The Sword Excalibur


"For my Sword hath drunk its fill in Heaven." - Isaiah.34:5.
  • Acquire Truth, recognize and fight its inversion, and defeat dogma;
  • Practicing perfect Thoroughness to achieve that which is Divinely Right in Man;
  • Expressing Justice, tempered by Mercy and Wisdom justified by Living Truth, Knowledge, and Understanding;

"It is my only Honor and ultimate Victory, to uphold Righteousness, Truth, and Knowledge that I use to Reason my Actions, for it is the result of these Actions that I attain Wisdom—Evolution of All Knowing and Understanding—Perfect Love." Barbara Young

For the Honor of being in Service to DivineTruth, the Immortal Son or Daughter of God must first, Love and feel drawn to find a Living Awareness with the Family of God—God the Father and His Christ Son; and God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter, desire to know the purpose of life, and serve the Path of DivineDestiny to Attain a Spiritual-Body of Pure Light, and to Graduate from material life as a Man or Woman of God. In each life, the Immortal Son or Daughter must find and enter the DivineLife Program’s Protocol—see DivineLife Meditation.

Once a Son or Daughter of God enters the DivineLife Awakening Protocol, God Sanctions the Awarding of DivineTruth by Presenting to the Visiting Spiritual-Soul the Sword in a Stone. But it is the Spiritual-Soul's personal proclamation to enter into its next Higher State when He or She Faces the Sword (Truth) Thrust into the Stone (Truth locked up in the Spirit).

Initiation for the Right of Passage to Activate, Attain, and Protect DivineTruth begins at the moment the Spiritual-Soul takes hold of the Hilt, followed by Pulling the Sword out of the Stone. This is followed by the Spiritual-Soul kneeling (a sign of Service to the Will of God) and with both hands on the Hilt (Allegiance to Serve) points the Sword upward toward God the Father and Mother, the True Source of All Truth. God Responds by Striking the Tip of the Sword with a Bolt of Lightning, the Great Symbol for Sanctioning the Omnipresence of God. The Living Energy Surges down through the Sword into the Arm and Body of the Spiritual-Soul that Transfigures the Spirit's Body into the DivineRite of Passage for the Attainment of Unlimited Truth. At this same time, the Spirit's Book of Life is also Marked.

The Sword Excalibur and the Rock of God

After a Son or Daughter of God is Awakened and continues His/Her Higher Experiences, enough objectivity is gathered to reason whether He/She desires to advance Divine Life Qualities through additional Heaven Activities and lower service. Excalibur lower Ideals consist of:

  • Acquire Truth and fight its inversion - Study Spiritual Evolution; the art of battling the sons of darkness, Spiritual and material.
  • Practice perfect Thoroughness - Travel in time, forward and backward for attainment of Understanding and Knowledge; complete appointed tasks, as well as enter into the Salvation Program for the removal of all negative memories that cannot be Christed or Transfigured into Light as well as remove all Spiritual Karmic Liability Contracts.
  • Support Justice and contend against evil and selfighness; when enlisted into Service for Justice, the Knight, then and now, first seeks out an Objective Counsel with the Christ Son, the Chryseis Daughter and first and foremost, God the Father.
  • Bring about the ultimate Victory of Righteousness and Truth; - for union of the intellect and judgment accompanied by willed emotion; the expression of Goodness and Truth, the fulfillment of the object of right endeavor, and reliance upon an Objective Counsel with God the Father.

When the above is fully expressed by an Immortal Son or Daughter of God, the emotions derived from the above activities are Transmuted upward as Divine Truth and Wisdom that makes up the Pearl of Great Price.

DivineRealm Activity is also Served by the Sword Excalibur concerning the Salvation Program, the fight against being’s of darkness, thought forms created by black sorcerers, and collective evilness, or dogma, as well as dark psycho-social thought forms that limit spiritual-soul material activity.

The Act of Pulling Excalibur

Upon the Cloud of Light, DivineRealm, or Kingdom of God, a Divine Teacher, or Templar Priest, who is following the DivineLife Protocol, Appeals to God for the Sword Excalibur in the Stone of God to Come Forth.

"For who is God, save the Lord? And who is a Rock, save our God?" - 2 Sam.22:32.

He/She that Toucheth and Folds all Fingers about the Hilt, Seals His/Her Spiritual Countenance to Serve the Will of God and to Uphold DivineTruth. If God Approves, the Sword is Loosened from the Rock of God, whereupon He or She is asked by their Teacher, "is the Sword heavy or light?" The Son or Daughter then Kneels, and in Heart-Felt Sincerity of Service, Points the Sword Upward to God the Father and Mother, the Source of All Truth and Wisdom.

God can Respond by Striking the Tip of the Sword with a Bolt of Lightening, the Symbol for the Omnipresence of God that Runs down the Sword, Arm and through the Spiritual-Soul’s Body - an act that changes the entire vibratory Signature of the Spirit's Body for all of His Kingdom to "Know" and "Honor" - "For All Shalt be Rendered to My Son/Daughter."

The Divine Act of Pulling Excalibur, as Shared by two Loyal and Honored Sons of God

The Sword Excalibur Appears as He describes the Hilt as a Light Shimmering Gold with a Diamond in the Pummel, meaning He was a Grand Master or Templar Priest of a Templar Order in the Middle Ages.

I asked him, "Do you desire to renew your effort to Attain, Uphold, Protect, and Teach DivineTruth to Those Who desire to Know and Serve with Honor?" He states, "Yes," as He reaches over, Placing both Hands, left over the right on the Grip. The Sword Loosened with ease. The Sword is Light-in-Hand, as He Kneels with Tears in His Eyes, and He Lifts the Sword Upward to the Source of Truth and All That Is—to God the Father and Mother. God Responds with a Bolt of Lightning that Strikes the Tip and Surges Down the Blade, Turning It into Brilliant Fire, as the Energy continues Down His Arm and through His entire Spiritual Body that takes His Breath away.

He Stands and Sheaths His Sword, as He states: "Light from Everywhere is now surrounding Me. Oh, coming out of the Light is a Great White Charger. Riding the Charger is a Knight in Shining Armor, He is Huge. I stand transfixed Looking up at Him. He approaches me. I know He is looking down at Me and Studying Me.

"He Pulls His Sword. It is Glistening with Light. I Kneel with Head Bowed and to My Mind's surprise—the Charger Walks Forward. I Hear the Weight and Power of the Steed's Font Hoofs as They move past Me and stop. I feel the Tip of the Knight's Sword Touch my left Shoulder and then the right. With each Touch, a Surge of Energy passes through Me. I hear "Welcome back. Rise Sir Knight of Light." I Stand, and I notice I am Glistening with Light and feel Jubilant. I now See more Knights on White Horses coming out of the Light. They Circle Me and turn Their Horses to Face Me.

"All the Knights Lift their Swords and Point Upward and to the Center. As I look up I see coming down through the Center a Stream of White Glistening Sparkles. The Sparkles seem to Enter Me and I feel a Tingling Sensation Throughout My Body that is followed by a Total feeling of Calm and Peace.

"My Heart is Filled with Love. I want to Cry with Love. I know I am Home. I am One." He continues, "The Sparkling Energy has now stopped and the Knights and Their Horses are backing away and disappearing into the Light. I am full of Exhilaration, Pride, Honor, and Wonderment."

The Second Experience

He has pulled Excalibur, God has responded with a Bolt of His Lightning. God then Designed a Scenario, where my student found himself standing in front of a Round Stone Tower. He walks into the Entrance, where He Sees an Upward Spiraling Staircase.

As He Walks up the Staircase, He notices Stain Glass Windows in the Wall and Each Window has a Red Cross - the First with a Background of Blue (DivineMental Reasoning use of Truth and Knowledge); the Second, Gold (the Attainment of DivineTruth and Wisdom); and the Third White (the Purification of the Spirit and Attainment of the Celestial Nature of God the Father and Mother). At the top of the Staircase He finds Himself in a Room where He is met by Six Knights in Full Armor Sitting behind a Wood Rectangle Table (the Symbol for Evolving Up-Ward). Each Knight had Placed His Helmet and Sword in front of Him. There Appears to be a Master Knight, Who Stands and Addresses Him. He is Questioned about His Sincerity to Serve God and whether He Desires to Become a Celestial Knight. He Accepts the Invitation, where He is then told to Kneel on His Right knee (Meaning to Serve God's Will). The Master Knight Touches the Point of His Excalibur Sword on each Shoulder that sends an incredible Surge of Energy, Accompanied by Pride, Power and Humility through His very Being. His material body cries.

He was then told to Rise and He was Filled with great pride and joy, He Descends the Stairs to the Cloud. He then Ascended the DivineHill of Light, where He made a Pledge of Loyalty and Service to Christ.

The Armour of God

Ephesians 6:11-13. "Put on the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (12) For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers against the world-rulers of this darkness, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the Heavenly places. (13) Wherefore take up the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and, having done all, to stand."

The Armour of God comes out of the Middle Age Mystical Heritage Initiated to protect One's Spirit and material body from spiritual forces of darkness. Currently, DivineLife Students found Attaining the Armour of God helpful when working in prisons, drug abuse healing centers, and during active military service. The Armour of God can be Awarded a Son or Daughter of God after Initiating Excalibur Sword as well as entrance into and participation in the Salvation Program Itinerary to remove negative memories.

The Armour can be Awarded to the Spiritual-Soul during a Visit to the Alcove, Templar Tower, or the Eternal Pyramid of Light.

The Helmet of Salvation

The Helmet, accompanied by the Armour, is uniquely designed for your DivineStudent. Upon donning the Helmet, a surge of Energy containing another Aspect God's Nature is integrated into the Spirit's Countenance.

Eph. 6:17: "And take the Helmet of Salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God:"

  • The Higher Quality - Righteousness is derived from the transubstantiated emotions generated by the lower self's action, acknowledgement, and protection of his DivineTeachers (higher and lower), as well as the Truth attained there from.
  • Strengthens the Higher Attributes that promote the seeking of Truth.
  • His/Her spirit will now radiate a frequency that sanctions DivineAssistance.
  • Adds to the spiritual-body armor against intrusion of negative energy.
  • Initiates the Crown and Eye Chakra Programs to support mental activities directed toward Higher Truths.
The Shield of Faith

Eph. 6:16: : "Withal taking up the Shield of Faith, where with ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the evil one."

Translation: The mystical Shield of Faith is used to block negative activity directed toward the Knight, usually from a direct confrontation with sons and daughters of darkness, while in the spiritual realm. If a son of darkness confronts a Spiritual-Soul, they can emit a laser type of black energy to mark the Knight's Spirit. The Knight responds by holding up his shield to ward off the black energy and at the same time responds by sending a bolt of Light Energy from Excalibur to the being that drives it away. The forces of darkness energy can never counter the Light Energy from God, as it has no power. It’s all a matter of physics. The act to protect oneself against evil is an act of Higher Will and the destruction of negative beings and their activity is looked upon as DivineService for the protection of Earth’s Evolution.

Armour of God:

Ephesians 6:11-13: "Put on the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (12) For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers against the world-rulers of this darkness, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the Heavenly places. (13) Wherefore take up the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and, having done all, to stand."

The Armour of God is Awarded after a completion of destiny effort in service to mankind as well as equal DivineLife Advancement. As a Celestial Gift from God the Father and Mother, Awarding a DivineSpirit the Armour of God Initiates a new and Higher DivineLevel of Service to better serve man. It is usually Awarded during the Spirit's Rise Stage State of Development and has been Awarded to Sons and Daughters of God throughout the centuries and is still Awarded to those who have served and advanced valiantly, as the Loyal Legions of Light through True Love for the Family of God—God the Father and His Christ Son, as well as God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter.

Under the tutelage of a DivineTeacher, the soul mind-consciousness is guided into a Visual State that unifies the consciousness with Its Spirit. The now Spiritual-Soul is guided into the DivineRealm and onto the River of DivineLife Fed by the Celestial Falls over the Rock of God. Upon Entering the Falls, the DivineSpirit is rejuvenated by Celestial Energy, followed by turning and entering into an Alcove built behind the Falls and in the Rock of God, wherein the DivineSpirit finds His Armour of God, Bright and Shinning. Each Individual Item of Armour Acts as a DivineMedium that allows God the Father's Celestial Qualities to be Integrated into the Spirit's Body of Memory. The Spiritual-Soul can Telepathically Request of the Father the Meaning and Understanding of each Piece as it is Donned.

I have found that God has usurped DivineScenarios and Icons at Will, According to the Individual Requirements for each Spiritual-Soul, therefore, there may be fewer or added Pieces to the Armour I have listed.

Chain Maille

Chain Maille looks like laced Light that protects the Spirit from negative force attacks or incursion to Their Spirit's Body of Memory. Request of God the Father, the Protective Quality.


There is found on the Breastplate an Individualized Crest that Addresses the Spirit's DivineState of Being. Upon Donning the Breastplate, the Heart Center is transfigured with Perfect Love, Courage, and Steadfastness. Request Understanding.


Note the Individualized Design of the Footwear and upon placing it on the Spirit's Feet, there is an immediate Transfiguration that Initiates the undaunted Search for DivineUnderstanding, Knowing, and Wisdom.


Note the Individualized Design of the Helmet and upon placing it on the Head, Transfiguration is initiated that Awards the Spirit Clear Passage for Attainment of Knowing and Intellect to Serve Earth and the Family of God.


Note the Emblem on the Face of the Shield, as it is a DivineSymbol Associated with the Perception of Truth Ideals, Idealistic Service, and Choice.


The Sword Excalibur has already been Activated in a previous DivineAwareness, but note the Hilt’s Design, as it may have changed from your current Growth, and upon Taking Hold of It, Transfiguration can take place.


The Spear is a Symbol of Becoming the Hand of God that Serves God and material society. Note the Design and Color. Upon taking Hold of the Spear, Transfiguration takes place that Initiate Its Symbolic Power.

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