Healing In The Hand of God

Healing: A mentally and physically disabled young man

n the knowledge found below, I have Capitalized all words that pertain to a Son or Daughter of God's Living Divine Realm Realty and Activity. In addition, I have linked all words that proceed with Divine, as in DivineLife, as it represents One Unified Ideal.

Created out of God the Mother, the human Spirit is a sentient self-willed Spirit and represents one's true state of being. The depth of the Spirit is truly that which is mysterious, but, in itself, is vast and wonderful. To know thy spirit awards you life, True Life, as it progresses, life after life, in a great journey to find All Knowing and Understanding of Creation--to return Home to Paradise as an Individualized Being of Pure Light.

Our Divine Spirit, as extended Members of the Family of God, can enter into a simple guided Visualization and climb stone steps upward to a White Cloud, the Realm of the Divine or Kingdom. The DivineRealm is Designed by the Individual Personality of God the Mother and Her Earth Assigned Celestial Daughter, or Chryseis Daughter as well as the Individual Personality of God the Father and His Earth Assigned Celestial Son or Christ Son. The DivineRealm is Designed to Progress the Son's or Daughter's of God from material memory to that of the Countenances of the Family of God.

Presented below is only one of many Divine Interventions by God the Father and Mother for Their Sons and Daughters of God. The story in itself is a profound example of God your Father's and Mother's Living Support and Loving Intervention that awaits man. And, in all of my Divine Realm Experiences, I have never found or been pressed to direct my DivineStudents into any special supplications, fasting, or cleansing, but They are, in all circumstances, to be Honored, Respected, and Loved.

Our story begins at one of my DivineLife lectures, where a mother of a physically and mentally disabled seventeen-year-old son asked me if I could help her son reach the Family of God to see if They would help him. I saw no reason why not from past experiences, and I agreed to talk to him the following day to see if he truly was interested. We met with his mother the following day, where I discussed the reality of his Spirit as his true state of being. For some reason, his Spirit could not or did not know how to work with his physical body. Also, I shared my guided imagery awareness that would allow him to experience a Living Reality with the Christ Son. He stated that even talking about Visiting Him excited him inside.

With the discussion over and with his acceptance, we entered into a DivineSession. I placed him in an inner visual state of consciousness, where I initiated the union of the soul-mind with his Spirit for inner visualization. I guided his Spiritual-Soul into his first scenario, the Garden of his Soul--a Country Scenario designed by his Spirit. And from the Garden of the Soul, I guided him into past life memories, but found no recall that indicated he was in the Earth's civilization developmental program. This life appeared to be his first Earth-human experience.

We then reentered into the Garden of the Soul scenario, where I requested stone stairs to form in front of him that ascended upward to a White Cloud--the Kingdom of the Lord or DivineRealm. He Climbed the Stairs to the Cloud, where I guided him down a Path to the River of DivineLife that Flowed from the Celestial Realm down over the Rock of God and to the Edge of the Cloud.

I guided him to bathe in the Falls of God the Father's and Mother's Celestial Energy for Rejuvenation, followed by guiding him out of the Falls to the Side of the River, where I asked him, "What does your Spiritual-Body look like now?" He stated with an expression of amazement, "I am a Ball of Light." His Countenance was unusual, since most human Divine Spiritual-Souls reflect their current physical body configuration. I surmised he was from God's Holy Corps of Light Beings, who had long ago graduated from human body symbiosis, but by now, time had weakened his Spirit's memory and current ability to rule over and act through the human physical body and brain structure.

I felt I needed to seek the Christ Son's help and proceeded to guide him down a Path to a DivineHill of Light. I stated that the Christ Son Awaited him at the Top of the Hill. The young man stated, "I am floating up the Hill . . . "Yes, I see Him . . . I know Him . . . He Hugs me . . . O the Love . . . He Loves me." >P>

After their initial greetings, both enjoyed an exchange that he relayed out loud to both myself and his mom, who was sitting nearby. In general, he now remembered that he had answered a call to help the Planet Earth, as an Idealist, but, did not know that he had weakened some of the memory that allowed him to support and act through the human physical body and brain for self-expression.

I then asked out loud if Christ could help him. Christ stated back to the young man and he relayed to us that "Christ is saying It is beyond His Ability to help me and that we must seek the Father's help . . . He asked me if I desire to do that? . . . I just said I did . . . Jesus has placed His Arm around me and we are flying upward . . . The stars are streaming past us real fast . . . We are now flying against a Bright Out Flowing Stream of Light . . . Oh, there is a Great Hand Reaching Out of the Light and Picking us up . . . I am standing in the Palm of a Big Hand . . . O, Its God . . . He is looking down at us . . . I hear a Great Deep Voice . . . He just said, "Yes Son?" . . . He called me 'my Son'! . . . I just told Him I cannot serve Earth because I cannot work through the human body . . . God just asked me, if I wanted to do these things? . . . I said, 'Yes' . . . God is saying to me that He will add memory to my Spiritual Body . . . He said to be still and be not afraid."

"Oh, oh, His Big Finger is Pointing at me . . . Light Energy like Lightening is coming from the Tip of His Finger into me". The young man laughed and appeared to be filled with Joy. There is silence for a few seconds, and then he states, "God is constructing my legs and feet." He laughed and said, "I am a ball with two legs and feet." The young man stated at times that the Energy was very strong, but there was no pain, only joy and a feeling of Peace . . . He continues, "Now I have a body . . . Wow, now I have arms and hands, but no head. Boy is this Bright . . . Now I have a head, . . . God just said to me, 'This will feel very strange, just hold on' . . . It is like hundreds of bolts of lightning going off in my head . . . He is done . . . Wow, do I feel different."

"I am dancing around in God's Palm and Christ is standing nearby just smiling at me . . . I had better stop, Christ is putting out His Hand and taking mine, I look up and am Thanking God . . . God just said, 'I am pleased with your Visit - come back soon my Son.'"

"We are moving very fast . . . God has placed us back on the Hill." Christ and the young man converse for a few seconds . . . He states, "Christ is walking away . . . . Wow, I am running down the Hill to the Edge of the Cloud." He then opened His eyes and exclaimed how wonderful his body felt, how he sees differently, how he can move his face muscles better, and he exclaimed, "I can even talk better."

In the following two weeks, the muscles in his entire body developed as they responded to his spiritual instructions, as did his ability to form sentences, reason, and form complex ideas for self-expression.

The next day I moved on to the next town and state, where I set up a lecture, but I did not get back to him for another year. During that year he exploded with new abilities. I again made contact 15 years later only to find that he was now a Ph.D. He said he still has a slight limp, but he keeps it as a reminder of what was. He is still returning to the Christ Son and His Father for Conversations. He states he attends DivineRealm Temples in order to better his ability to integrate advance data in line with Earth's level of human psycho understanding.

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