Translation of Spiritual Symbols

Symbols found in Dreams, Visions, Meditation and Religious Writings

The Dictionary acts as a reference guide and presents a comprehensive translation of:

The Hidden Code
  • The Symbolic Contact with the human Spirit found in dreams, visions, and meditation;
  • The inner Reality of the Knights Templar Divine Life, as well as the Symbols connected to them;
  • The World Religious Icons and the hidden code within all religious writings;
  • The meaning of Icons and Symbols Presented to the Spirit found in Visions, Dreams, and Meditations, as well as interactive Scenarios for Initiation into Higher States of Being, and interactive Symbols for Healing the Spirit's psycho-nature

The Divine Life Program, silent for over 700 years has been recovered. It is time now for all Sons and Daughters of God to renew a Living Contact with the Family of God.

The journey into the Divine Realm, as described in this book, is accomplished by entering into a Guided Visual Meditation that contains scenarios that have never changed throughout the centuries. This allows the Spirit to enter into the Divine Life Meditation and continue from where he or she left off centuries before. The Scenario sequences and designs provide stability for an ordered Acquisition of the Complex Natures of Family of God, Attainment of Knowledge, as well as Truth and Wisdom for Understanding--the True Nature of Love.

It is time for Sons and Daughters of God to be Awakened after their long sleep and claim Their Divine Heritage. Also, it is time for many to enter the Divine Realm for Transfiguration into a Higher States of Being. And it is important for them to remove the interfering emotions of trauma from past life service for the Highest Adaptivity with the Natures of the Family of God.

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Divine Life Meditation CD: A Visual Journey of Pure Love
Meditation CD

    The Journey Provides:

  • A Living Visual Journey into the Kingdom of the Lord or Divine Realm
  • The Celestial Living Nature of God, your Father and Mother
  • An Objective, Visual, and Telepathic Awareness with the Mother's Chryseis Daughter and the Father's Christ Son-
  • Cleansing and Rejuvination in the Great River of Divine Life
  • Unlimited Access to Truth, Knowledge, and Understanding
  • All that Advances a Son or Daughter of God toward becoming a Man or Woman of God

The Jouney can be reviewed here: Journey. The second guided visualization on the CD provides Divine Healing for your Spiritual-Soul.

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