Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene
Hendrick Brugghen 1588-1629

The sacred translation of this image depicts the Immortal Spirit's DivineLife.

Our story begins from the left starting with the candle,
and circles around to the right forming a perfect circle.

The Candle and Flame
are the Great Symbols of DivineTruth and Wisdom
Acquired from the Living Presence of the Holy Spirit Daughter.

The Compass lying on the table
symbolizes the design and plotting of DivineLife Evolution
necessary for a Son or Daughter of God’s Evolution
and final Transfiguration into a Man or Woman of God.

Mary's Right Elbow
is a symbol for choice and decision. It is placed on a book
to emphasize seeking material knowledge and intellect
that, in turn, forms the intellect of DivineLife Growth.

Her Head
symbolizes DivineMental Reasoning
that by resting on her right hand,
emphasizes Self-Expression of DivineIntellectualism.

The Scarf
symbolizes relative knowledge and truth that hides her hair,
the symbol for DivineKnowledge and Truth.

Her White Bodice
symbolizes the Spirit's Purified DivineNature
acquired during the later stages of DivineLife,
symbolized by the Light Blue Shawl.

The Hollow Skull
Upon completion of the DivineLife Program,
the new Man or Woman of God
no longer requires rebirth into a physical body
and thereby finds no value in returning to material life
symbolized by the hollow skull

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene’s Divine Legacy, lost in the shadows of time, offered Mystical DivineTeachings that provided the means to attain the Light Nature of God the Father and Mother.

As Matriarch and Goddess of the Temple of Isis, She took on the DivineFeminine Mantel as Divine Agent for God the Mother and Earth’s Celestial Daughter. She introduced and gave Life to the Identity of the Chryseis Daughter, the Immortal's own DivineFeminine Higher Self, who was referred to as the Logos Sophia, the Greek for Wisdom.

A thousand years into the Rise Stage, AD 1000, the Inquisition purging initiated the systematic removal of the Worlds most Precious Gifts - Access to the DivineLife Program for the Christing and Awakening of all Sons and Daughters of God, Access to Perfect Love found in the Living Presence of the Christ Son and Chryseis Daughter within the DivineRealm.

The following translations help explain DivineNomenclature found within this document.

  • Capitalized Words: Words that relate to DivineReality and Activity begin with a capital letter.
  • The Human Spirit: The Spirit is One’s true State of Being. The Spirit is in symbiosis with its biological body in order to evolve through independent action.
  • The Soul-Mind: The state of consciousness formed in each new life. It is considered mortal because the psycho-nature is integrated into the Spirit at the time of the physical body’s death. The Spirit’s Growth is at the mercy of Its Soul-Mind’s decisions in life.
  • The Great Formula for Spiritual Evolution, both material and Divine: Life stimulated Emotions (Feminine) require resolution; therefore, the Soul-Mind relies on its current level of Mental-Intellectualism (Masculine) to form an Action (Masculine) for resolution. There is needed the Courage (Masculine and Feminine) to follow through with the planned Action. The resultant Emotions derived from that Action (Masculine) Evolves the Attributes of Wisdom (Feminine).
  • There are six stages in Worlds Cycle of Life program - the first three are involutionary or instinctually driven and, they are: Eden, the Fall, and the Human Mortal/Hades stages. The last three stages are Evolutionary, where the now Human Immortal must self-assert Itself to find and Attend the Spiritual DivineLife Program and, they are: the Awakening, Rise, and Crown Stages.
  • The Living Family of God Members are: God your Father and His Christ Son as well as God your Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter.
  • The Holy Trinity: Symbolized as an upside triangle: The lower point - the Human Immortal Sprit; the Upper Left Point - the Chryseis Daughter; and the Upper Right Point - the Christ Son.

The Four States of the Human Spirit’s Growth Status:

  1. The young human spirit begins life as a mortal, the son or daughter of man - a period when the spirit and soul-mind evolve a complex psycho-nature that ends with the Hades Stage.
  2. The mortal chooses of its free will to enter into the DivineLife Program, where it is Transfigured into a Son or Daughter of God, an Immortal, and an Extended Member of the Family of God—Initiation of the Awakening Stage.
  3. Slowly the human Spirit’s material memory is Transfigured into Its Christos State or the Nature of the Family of God, as it evolves through the Awakening, Rise, and finds completion in the Heaven Stage. Upon completion, the Spirit contains only Christed Memory Matrixes, the Full Nature of Both the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son.
  4. The Immortal Son or Daughter of God is Awarded the Final Transfiguration—the Robes of Glory from God the Father and Mother. The now Celestialized Man or Woman of God, the Spirit of Pure Light goes forth to serve Earth and finally, the Galaxy.

The DivineLife Program’s Gifts of Pure Love

  • The Son or Daughter of God’s Living Awareness with the Holy Spirit, the Chryseis Daughter Awards the Human Spirit Her Feminine Attributes of Love--Morality, the progeny of Goodness; Unconditional Love, the progeny of Nurturing; Righteousness, the progeny of Truth; and Understanding, the progeny of Wisdom.

    The Son or Daughter of God’s Living Awareness with the Holy Spirit, the Christ Son Awards the Human Spirit with His Masculine Attributes of Love made up of Reason, the progeny of Knowing; Courage, the progeny of Will; Individuality, the progeny of Action; Discernment, the progeny of Conditional Love; and finally, Pure Love, the progeny of All Knowing.

  • The End of Days: A coded message that announces the end of the Rise Stage and the beginning of the Crown Stage from AD 2000 to AD 4000 - the end of Civilization II.

  • The Divine Life Program’s Itinerary - missing from the public for a 1000 years - is now available in its entirety. In the next 2000 years, sons and daughters of man can be Transfigured from mortal to an Immortal Son or Daughter of God; Evolving Sons or Daughters of God can Claim Their Divine Heritage; and complete the Salvation Program that removes all negative memories that cannot be Transfigured into the Nature of God that forms a Pure Spirit of the Father and Mother’s Pure Love Nature. Once Purified, the Immortal can enter into the Divine Dialogue for Reception of the Robes of Glory—the Celestial Act of Graduating from a Son or Daughter of God into a Man or Woman of God—an Individualized Spirit of Pure Light and Love.

The World Stage is set for Mary’s Entrance into Life

Mary (Roman replacement of Miriyam) was born of Royal Heritage in the Palace at Magdala, meaning the High Tower. Magdala is two miles north of the city of Tiberias, along the lakeshore on the Sea of Galilee. The area was an important agricultural, fishing and trade center. Her father’s name was Cyrus (validity in Greek), who was King of the Benjamite Tribe. It is to be noted that each of the 12 tribes of Israel had a King and each tribe represented an astrological sign. The Benjamite Tribe’s Sign was that of Sagittarius, whose major aspect is Wisdom, the Feminine Aspect of the Gods. Their gemstone was a Topaz and their flag contained the 12 colors of the Zodiac. The Sagittarius sign is in the ninth house in the Astrological Wheel that coincides with the Immortal Stage, "The Rise" (or fifth) stage in the Great Cycle of Life. Mary Magdalene, born to the King of the Benjamite Tribe supports the World DivineIdeal, the announcement of the New World Collective Ideal, the Rise Stage.

Mary’s Mother’s name was Eucharis ("charming" in Greek); her brother’s name was Lazarus, the same Lazarus of the New Testament; and Her Sister was Martha, also mentioned in New Testament Scriptures. All members of the family grew up under the influence of the Living Goddess of Life.

Mary inherited the position as the Temple Magdala’s High Priestess, the keeper of the Doves, and the Sacred Symbol for the Holy Spirit Chryseis Daughter—Mary Magdalene. Mary, for all practical purposes, was assigned God the Mother’s DivineFeminine Agent to the World.

Her DivineDestiny awarded Her the Privilege to Teach Jesus the DivineFeminine Philosophy known in the time.  She would have guided Him through a visual meditation into Isis/Athena’s Living Presence, as supported by the following Scripture:  "And it was that Mary, which Anointed the Lord with Ointment, and wiped His Feet with Her Hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick."--John 11:2.

When we translate the Scripture according to Holy Symbolism, it reads: Mary helped Jesus achieve a Visual Meditative State into the Kingdom of the Lord, where He was Transfigured (Anointed) to receive Christed Attributes of Truth/Wisdom/Love (Ointment). The Meditation continues as the Holy Spirit, Chryseis Daughter (Mary) awarded Jesus' Spiritual-Soul with DivineKnowledge (Hair) needed to Go Forth and Teach ("… wiped His Feet …") the new Religion.

The scripture ends oddly, as if it were taken out of text or Scriptures removed before or after the main Scripture in order to deliberately destroy Sacred Teachings. The Scripture ends by stating, "… Lazarus was sick", an encoded message that Lazarus had not as yet been Awakened into the Divine Realm and contained within negative memories. In my opinion, that would have been in error being that Lazarus was the brother of Mary Magdalene. Remember that it was important for the Inquisition purging to remove all evidence that applied to the new Living DivineLife Program.

Mary Magdalene is referenced in several Scriptures found in the New Testament, as well as "Pistis Sophia: A Gnostic Gospel" by G.R.S. Mead and "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene" from the Nag Hammadi Gnostic Library. Both documents are heavily coded, edited, and data rearranged to sabotage the DivineMessage it originally contained.

Honored in Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, "The Last Supper", Mary is featured on Jesus’ right side, a sign of prestige. She is painted wearing a lavender robe symbolizing the Feminine Aspect of DivineTruth and Wisdom and a rosy red cloak symbolizing DivineLove and Life. Jesus is wearing a rosy red robe, the color of DivineLove and Life in the Spiritual-Soul, and a blue cloak representing Masculine Aspect of Divine Knowledge and Mental Intellectualism.

The World Collective Consciousness Stages

Mary Magdalene was destined by God to be the assigned DivineAgent for the Holy Spirit, Christis Daughter, and Jesus Assigned DivineAgent for the Holy Spirit, Christ Son Ideal. In partnership, they introduced the next World Collective Stage, the Rise.

The Great Cycle of Life contains six stages that are designed to evolve the human Spirit. The Spirit’s Stages parallel with the World Collective Consciousness, where each stage lasts for a 2000 year period or approximately 30 lives. The six stages are divided in half - the Mortal, or son or daughter of man evolves in the Eden, Fall, and Hades Stage; while the second half, the Awakening, Rise, and Heaven Stage develops the DivineSpirit’s Christos Transfiguration into the Nature of the Family of God.

The recording of human existence begins in and around 9000 BC in the Mesopotamian Area, the Cradle of Civilization. It was not until 4000 BC, the introduction of the Hades World Stage that cultures are formed. Immortal Spirits are pre-destined to become Kings who consolidate tribes into cultures. And at the same time, Religiously Destined Immortal Spirits formalize religions that Worship of the Sun God - the Light of God Accessed through a DivineVisual State of Consciousness.

Worship and the experience of the Sun God are introduced into all World cultures. The Light and Nature of God flows into the soul-mind of the evolving young spirit’s psycho-profile. The Nature of God stabilizes the personality and introduces within Love and Peace Attributes, while the Visual Apparition in the Light offers the Immortal Idealist Access to Knowledge and Counsel. Cultures form in Pakistan, Ireland, Orkney Islands—Scotland, China, Egypt, and Maya in South America. The Hebrew calendar begins on 7 October 3761 BC, The Maya Calendar begins on 11 August 3114 BC, Hindu begins on 18 February 3102, and in Mesopotamia the calendar begins 18 March 3952 BC.

By 2000 BC, the worship of the Sun God gives way to the World’s Civilization II’s Awakening Stage—the Worship of external Gods according to the Great Cycle of Life Program. The Ideal of the External Gods is initiated in Egypt, Greece, Africa, India, Rome, Greece, Northern Europe, Britain, Japan, South America, North America, and the Indonesian Islands.

Mythology of the Gods yields a period of time where the Immortal Spirits solidify within the strengthening and up-building of Their psycho-aspects of courage, will, and the inner organization of knowing and wisdom—the result of reasoned action. Participation in a Living Inner DivineVisual Awareness with the four members of the Family of God provided an inner intrinsic strength necessary for advancement within the next Civilization Stage, the Rise.

The 2000 BC Mythological Awakening Stage lasted until the Common Era, at which time the Rise Stage was initiated. Two religious Immortal Teachers—Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth introduce for initiation, Civilization’s Rise Stage Lessons. The Cycle of Life Program’s Rise Stage progressive ideals center on a Living, Objective, Visual, and Personal Telepathic Awareness with the Members of the Family of God—God the Father and His Earth’s Holy Spirit, the Christ Son; as well as God the Mother and Her Earth’s Holy Spirit, the Chryseis Daughter.

Immortal Spirits that destined themselves to live in and around the presence of Jesus and Mary Magdalene did so because of their ability to understand and support the New Teachings. As well as afford them the ability to participate in the New Christed Visual Meditations—for the “New Heaven and New Earth” Ideal within. And second, the Immortal Spirit’s inner DivineStrength and conviction to serve Earth and the Family of God pre-destined Disciples to travel to the Mythological Cultures of the World in order to introduce the Living Family of God Concept.  

The Apostolic Fathers and Daughters, Disciples, Paul, and Zebedee Brothers taught throughout the Middle East and Rome as well as in the Jewish Communities of the now known countries of France and Spain. Thomas traveled to India, but was killed and unsuccessful in his attempts to gain a foothold. Peter and his scribe traveled to Northern Europe and Britain, but found the difference in language a serious handicap as well as continuous hostility. Both returned to Rome, where Peter was arrested and jailed for 6 years. Peter chose to be crucified up side down in order to Eulogize the up-side-down Tau Cross, the Sacred Symbol for the Family of God Divine Life Program.

Nathaniel traveled into central Africa where he died late in life--his works are still practiced there. I know of no one who traveled to China, Polynesian Islands, or Japan. Jesus’ Son traveled to Peru and taught throughout South and North America. See the Book, He Walked the Americas by Hansen.

Jesus’ Marriage to Mary Magdalene Myth

As I traveled throughout the United State Awakening Sons and Daughters of God, I Awakened a Spiritual-Soul whose memory recall revealed that she was, for all practical purposes, the wife of Jesus. It was very apparent early on in the regression that she was not Mary Magdalene, but a young lady Jesus grew up with. Her regression data revealed memories of Jesus' interests in all philosophies, as well as his father’s carpenter business. The day of their marriage appeared to be normal and without the Scriptural Miracles of turning water into wine. Such Miracles are, in reality, Allegory encoding for DivineLife Education.

She recalled being pregnant and giving birth to a son, the heir apparent to the Throne of David. But his birth was close to the time when Jesus was arrested. She recalls a great deal of fear from the material minded Rabbis, who fueled the pubic into demonstrations. The Apostles meet to form a plan that if Jesus was arrested, His wife and son, as well as some of the Apostle’s wives and children, were to leave immediately.

Jesus' brother, James, was to organize and lead the refugee group. In the middle of the night, the night of Jesus’ arrest, the group was gathered up, where they boarded one of the Zebedee boats used for trading. She complained of being sick, along with many others. They dock at what is now known as Spain, and then with carts loaded with a few belongings, trekked inland to a Jewish village in what is now southern France.

She sadly recalls that when her son reached the age of sixteen, men arrived to take him back to Israel in preparation to claim the Throne of David. She never heard from him again and her story ends here.

There appears to be no Historical data about Jesus’ son, but we can surmise that he returned to Israel and Mystically Awakened to the DivineRealm according to his Immortal Spirit’s DivineHeritage. It is apparent it would have been impossible for Him to stand against the Roman Rule and the Jewish mindset of the time. I do feel from personal experience that he would have received directions from God to travel elsewhere to Teach.

South American and North American Indians tell of a white man with a beard who taught the worship of the Sun God (the Light of God). This same story is supported in the book "He Walked the Americas" by Taylor Hansen. Hansen reports that according to Indian legends, a Holy Teacher arrived in a boat with wings on the shores of Peru. There were thirteen men in the boat. One man stayed, while the other twelve sailed back into the sunset. The Sign of the Holy Teacher is that of a Tau Cross, which had a sudden archaeological appearance about this same period.

He taught about the Creator, as well as a personal Contact through the worship of the Sun God or the Light of God Ignited within the mind. The Light or Life Force from the Nature of God provided the Spiritual-Soul with God’s Emotions of Love, Peace, Nurturing, Knowledge, Truth, and Wisdom. The Practice of Worshiping the Sun God continued to spread until interrupted by the early Spanish Priests, who ordered the killing and torture of thousands of American Indians killed and tortured who practiced the Touch of God.

Considering the above information, and if the Holy Person was truly Jesus’ Son, there would have been no Heir to the Throne of David living in Europe.

Also, popular with current Knights Templar authors is the belief that Jesus’ wife gave birth to a daughter, Sarah. But if this were true there would have been little reason for the secret exodus out of Israel. To me, the exodus demonstrated there was indeed a male heir to the Throne of David. Also, to further enter another possibility to this myth, I learned from past life regressions that Sarah was born to Jesus’ mother just after Joseph’s death. According to Judaic Law, Jesus was father/brother to his own brothers and sisters, including little Sarah, which perhaps planted the seed for current beliefs.

Throne of David and the Merovingian Bloodline

Let’s now address the popular belief that the Merovingian Bloodline is a direct lineage to the Son of Jesus.

To better understand the following data, let’s translate the Sacred meaning for the word "blood". Blood symbolizes the act of entering into the Kingdom of the Lord for a Living Awareness with the Family of God. Since it was generally known that all Kings were of Immortal status, the connotation “Bloodline” refers to an Immortal and their Immortal Lineage. Rarely did an Immortal King, since 4000 BC, marry a mortal wife. And since it is the mother who signs a contract with the spirit that will fuse with her fetus, an Immortal Mother would have chosen only an Immortal Spirit as her child—therefore the “Bloodline”.

The Merovingian Bloodline began with its earliest known member, Childeric, who succeeded his father Merovech, as King of the Salian Franks of northern Gaul in 456. By 481, Childeric had died and was succeeded by Clovis, his son by Basina.

Clovis I became King in 481 and ruled until 511. He was King of the Ripuarians, who emerged as master of the Franks on both sides of the Rhine.

It is known that Clovis was converted into Roman Catholicism in 496. The Pre-Inquisition Church’s Central Standard included a Visual Guided Meditation into the Kingdom of the Lord for a Living Objective Visual Awareness with the Holy Spirit Daughter and the Christ Son. Clovis being an Immortal Spirit, was Awakened into His DivineLife Christed Status--the first Frank King to be Awakened to Claim his DivineHeritage—and the beginning of the Immortal Bloodline.

Therefore, we can surmise that the Immortal Bloodline of the Merovingian Kings began with Clovis, but ceased to exist by Childeric III (743 - 51) and Theodoric IV (721 - 37). I can find no further mention of the family lineage.

It is my belief that Clovis began a long line of Awakened Immortal Kings, but not necessarily of Jesus’ Family Tree. Perhaps the myth began because when one experienced a Living Contact with the Christ Son, the Christ Son’s Logos was Jesus. And, thereby, an Immortal lived the "Bloodline of Christ Jesus".

Out of the Immortal DivineLife Activity, the Orders of the Mystical Knights Templar, as well as the supporting Knighthood evolved. An Immortal King demanded that each potential Knight prove his Immortal status. The First Knight of the King usually held the Highest Immortal Status.

The Sword Excalibur: The Sword Excalibur Locked within a Stone Appears to the Immortal Son or Daughter of God in the DivineRealm. The Icon is a Symbol that represents—DivineTruth (the Sword) locked up in the Spirit and God’s Nature (Stone). The Design of the Sword’s Grip Defines the Spiritual-Soul’s Service to Uphold DivineTruth. If the Spiritual-Soul desires to Ignite DivineTruth, He or She proceeds to pull the Sword out of the Stone. If God does not Sanction Truth to the Spiritual-Soul, He or She cannot pull the Sword out of the Stone.

Once Pulled from the Stone, the Spiritual-Soul Points the Sword upward to God, as a Demonstration of Honor and Allegiance to the True Source of all Truth that of God the Mother and Father. If God Sanctions the Appeal, a Bolt of Lightning, the Symbol for the Omnipresence of God, Strikes the Tip of the Sword and Surges Down through the Sword and into the Spirit’s Body that Transfigures It for the Responsible Privilege of Attaining Truth and Knowledge as well as Representing God in DivineTruth.

The Holy Grail Chalice: Upon continued DivineLife Advancement and Activity, the Grail Cup is Awarded to the Son or Daughter of God. The Grail Cup can be Awarded to the Spiritual-Soul by the Chryseis Daughter, Christ Son, within the Alcove, and the Great Pyramid of Light. Upon Drinking from the Holy Grail Cup, the Spirit’s Body of Memory is Transfigured into a Higher State of Being, where the Spirit is Awarded DivineIntervention to save Its life as well as Provide DivineSupport in all future destinies.

Scotland’s Stone of Destiny: A DivineRealm Sacred Symbol. The Icon acted as a medium when more than one Immortal Spirit was contending for the Throne. The Spirits were placed into a Visual State and Guided into the DivineRealm where the Stone of Destiny was Requested to Appear. The Spirit then Sat upon the Stone, Initiating DivineAction. If the Spirit is predestined to be King, a Crown was placed upon the Spirit's Head, or the Sword of Excalibur Appeared in His Hand.

The Ark of the Covenant: A DivineRealm Sacred Symbol presented to an Immortal Son or Daughter of God at the end of the probationary first half of the Awakening stage. The Immortal Spirit is Presented the Great Ark after Rejuvenation in the River of DivineLife. God Telepathically States to the Spiritual-Soul, "Do You Wish to Continue DivineLove?" If the Spiritual-Soul states, "yes, I do." a Door Opens in the Side of the Ark of the Covenant, and the Spiritual-Soul Walks into Its Brilliant Light Within, as a Great Transfiguration of the Spirit follows. As soon as the Transfiguration Energy ceases, the Spiritual-Soul Walks out of the Ark and It Disappears. The Spiritual-Soul can now Advance into the second half of the Awakening stage.

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