, demeaning, and guilt. Completion of the Purification Program Awards the complete Transfiguration of the Spirit's material memory into the Pure Light/Love Nature of the Family of God.

"At an acceptable time I hearkened unto thee,
And in a Day of Salvation did I succor thee:
behold, now is the acceptable time;
behold now is the day of salvation: "
II Corinthians 6:2.

Scripture defined according to Sacred Symbolism: In each life, the Son or Daughter of God is Intuitively prompted ("...hearken...") to seek the means to enter into the Kingdom of the Lord ("...day...").  Upon entering into the Kingdom, the Spiritual-Soul is awarded the Privilege to enter into a Spiritual Healing Program. The Program enlists God's Help, who accesses unknown negative and traumatic memories that cannot be Transfigured into Perfect Love for their removal ("...salvation."). Once all negative memories are removed, the Spirit's entire body of memory can be Christed or Transfigured into a State of Pure Light, or the All Knowing Nature of God your Father, and the All Understanding Nature of God your Mother—the Qualities of Pure Love.

Spiritual Healing Program

The Spirit, One's True Nature, is in symbiosis with the physical body that provides the Spirit with the means to interact with the material world as well as provide the means for an individualized reasoning self-expression.

The Spirit is not made of flesh and bone—it is made up of memory in the form of quark particles that provide the life force for the health and functions of the material body's physical cells. But if these biological cells are damaged, and at the same time, pain and fear are generated, the Spirit takes within these dissonant patterns of memory that are carried over into its next life that results in cellular, nerve and psychological dysfunction.

Healing the Spirit's body of quantum linked and bundled memory matrixes requires the Creative Nature of God, the purpose of the DivineHealing Program offered here. Healing is a cooperative effort of both the soul-mind consciousness, the Spirit's nature, and the Living Reality of God the Father and Mother. I have found that the Program's Itinerary is already known to the Spirit and is simple and easy to use in a cooperative effort with the soul-mind.

Understanding the Affect
Mental and Physical Trauma

When a person takes within highly charged emotions of fear, pain, and stressed-based memories, it forms an agitated frequency. The agitated states of these memories create erratic neuronal activity resulting in an abundance of discharged ions. The excessive ions back up against the neo-cortex cells of the brain, causing physical and mental agitation as well as altering brain chemistry and hormones that interrupts synchronized neuronal firings.

Past life intensity of fear, stress, and pain combined with the length of time it is experienced, determines the overall severity of psychological and physical psychosomatic dysfunction in the current life. The types of psychosomatic response to subliminal trauma are: Attention Deficient Disorder, asthma, depression, rage, nerve deterioration, tumors, kidney and liver failure, thyroid dysfunction, sleep deprivation, and epilepsy, to name a few. 

A DivineTeacher/Counselor provides guidance for the Program's Spiritual Healing Modality. The program's Itinerary, and under the sanction of the soul-mind's free will, arranges for the Spirit to identify, isolate, and bring forth for review and understanding the negative life scenario in question. The Spiritual-Soul then Petitions for God's Help in removing the negative memory. Once the emotional agitation is removed the psychosomatic symptoms slowly subside, which allows the damaged physical cells to return to a healthy state. Find below actual examples of the Salvation Program in action.

Attention Deficit Disorder: The subliminal result of past life posttraumatic stress, abuse, and torture.  Traumatic memory is recorded as agitated memory, resulting in an excessive emission of ions. Excessive ions produce attention deficit disorder symptoms. Once the Spiritual-Soul's agitated memories are negated using the Salvation Program Modality, all symptoms disappear.

Depression: The subliminal result of past life traumatic fear manifests in the current life as depression. Depression sets in at the same time in the past life that the traumatic fear was experienced. For instance, fear themes centered on becoming homeless, situations of war or destruction, spousal abuse, and fear of parents or family members. After the fear-based scenarios are accessed and healed by Divine Intervention, depression symptoms disappear.

Kidney or Liver Failure as well as Transplant Rejection: Distrust trauma, experienced over many lives and augmented in current life, up builds into an intrusive thought form that severely limits the Solar Plexus Life Force Center. If the Life Force support to the liver, kidneys, stomach, and middle spinal region cease, then liver and kidney failure can follow. But, if distrust memory is accessed and removed prior to failure, there is the possibility of both the liver and kidneys can return to normal functions.

Dyslexia: Access Imagery surfaced past life traumatic scenarios, where persons were knelt down and shot in the back of the head or the back of the head crushed. The damage to the back of the brain altered the Spirit's memory associated with this site. Once the traumatic emotions were negated, the Spiritual-Soul can enter into DivineScenarios where current Spiritual memory is readapted to normalcy.

Phobias: All phobias are formed from a life experience where severe fear and death occurred. As an example, falling to one's death or being crushed in a crowd of people. Once the traumatic memory is surfaced to the Soul-Mind and then Healed by Divine Intervention, the subliminal manifestation disappears.

Childhood Asthma: Past life child abuse and lack of love during childhood manifested as asthmatic symptoms in the current life. The lack of love reduces the functions of the Heart Life Force Center that supports the health of the chest area.

Cystic Fibrosis: Access Imagery surfaced lung destruction from Mustard Gas in WWI, Tuberculosis, fire and smoke that burned the lung tissue before death, emphysema, and lung cancer. But, in all cases, the Heart Life force Center disclosed severe dysfunction from many past lives of no love or traumatized love.

Tourette's Syndrome: This is the result of one or many powerful thought forms evolved over hundreds of lives. When the thought form attains a critical mass and is augmented by excessive ions due to a past life trauma, the thought form "breaks" through and interrupts the ordered memory patterns for self-expression. It is important to reduce the affects of ions and emotions generated from the thought forms by "washing" the memory with DivineEnergy. When under control, access and isolate the thought form and remove it through DivineIntervention.

Epileptic Seizures: Because of severe traumatic memories in a past life, excessive ions will manifest in the brain, resulting in severe mental dysfunction. In order to counter the effects of excessive ions in the brain, it is necessary to pre-destine the initiation of epileptic seizures. When the ions increase to a dangerous level, it triggers an epileptic seizure that neutralizes ions to a normal level temporarily. Unfortunately, the traumatic agitation of memory manifests an up building of ions that will again trigger a seizure.

Case example: After lecturing in a southwest town, a mother of a 16-year-old stated that her son experienced epileptic seizures and was mildly mentally handicapped. She asked if I could help her son.

In our first session, I guided him into an inner visual state of awareness followed by accessing the DivineRealm and his River of DivineLife. Standing before his River of Celestial Life, I asked God to create a rock that represented the life scenario that created his current condition.

A huge black and jagged cliff surged upward in front of him that immediately initiated intense fear and shaking. I immediately asked God to change the Energy in the River of DivineLife that would reduce his fear emotions. I guided him into the White Sparkling Energy Falls that formed the River of Celestial Life. I suggested, "Let the Energy "wash" through your Spirit and let the fear memories wash down through your body and out of the bottoms of both feet like soot". As he did so, his emotions of fear subsided dramatically, as did the size of the cliff.

We ended the session and I suggested that he repeat the visual meditation at home twice a day and every day. In the following weeks, the Rock reduced in size to about 20 feet tall. In about six weeks, his fear emotions were reduced enough to access the life scenario in question.

His life scenario revealed that he was a Canadian World War II Royal Air Force fighter pilot flying out of England. During his last mission he is shot down over German territory. He lives through the crash, but is soon captured by the Germans, where he is slowly tortured to death by them crushing his hands and arms up to his shoulders. The Germans then started on his feet and worked up both legs to his hip followed by shooting him in the head. The pain, combined with the destruction of nerves being crushed created massive agitated memory throughout his entire body.

Upon his Spirit re-entering into fusion with his physical body, his destroyed Spiritual memory created cellular dysfunction and activated massive amounts of ions in the brain that resulted in the need for Epileptic seizures. The seizures acted as a fail-safe system to reduce and balance ion build up in the brain. Dangerously high ion count in the brain can result in disarray of neocortex cells and the destruction of the veil that separates the physical world from the spiritual realm.

His body-wide physical torture and the pain manifested the albino psychosomatic symptom and his mentally disadvantaged state.

Upon understanding the cause of the overall thought form themes, God corrected all dissonant patterns of memory throughout his body.

In about a year, his skin slowly changed to a normal pigmentation, the iris of his eyes changed to a nice dark blue, and his scholastic ability improved dramatically. He entered college to achieve a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Traumatic Life Scenarios
Vengeance and Torture

In the case below, the avenger becomes the victim and the victim becomes the avenger. I had completed my lecture in Long Beach, California when a husband and wife, both in wheelchairs because of arthritis, approached me. The two of them had arthritis in all the joints of their bodies. They shared with me that they had met at the hospital and had fallen in love. After their marriage and as the months past, their anger toward each other grew into attempts to physically attack each other, which was extremely difficult to do under the circumstances.

Working with Access Imagery, we surfaced that in the Middle Ages, his current wife at that time, made love to men of the court when he was gone for months at a time. He finally found out and had her beheaded. In her next life with him, she killed him as pay back. As I brought them forward to review each of their karmic en counters, I found that they traded places as victim or torturer. The physical torture on their bodies deeply altered the spirit's memory that would, in turn, in each new life alter the new body's cellular makeup. Slowly, life after life, each destroyed the other's spiritual memory, thus the current arthritic results.

The sessions allowed them a self-realization and although it was too late to heal the physical body, at least both can enter into the next life under a different psychological theme.

Betrayal, an Act of Vengeance

The resultant emotions from betrayal are various degrees of self-destruction, either through alcoholism, drug abuse, or pornography. Through Access Imagery, I found that the act of betrayal in the mind of the betrayer is a form of vengeance caused by jealousy or destroyed self-preservation. The design or severity of the act of betrayal centers on the destruction of the victim's life that hopefully equals the emotional devastation he/she had originally suffered.

The most destructive form of betrayal occurs when a mother places her child into foster care or given up to an adoption agency between the ages of 5 and 12. Another type of severe betrayal is found in the form of parental psychological and/or physical abuse.

Combat Flashback Phenomenon

Flashbacks are manifested as a result of extremely high levels of ions generated within the brain by wartime stress. The ions stimulate a form of a holographic scenario that forces the person's optic nerve to "see" only the recalled combat scenario, to the exclusion of current events surrounding the person. The Spirit's creative nature makes the soldier's entire body relive the memory as if it were happening all over again.

The phenomenon ends when the emotional energy used by the soldier reacting to the inner scenario uses up the excessive ions. At that time, the optic nerve returns to registering the current surrounding reality. If one is astrally projecting and in the vicinity when the vet experiences the flashback, one will witness a bubble around the vet and actually witness the war time event within the bubble.

I have worked with many Vietnam Vets after the war and through the use of the basic Access Imagery program and God's healing Energies; we were, in all cases, able to remove all posttraumatic symptoms.

Unresolved Love Thought Forms

During a life scenario when two persons are in love and one or the other is killed, the unresolved love issue requires resolution. In all cases, I have found that both strive to destine a future life together for that resolution.

After a lecture in the late 1980’s, a young lady felt an intrinsic dread of losing her husband if he were sent off to war. She wanted to know where her emotions were coming from and wanted to schedule a private regression.

During my lecture I guided the audience into the DivineRealm and into the Christ Son's Living Presence, and now she wanted to go back and spend more time with Him and ask Him about her fearsome emotions. In His Presence, Christ suggested that she and her husband identify the linking emotions that they both shared from past life encounters. And from that, an understanding for resolution could occur.

In her private session, she entered into Access Imagery, where she found her present husband a Knight in the Kings Court. She is a lady in waiting. And in his private session, her husband recalls that he is "betwixt" by her, using his words. He points his lance to her before a joust. She reports being so happy, because she has been trying to catch his eye, and now she is placing her scarf on his lance. He won the joust and a great party ensued. Their love affair blossomed and both were given permission to marry by the King. Unfortunately, very soon after the marriage he went off to battle and was killed. She was devastated and swore to never marry again and entered a convent where she died soon after with a broken heart.

We found each life designed the same way and ending the same—excited love, marrying, and ending in his death and her death of a broken heart. An "unresolved love" thought form is gaining memory and strength. In the life just before this one, while he was on leave during World War II, the two meet and fell in love. They decide to marry just before he was shipped off to Europe. And again, he is killed. Her past life thought form generated a reconcilable depression—She committed suicide shortly thereafter.

There emerged several emotional themes; first, her husband's emotional need to serve as a warrior and his expectancy to be killed, created a destiny designed to fulfill his death expectancy. And for her, her matured thought form theme centered on her expectancy that her husband would be killed in battle and life not worth living.

In order to correct the pattern, each one, in different sessions, entered into the DivineRealm, where I guided them to the Temple for Thought Form Removal. There, God disintegrated their perspective thought forms and replaced the memory with life supporting Christed Attributes.

Because the above action removed their current life destiny, I guided each one of them to the Temple for Destiny Redesign. Within the Temple, Beings of Light presented them with possible life scenarios that provided the best growth potential. Upon awakening both discussed their life scenarios and chose one. Both returned to the Temple where upon choosing the new life destiny, the Being of Light rewrote each of Their Books of Life. Each left the Temple and I guided them to Their own Temple of Being. Upon entering the Temple, and into the Presence of their Books of Life, I suggested to each one of them to place their right hand on the right page of their Books of Life. Each stated that when they placed their hand on the Page of their Book, a Great Energy surged through their Spiritual-Soul and Body. The Energy sealed the Contract and placed within their subconscious their new life destiny. Now it was up to them to carry it out.

In about a month his orders to ship overseas had been cancelled, and a few months later his desire to be a career military person had changed. He left the military for civilian life, and is now enjoying life with his wife and their two children. They both are experiencing mild anxiety due to the lack of subliminal support usually available because of past life experiential support. They are both learning to live life past their early twenties and enjoying parenthood for the first time in 700 years.

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