Introduction to DivineLife

Re-Introduction of the Lost
Chrysting of Sons and Daughters of God
Your Continued Journey into Completion as an
Individualized Spirit of Pure Love

If you are studying the DivineKnowledge found on this site, your Spirit is an Immortal Son or Daughter of God, who is enrolled in the Cycle of Life’s last three of six stages-the DivineLife Program. Participation in the Program offers the DivinePrivilege for Immortal Spirits to Christ/Transfigure their evolved and mature material psycho-aspects of memory into the Family of God's Divine Psycho-Aspects.

The Family of God is made up of God the Father and His Earth Assigned Celestial Son, within which the Christ Son Resides, and whose current logos is that of Jesus. Also in the Family of God is God your Mother and Her Earth Assigned Celestial Daughter, within which the Chryseis Daughter Resides, and whose logos is that of Mary/Maria.

The Great Cycle of Life

The World's Great Cycle of Life consists of six stages begins with the first three involutionary stages for the evolution of the mortal human--Eden, the Fall, and Mortal stages. At the completion of mortal/son or daughter of man's lessons, it can enter into DivineTransfiguration to become an Immortal/Son or Daughter of God Spirit. Once Immortal, the DivinePotential Spirit evolves upward in material growth that can then be Transfigured into the DivineNature of God during the Awakening, Rise, and finding completion in the Crown Stage.

Immediately the Father’s All Knowing and God the Mother’s All Understanding Robes of Glory are Celestialized into the Spiritual-Soul, as the now Man or Woman of God Goes Forth as the Hands of God.

Hundreds, and for some, thousands of lives ago, as a young mortal son or daughter of man, you were offered and, wisely chose, to enter into the DivineLife Program to become an Immortal DivineSpirit. Guided by a DivineTeacher, you were placed in an inner visual awareness, where you were guided upward by climbing DivineStairs to a White Cloud and into the Divine Realm, or better known as the Kingdom of God. Once you arrived on the Cloud, your Teacher guided you using Eternal Symbolism that offered you an Objective Living Awareness with the Christ Son of Pure Love. Through His Grace, He Places His Hand on your head and Transfigures each of your separated Chakras into one Divine Evolving Christed Immortal Son or Daughter of God.

The above was followed by your Guidance to the Great River of DivineLife, where you were Introduced to the Living Objective Presence of the Chryseis Daughter. In Her Presence, She Transfigured your matured material truth, nurturing, and wisdom psycho-aspects into their corresponding Divine Feminine Nature, which in turn Initiated the Great Holy Trinity Principle. The Principle is Symbolized by two triangles, with the Upper and Lower Triangles touching at the base, forming a Diamond Configuration.

The inverted triangle's lower Triune Point represents the Evolving Divine Son or Daughter of God; its upper left point represents the Divine Feminine Holy Spirit Chryseis Daughter; and the upper right point represents the Divine Masculine Holy Spirit Christ Son.

The upper right-side up Triangle's Lower Left Point represents God the Mother and the Lower Right Point, God the Father, while the Upper Point represents the Universal God.

The Great Divine Symbol is Living and represents the Son or Daughter of God's progress toward Completion. The Lower Triangle's Base moves upward into the Upper Triangle as the Spirit progresses upward through the maturing of material memory that upon the Spiritual-Soul's Visits to the Divine Realm can be Transfigured into the Nature of God your Father and Mother. At Completion, the Spirit is Celestialized into an Individualized Being of Pure Light. It is now that the Great Holy Trinity Configuration is Symbolized, as the Great Star of David.

The three Evolutionary stages of Divine Life are the Cycle of Life's Awakening, Rise, and the Crown.

Your Spirit

Your Spirit is your true state of being. It evolves through symbiosis with the Human biological body that provides the means for the Spirit's individualized advancement, life after life, through accumulation of knowledge used to reason independent actions, deal with emotions, and the taking within of God, the Father and Mother's Nature.

Before birth in each new life, your Spirit works with DivineCounselors that assist in the needed and required destiny design. At the appropriate time, the Spirit is fused with the fetus and within one week after its birth into life, its entire destiny design from birth to death is downloaded into its subconsciousness to assist the Spirit to align the biological body's movement each day according to the destiny plan.

At twelve years of age, the accumulated memory filled subconscious closes, and for the next four years attains personality stability in preparation for the initiation of its Book of Life’s destiny program that feeds the soul-mind's intuitive directive emotions. Throughout life, the Spirit projects out of the body during sleep in order to go into a future time-line, once a month or sooner according to its Book of Life's design. And, then when your physical body reaches that future point in time, you are awarded with a 'deja-vu' awareness that confirms that your physical body is on schedule.

At the end of your life's destiny and just before the physical body's death, your soul-mind consciousness is downloaded into your Spirit. At the time of death, your Spirit is released for its journey back to the Heaven Dimension it is currently assigned to--the Awakening, Rise, or Crown stage.

Access to the DivineRealm or the Kingdom of the Lord

Under the guidance of a DivineTeacher, a Son or Daughter of God's Spirit's DivineNature is United with the Consciousness to Achieve an Inner Visual State of Awareness. He or She is then guided to climb Stone Stairs to a White Cloud that provides a perfect DivineMedium to represent the Kingdom of God. The Cloud consists of water droplets, the symbol for DivineTruth. Life after life, and each time, the Spiritual-Soul Walks Upon the White Cloud, the Spirit Takes Within as Memory, the ever Advancing and Broadening Psycho-Aspects of Both God the Father and Mother's Nature--the Living Designers of the DivineRealm.

The same is true for all DivineRealm Scenarios, as they are made up of the Various Living Psycho-Aspects of God the Father's and Mother's Nature. In addition, the Spiritual-Soul can Measure Their State of Advancement by the Size, Color, and Configuration of all Divine Realm Icons, Temples, and Scenario Designs.

The DivineLife Scenarios and Symbols are unchanged over the centuries, as They are the Source for your ongoing Advancement. No matter the number of centuries that pass before you can reenter into the DivineRealm, you are guaranteed to continue from your last DivineState of Being.

"And they heard a Great Voice from Heaven saying unto them, 'Come up hither.' And they went up into Heaven in the Cloud."--Revelation 11:12
"Homage to you, O ye Gods who dwell in the DivineClouds, and who are Exalted by reason of your Sceptres."--Budge, Book of the Dead, p.145.

If we look down upon the DivineRealm, It is divided in half by the Great River of DivineLife. The left side of the River represents the Celestial Feminine of God the Mother. It is here, where the Chryseis Daughter's Reality is found as well as the Temple for God the Mother. The right side of the River is Symbolic of the Celestial Masculine or God the Father. It is here that the Christ Son Reality is Experienced as well as God the Father's Great Pyramid of Light is found. The Divine River's Celestial Life Force Energy Falls down from the Celestial Realm and over the Rock of God down to the DivineRealm, or Cloud, where it flows to the edge of the Cloud and down to Material Life.

The Completion Program

During the Crown and last Stage in the Great Cycle of Life, all material memory up-building finds completion. But to find Completion as a Pure Being of Light, the Son and Daughter must remove all negative memories and karmic liability contracts with protagonists that have accumulated over many lives. The reason? Negative memories cannot be Transfigured into Light. The DivineLife Program includes DivineInstructions for the Purification of the Spirit. The Itinerary is designed to provide the Spiritual-Soul with the means to methodically address and request the Help from God the Father and Mother to first, access negative memories as well as karmic liability contracts with protagonists and heal them, thus freeing the Spiritual-Soul to Enter the Completion Itinerary.

The Completion Itinerary begins with the Spiritual-Soul entering the DivineRealm, Bathing in the Divine River of Life Falls and then Walking to the Chryseis Daughter's Presence, Whose Countenance is so Bright that One cannot make out an outline of Her Figure. She will then 'Walk' into the Spiritual-Soul and Transfigure Her Entire Countenance into Him or Her that takes One's Breath Away. This is followed by Walking to the Presence of the Christ Son, Who is also so Bright that you cannot make out a Human Figure within His Radiance. He then 'Walks' into the Spiritual-Soul that Transfigures His Entire Countenance into Him or Her, and again One's breath is taken away by the Energy. The Spiritual-Soul is now a Christed Spirit of Pure Light and Love.

The above is immediately followed by God the Father's Great Hand Lifting the Spiritual-Soul Upward into a Great Crystalline Room of Pure Light and Places the Spiritual-Soul onto a Light Radiating Crystalline Floor. It is now that God the Father's Great Hand Transfigures into the Spirit His "All Knowing" Robe of Glory followed by God the Mother's Hand Transfiguring Her "All Understanding" Robe of Glory into the Spirit's now Brilliant Body of Light. And, in Unison, Both Announce, "It is Done." The now Man or Woman of God of Pure Love is Placed back onto the DivineCloud and Awakened. The Individualized Spiritual Being of Pure Love continues material life, as the Hands of God. At the time of Their material death, Their Completed Spirit of Light returns to the Heaven Crown Stage, where the Ritual for Graduation from Earth's Evolutionary Program takes place. See

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