Mysticism and the Knights Templar

The Mystical Knight

The Mystical Knight Templar

stood in coat of mail, white tunic
and cross in red relief
In awe I stared in disbelief.

For there within a stone 
The Excalibur Sword all glittering and
hone.  Dare I, for it's only me, I wept. 

Can I be honored the courageous life?
Be given Truth and Serve My Christ?
Centuries have past and I have slept,
For it is only now that Christ I met. 
He hugged me great, arms so strong, 
Light so Bright and Love so strong. 
He welcomed me and called me brother. 
I looked around and saw no other. 
My chest did swell, the tears they fell. 

The love I felt! And to the call,
I have knelt.

he information found in this site is a 20-year research effort that lends understanding to the underlying motivation and spiritual purpose of the pre-Inquisition Templar Orders. To be noted, I capitalize all words that pertain to Living DivineRealm Reality and Activity. The word 'Divine' implies all human Events and Activities that Encompass an Interaction with the Living Personalities of the Family of God. God the Father and His Christ Son and God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter. Words that begin with Divine I have placed as two DivineWords united to represent One Pure DivineIdeal.

My personal expertise lies in the study and application of DivineStudies - a perfect foundation to understand the character greatness of the Mystical Knights Templar. And, in addition, through a Living Contact with the Family of God, I have resurrected the original DivineLife Program that assists human Spirit to achieve the Perfect Nature of the Family of God, the very heart of Knights Templar life.

My research began by studying ancient mystical manuscripts in order to find translations of Sacred Templar Icons. I then compared these same Iconal translations with current translations learned from Mystical DivineLife Students. The translations compared and, it appears, the Language of the Gods has remained constant as a fixed program throughout the centuries.

In addition, I compared memories learned from past life regressions of several men who shared lifetimes and Templar Orders. But, it should be noted here, that none of them knew each other in this life. In addition, these same past life Templars' psycho-profiles contained a Highly evolved DivineNature and were members of the Celestial Knighthood.

The word "Knight" represented at that time, a Christ Awakened Immortal Son of God that entered into a DivineVisual Meditation and was guided into the Kingdom to Study in DivineTemples, the Temple of Solomon as well as Attain an Objective, Visual, and Telepathic Awareness with the Christ Son. Central to the Knights Templar Ideal was the saying, "He, who is seated at the Right Hand of the Father," means - (Seated) who is submissive in Service to (the Right Hand) that which is the outward expression of the Father's Will.

In balance, a female Order known as the Daughters of God flourished at this same time in history. Their Order represented the Wisdom Nature acquired through a Living Spiritual Encounter with the Holy Spirit Chryseis Daughter, Who was referred to, in that time, as the Logos Isis.

Although the Orders were very separate, both Immortal Sons and Daughters of God entered into a Living Encounter with both the Christ Son and the Chryseis Daughter for the Taking Within the DivineNature of God the Father and Mother. All Sons and Daughters of God have carried out Their DivineDestinies with Valor, Courage, and Loyalty to DivineTruth and Purpose of Life.

I sincerely hope that the information found in this site stimulates a movement in all current Templar Orders to return to their original DivinePurpose that personifies the True DivineNature of a Knights Templar, who can stand in the Living Presence of the Christ Son and the Chryseis Daughter and Honorably state, "I know Them Both".

The Degrees of Spiritual Knighthood

During a DivineLife Visualization, reincarnated Templars Spiritual-Souls are Presented the Symbols that represented the Templar Degree in which they last served. The following definitions for each degree are a combination of knowledge from manuscripts, past life regression, and DivineLife State of Advancement presented to the Spiritual-Soul by the Family of God. Each Degree is aligned with a Great Cycle of Life lower and higher stage for DivineLife Development.

The Degrees and Symbols are:

The First Degree - symbolized by a Raven

The Order of the Raven was made up of petitioning Knights Templar who through the design of their Garden of the Soul, depicted the Spirit's current level of advancement is in the Hades or mortal stage in human spiritual evolution. The Garden of the Soul designed in tunnels under the ground is still in the Hades/Mortal Stage, but if the Garden is witnessed as dirt only, it represents a spiritual-soul, who has completed the Hades/mortal Stage and is now a candidate for Transfiguration; that is, of their own free will, can enter into the Immortal DivineSpiritual State of Being. After DivineStudies and understanding the meaning of becoming a DivineSpirit, he is guided into DivineVisualization, where he Ascends into the DivineRealm for the Transfiguration or Christing of appointed material memory into the Christ Son and Chryseis Daughter's Nature. The now young DivineSpiritual-Soul's Garden of the Soul begins to show sprigs of grass that represents the Spirit's material aspects of memory Transfigured into DivinePsycho-Aspects, now active in his spirit. The newly Transfigured first-degree knight is then ceremoniously graduated into Second-Degree Knighthood, the Order of the Peacock.

The Awakening Stage

Second-Degree Knight - symbolized by a Peacock

The Peacock symbol contains a profusion of colors as well as the circle in the tail feathers that symbolizes the Cycle of Life. The young DivineSpirit will most likely remain in this stage for the rest of his life. His graduation into the Order of the Knight comes after God offers Him the Great Icon, the Ark of the Covenant. If he chooses to walk into the Ark and is Transfigured, he enters into the material ritual for graduation into the Order of the Knight.

Third-Degree Knight - symbolized by a figure of a Knight

The young DivineSpirit is now in the upper Awakening Stage that evolves the Spiritual and material requirements necessary to graduate into the Rise Stage. By now, the DivineSpirit serves the Christ Son and Chryseis Daughter openly. He is a wanderer and savior in the material society and takes on the role of the vanquisher of those who act against higher virtues. During DivineRealm Awareness, the young DivineSpirit is Presented Excalibur in a Stone, but as yet cannot release the Sword for Activation of Service to DivineTruth to the death. At an unknown time during a lifetime, he completes his Divine and Material requirements for the Awakening stage, where God designs the Fire Initiation. In material life, he is surrounded by fire and in his heart and through undaunted faith, asks God for help, and if his petition is sincere in emotional strength, God surrounds his body with a bubble of Gold Energy that protects him as he walks out of the fire unhurt. He is now sanctioned to enter into the Order of the Swan, as a Fourth-Degree Knight.

The Rise Stage

Fourth-Degree Knight - symbolized by a Swan

The DivineSpirit now enters the material and DivineLife requirements for the Rise Stage. The Rise Stage is the stage for Upholding DivineTruth to the death. The Sword Excalibur Locked in a Stone is offered to him during a DivineRealm Visualization and according to his free will, he places his Spiritual hands on the Sword's hilt, where he loosens the Sword Excalibur followed by pointing it upward to God the Father and Mother. If Sanctioned by God, the Sword is Struck by the Omnipresent Bolt of Lightning that Transfigured His Spirit. Within the Templar Order itself, a new Sword is forged that matches the Design of His Sword Excalibur. The Templar can now enter into DivineRealm Temples to Study as well as enter into the Salvation Program that heals the Spirit of current and past life negative memories.

The DivineSpirit Interacts with the Arch Angel Michael as well as other Angels, Claims His DivineHeritage, and is to carry out his material destiny in the form of leadership and supporting the Right over the wrong in actions.

Fifth-Degree Knight - symbolized by a Pelican

The Fifth-Degree Order of the Pelican represents a State of DivineEvolution in the Upper Rise Stage. It is here that the Maturing Son or Daughter of God continues the Salvation Program's Itinerary that frees the Spiritual-Soul of all Karmic Liabilities and current trauma or negative memories; in addition, Claiming His DivineHeritage, and a Living Awareness with God the Father and Mother is experienced. The Temple of Solomon is accessed, as is the Temple of Wisdom. The Christ Son awards the Spirit the Holy Grail, the Spirit's astral body is removed by God and the Chryseis Daughter offers the Spiritual-Soul the Pearl of Great Price. He graduates into the Heaven Stage after passing the DivineRealm arranged Air Initiation, where it is arranged that He falls from a great height. If during that fall his heart is filled with Trust in God, the Father and Mother, He is caught in the Great Hand of His Father before hitting the ground. He now enters into the Order of the Eagle, the Symbol for the Christ Son and the Heaven and Last Stage in the Great Cycle of Life.

Heaven Stage

Sixth-Degree Knight - symbolized by an Eagle

The Templars Knight is now looked upon as a DivineKnight in Service to the Family of God as well as having access to advanced knowledge in order to advance society. There are Miraculous Interventions to save His Life and He has Access to Solomon's Temple, the Philosopher's Stone, and as a DivineIdealist, he Serves society in accordance to the World Civilizations Design. He is in full Completion of the Salvation Program that allows his Spirit to be fully Christed. He is in the Fellowship of Celestial Knighthood.

Seventh-Degree Knight - symbolized by a Crown

During this period of Completion, the Chryseis Daughter places a Crown on His Head that Heralds the Completion of all DivineFeminine Evolution as well as the Christ Son placing a Crown on His Head that Heralds the Completion of all DivineMasculine Evolution. In the Pyramid of Light, God Offers the Spiritual-Soul a Great Throne. Upon sitting on the Throne, the DivineSpirit's final Transfiguration takes place.

The Holy Trinity Configuration is now One within the DivineSpirit, which is followed by God the Father's and Mother's Personal Celestialization of Their All Knowing and Understanding Robes of Glory. The Son or Daughter of God is now a Man of God and the Hands of God in society. The Knight is given the name, "Father".

Although I address the male gender in the above text, know that DivineSpirits within the female gender advance equally through the DivineLife Program, as Daughters of God. At the Completion of DivineLife, a Daughter of God is now a Woman of God and is given the name, "Mother".

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