The Great Mystery That Surrounds The Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci

Interested in the Da Vinci Code mystery? Perhaps your Spirit is nudging you to know what was—once upon a time—a time when, as an Extended Member of the Family of God, you lived in DivineHonor and Love.

The Da Vinci Code is all about the DivineLanguage between man, the Family of God, and the Catholic Church's rejection of any reference to it. Original Christianity incorporated a Living, Objective, Visual, and Telepathic Awareness into the DivineRealm or Kingdom of God, for Education and Contact with the Family of God; God the Father and His Christ Son, as well as God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter—the DivineSource for Truth in Ethics, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

"Divine" Nomenclature

Before we get started, I would like to define DivineNomenclature for your understanding.

“The word 'Divine' implies all human Events and Activities that Encompass DivineLife Activity and Kingdom of God Reality.”

“Words that begin with Divine, such as DivineLife and DivineTruth, are two Words United under One Pure Ideal.”

“I will capitalize all words pertaining to DivineLife Reality.”

“The DivineRealm is "Living", in that the Dimensional Reality and Its Scenarios, Symbols, and Icons are made up of the Living Celestial Psycho-Nature of the Family of God. Upon the Spiritual-Soul's Entrance into the DivineRealm, the Spirit Takes within Its Allotted and Progressing Psycho-Aspects of the Family of God.”

“The DivineRealm is Custom Designed in that for each Spiritual-Soul's Requirements for Advancement, regardless of the number of lives in between DivineRealm Access, are Imparted.”

“The DivineAct that changes the Spirit's material memory matrix into its DivineComplement is referred to as Transfiguration or Christing. The Act of Transfiguration continuously advances Psycho-Aspects into Their Higher Component until the various Aspects can be Matured into a State of Completion. Upon the Spiritual-Soul entering into Living Presence of the Chryseis Daughter or Christ Son, the Matured Psycho-Aspects can be Transfigured into a DivineAttribute. The Attribute, once Transfigured becomes an Element for further Collective Transfiguration into DivineQualities that make up the Potential Robes of Glory. Upon Union with the Holy Trinity, the Qualities are Condensed into the Father's Robe of Glory of All Knowing and God the Mother's Robe of Glory of All Understanding.”

“In all World Cultures, the Realm or Residence of the Gods, is Created on a White Cloud—an appropriate Symbol in that a Cloud is made up of water droplets, water being the symbol for Truth, the foundation for Evolution. The 'Cloud' Visual Awareness is known as the DivineRealm, DivineSheath, Heaven Realm, Heaven Plane, Kingdom of God, or Kingdom of the Lord.”

“The Language of the Family of God is made up of material symbols, but Awarded new Meanings that addresses the Human Spirit's Immortal DivineState of Being and the three progressive stages of Christing into a Being of Light.”

“It is up to the Spiritual-Soul to seek out and work with the DivineLife Program.”

“The formula for human spiritual evolution is based on emotions. The soul-mind's generated emotions contain feminine or masculine psycho-themes. All emotions require resolution. The soul-mind must rely on its current level of knowledge (masculine in nature) and life experiences that are used in the reasoning process (feminine) to produce an action (masculine) for resolution. The generation of emotions from the resolution produces feminine psycho-aspects that support the attribute, wisdom (feminine).”

“I once Lived as an extended Member of the Family of God, as a Son or Daughter of God, and I once Knew them and openly Loved them, and They Knew me and Loved me--where is that Life now?”

Sacred Symbolic Translations

Religious Icons found in the book: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

The popularity of Dan Brown's, The Da Vince Code, and books of similar themes, indicate intrinsic desires of Extended Members of the Family of God to Waken from a long 800-year slumber.

For public interest and education, I have listed Sacred Symbols and Their Translations in order of their appearance in the Book.

In the second section of this text, I have presented additional DivineLife Symbols for public education, understanding, and advancement.

Pg.18 Pyramid: The Pyramid is the Great Eternal Temple for the Up-Building of God the Father's and Mother's Celestial Nature within the Human Spirit. Interaction within and without is Crucial.

Pg.24 The Sacred Feminine: The Symbol for the Evolution of the DivineFeminine within the Human Spirit because of Transmutation and Transubstantiation of Emotional Themes through God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter--the One-Third of the Spiritual-Soul's Holy Trinity.

Pg. 25 Crux Gemmata: A cross bearing 13 stones. 12 stones represent the 12 Apostles and associated astrological signs. The 13th stone, found in the center of the Cross, represents a DivineState of Completion. The number 13 cannot be divided, thus representing the Son or Daughter of God's Reception of Their Robes of Glory—they are no longer divided by the Spirit evolving in the material realm and DivineRealm at the same time.

The cross configuration symbolizes the Great Cycle of Life.

(Author's Note: The 5th day Friday the 13th, is a Sacred Symbol for the Completion of the Human Spirit's Christing into Pure Light during the Heaven Stage—and end of material symbiosis. The Inquisition applied evil translations to Sacred Symbols, including the DivineNumber 13. By removing its Sacred Association, the human soul-mind rejects Sacred Symbols as being evil, when in fact they are Holy and Link man with God the Father and Mother.)

Pg. 35 Pentacle: A symbol that represents Evolution of the DivineFeminine through DivineTruth, Goodness, and Wisdom—one-half of DivineEvolution to become a Being of Light.

Pg. 45 Vitruvian Man: A symbol for the DivineMasculine Evolution of Psycho-Aspects Associated with Knowledge and Intellectualism resulting from and in independent action both material and Divine—the lower and upper arms within the Great Cycle of Life (Circle).

The progression forward in both material and Divine is symbolized by the four legs, material and Divine within the Great Cycle of Life.

Pg.114 Fleurs-de-lis: Symbolic of the White Lilly, the symbol for the removal, through working with the Salvation Program Itinerary, of all negative and traumatic memory through working with the Salvation Program that cannot be Transfigured into Light. Upon the Spirit's Body becoming Pure Light, completion is at hand--why the White Lilly is associated with death. A Son or Daughter of God Honors another Immortal DivineSpirit by placing a White Lilly on a casket—a sign of Honor.

Pg.128 Keystone: The word "keystone" symbolizes the Core-Self that makes up the Spirit's (symbolized by Stone) Heart (symbolized as the Key). The Core-Self is the original DivineSpark that entered Eden to begin material evolution of intellectual individualization. The Core-Self acts likened to a Central Processing Unit that integrates all incoming experiential data into the proper memory matrixes for later self-expression and use to support the physical body's life.

Arched Gateways, doors, and windows symbolize DivineLife Reality and, therefore, place a keystone at the top of an arch that holds six stones on each side in place--the six Apostles on each side of Christ, the Keystone to DivineLife.

Pg.157 Priory of Sion: The word "Priory" was assigned to a monastery or place known to Teach DivineLife. The Holy Prior or Prioress, a DivineTeacher—a Man or Woman of God, Acted as the Hands of God in Service to Sons and Daughters of God.

The words"Of Sion" secretly identified DivineLife, as translated through the use of the Sacred Alphabet.

    (S) Through the act of reincarnation,
    (I) The focus to evolve as One with God,
    (O) Accomplished by evolving through the Great Cycle of Life,
    (N) For eventual Collectivization into a Being of Pure Light that no longer requires rebirth.

Pg.157 Sign of the Rose: A symbol of DivineLove. During a Visual Awareness into the Living Objective Presence of the Chryseis Daughter or Christ Son, a Red Rose is offered to the Spiritual-Soul as a Token of Their Love. Upon taking hold of the Rose, DivineLove Emotion is Transfigured into the Spirit's Body.

Pg.160 Sangreal: A symbol that represents the Blood of Christ and the association with the Holy Grail. The word is formed out of a combination of the French word for blood - 'sang' - and the Spanish word for blood - "sangre" - thus conjoined to form Sangreal, the Sacred Symbol for DivineLife Reality.

Pg.161 Holy Grail, Cup: The Grail Cup of Chivalric Knighthood legends is said to be the Cup that Jesus used at the Last Supper. Joseph of Arimathea used the Cup to Collect Drops of Jesus' Blood at the Crucifixion. Through the material Worship of the Grail Cup, the emotions generated were Transmuted into the DivineRealm, thus Evolving into a DivineIcon.

During a DivineRealm Awareness, the DivineIcon is Offered to a Spiritual-Soul by the Christ Son or by God. The Grail Chalice is Gold, which represents the Spirit's Completion for the Upbuilding of DivineTruth and Wisdom. Upon taking hold of the Chalice, an Energy Surges through the DivineSpirit. And, upon the Spiritual-Soul Accepting Advancement, the Spirit Drinks of the Grail Chalice. Immediately, the Spirit is Transfigured into a Higher DivineLevel and a Higher State of Being.

In the Spirit's future rebirths, the Spiritual-Soul's physical body is miraculously protected from hurt or death. In the Military, the miraculous event is referred to as 'Biting the Golden Bullet'. I have interviewed 5 of these men out of the Vietnam War, and one gentleman experienced 5 DivineInterventions, whose previous life was that of Teddy Roosevelt, a Knights Templar, and Commander for Alexander the Great. His Spirit came here from off-World with all the other Spiritual Race of Immortal DivineSpirits. As Their last and final Act required to Become a Being of Pure Light, They initiated the Civilization's Cultures for Evolution of sentient moral spirits and young DivineSpirits according to Earth's DivinePlan.

An honored Son of God, the Awakened Alfred Lord Tennyson, left his legacy in his brilliantly encoded sacred poems.

    The Holy Grail

    At once I saw him far on the great sea,
    In silver-shining armour starry-clear;
    And O'er his head the Holy Vessel hung
    Clothed in white samite or a luminous cloud.

    And with exceeding swiftness ran the boat
    If boat it were - I saw not whence it came.

    And when the heavens opened and blazed again
    Roaring, I saw him like a silver star -
    And had he set the sail, or had the boat
    Become a living creature clad with wings?

    And o'er his head the holy vessel hung
    Redder than any rose, a joy to me,
    For now I know the veil had been withdrawn.

    Then in a moment when they blazed again
    Opening, I saw the least of little stars
    Down on the waste and straight beyond the star
    I saw the spiritual city and all her spires
    And gateways in a glory like one pearl -
    No larger, tho' the goal of all the saints -
    Strike from the sea; and from the star there
    shot a rose-red sparkle to the city, and there
    Dwelt, and I knew it was the Holy Grail,
    Which never eyes on earth again shall see.

    Then fell the floods of heaven drowning the deep.

    Alfred Lord Tennyson

Pg.232 Sol Invictus: A symbol that represents a guided Visual State of Awareness into the Brilliant Light and Persona of God. This same Awareness was practiced by mortal Spirits and the Sun Worshipping Cultures for the mortal spirit's preparation to enter into the Immortal DivineStage of Being.

Pg.232 Egyptian Sun Disks: A symbol for the Cycle of Life Evolution of a sentient spirit evolving into an Individualized Being of Pure Light.

Pg.249 Royal BloodLine of Christ: A symbol of the Spiritual Race of Immortal Sons or Daughters of God (Royal) Evolving in Service to Earth within the DivineLife (Blood) Program, life after life (Line) in order to become Beings of Pure Light—a Man or Woman of God.

Pg.268 The End of Days: "Day" is a symbol for the DivineLife Program. Earth's civilization stages follow the Cycle of Life stages, as well as the Immortal Spiritual Race of DivineBeings. The Common Era Initiated the Rise Stage for both Civilization and Immortal DivineSpirits. The Rise Stage lasted until A.D. 2000. Upon graduating from the Rise Stage, Civilization and Immortal Spirits can now enter into the Heaven Stage, the Stage of Completion, 'the end of days'. The Heaven Stage from A.D. 2000 to A.D. 4000 finds completion of Civilization and Immortal DivineSpirits.

Pg.268 Age of Aquarius: A symbol for the Heaven Stage, the Age of Truth (water).

Pg.309 Hieros Gamos: A symbol for the Sacred Marriage that takes place during the Rise Stage--the Marriage is a Symbol and Transfiguration that Initiates Completion. At the appropriate time during a DivineRealm Visitation, God the Father Lifts the Spiritual-Soul from the DivineHill of Light and into Their Celestial Realm, where God the Father Places a Gold Ring on the Wedding Ring Finger of the DivineSpirit, which is followed by God the Mother Placing Her Gold Ring on the same Finger. Each time a Ring is placed on the Finger a Great Surge of Transfiguring Energy fills the Spiritual-Soul.

Pg.309 Tetragrammaton: Symbolic of a DivineSpirit's Study of and use of the Multitude of Signature Patterns of the Light of God.

Pg.309 YHWH, the Sacred name of God: Each Letter, in Hebrew, is made up of a DivineFlame Configuration that depicts the Nature of God.

    (Y) Evolution of the DivineMasculine and Feminine,
    (A) Through DivineRealm Activity,
    (H) DivineDuality found in the Family of God—Left Pillar, the DivineFeminine and the Right Pillar, the DivineMasculine,
    (W) The DivineLife Program and Interaction for DivineTransfiguration.
    (H) Evolves the Nature of God the Mother and Father within.

Pg.432 Rosslyn Chapel: The Chapel is Designed in Sacred Symbolism and depicts the entire Evolution of the Human Spirit.

Pg.434 West Wall of Solomon's Temple: The Temple, in itself, is a Complex DivineArchitectural Symbol which depicts the Human Spirit's trek through the Great Cycle of Life Program. The west wall depicts the DivineSpirit's Completion or End of Days--the DivineLife Program's final Itinerary.

Holy of Holies: The Holy Area within the Temple, where the Arc of the Covenant was placed.

Two Pillars: The Pillars represent the DivineLink between Man and the Family of God. The Left Pillar symbolizes Evolution of the DivineFeminine—the Chryseis Daughter; and the Right Pillar symbolizes Evolution of the DivineMasculine—the Christ Son.

Pg. 435 Star of David: A Hebrew DivineLife Symbol used to represent the human spirit's evolution during its Cycle of Life.

The upside down triangle is a symbol for the human Spirit's material evolution.
The right side up triangle represents the Family of God, or DivineEvolution.

The two triangles are separated at the beginning of the Spirit's Mortal/Hades Stage. As the Spirit advances, the lower triangle moves closer to the Upper Triangle's Lower Base. At the time the mortal spirit is transfigured into an Immortal, the lower upside down triangle and the DivineTriangle's Base are one. As the Spirit progresses upward in DivineTransfiguration of material memory and DivineEducation, the lower triangle passes upward into the DivineTriangle. At the time the Human Spirit Completes DivineLife and is a Being of Light, the perfect Star of David is formed.

Symbolic Translations

Eagle: "The letter from the King, my Father flew in the likeness of an Eagle, the King of all Birds; it flew and alighted beside me, and became all speech." Hymn of the Soul. Gnostic Acts of Judas Thomas.

The Divinity of the Eagle Icon comes from the Greek Chrysaetos, the Great Golden Eagle for Apollo, the same as the Christ Son.

The Eagle is an Interactive Symbol experienced during Visualization beginning in the Garden of the Soul. Once in the Garden, the Spiritual-Soul can call forth the Eagle, which lands next to the Spiritual-Soul. To progress the Spiritual-Soul, One calls forth the Eagle that flies in and lands near the Spirit. Next, merge into the Body of the Great Eagle and become One with the Eagle, at which time a great surge of DivineEnergy fills the Spirit. The Eagle 'flies' upward for the enjoyment of the freedom to fly over the land or into the DivineRealm, where you can "think" out of the Eagle and take on your True DivineAppearance.

While merged with the Eagle Icon, the human Spirit is awarded the following DivineAspects:

    Eagle's Body: Christ's Strength to achieve one's Destiny
    Tail: Intellect that stabilizes progress
    Right Wing: DivineKnowledge and Intellect
    Left Wing: DivineTruth that destroys inversion of material truth
    Neck: Faith in the Reality of the Family of God
    Head: Mental Intellectualism
    Eyes: Perception measured by Wisdom
    Legs, Feet, Talons: Initiate Reasoned Actions

Excalibur Sword within the Stone of God: The Flaming Sword of Light and Truth is a symbol found in all religious cultures the world over.

The Sword Excalibur encased in Stone evolved during the Middle Ages as a means for DivineTeachers to test a DivineSpirit's level of Advancement. The interactive symbol means: the Sword and Blade of DivineTruth has been thrust into the Stone of God, by God, for safekeeping until the Spirit is matured for the Responsibility to Teach and uphold DivineTruth.

During a Spiritual-Soul's guided visualization into the DivineRealm, I request of God for the Excalibur Sword in the Stone to Appear. If the DivineIcon appears, the Design and Color of the Hilt and Pummel displays the Spirit's past life Service to Truth. If the handle is white gold and filled with jewels, the Spiritual-Soul has been a DivineLife Teacher for Centuries and courageously honored Service to Truth without faltering.

The Spiritual-Soul then places His/Her Hands on the hilt and pulls the Sword loose. For the Honored Spirit of Advanced Truth and Service, He or She finds the Sword Light in Hand, a Blade that Radiates Light, as well as Sings.

The Honored Spiritual-Soul, with both hands on the hilt points the Sword upward to God, the Source of Truth. God responds with a bolt of Lightning (The Symbol for the Omnipresence of God) that Strikes the Tip and runs down through the Sword into the Spirit's Body, Marking Him or Her Forever. The Omnipresence of God transfigures the Spirit into a Higher Signature Pattern of Energy that Announces to All DivineBeings that the Spirit is awarded the Privilege to Access Temples of Truth, Understanding, Knowledge, and Wisdom. There are many additional Privileges Awarded the Spirit, as well as Service to God, World and off-World.

"The Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God."--Eph 7:17.

Flowers: A symbol of DivineAttributes Activated in the Soul-Mind after the initial DivineLife guided Visualization. The Flowers increase in number within the Garden as the Spiritual-Soul Progresses.

Pegasus: The Great DivineSymbol of the White Winged Horse. The Symbol embodies the Spiritual-Soul's Aspiration to "Fly" into the DivineRealm.

The Pegasus Symbol was first introduced in the Living Realities of Greek Mythology as the Steed of Zeus. Pegasus Helped Zeus launch His Thunderbolts (the Symbol for the Omnipresence of God) in order to Transfigure the Human Spirit.

Pegasus is said to bring forth the Fountain of Hippocrene, the Fountain of DivineLife, on Mount Helicon or the DivineRealm.

During a DivineVisualization, the Spiritual-Soul enters into Their Garden of the Soul, where One's Pegasus can be called forth. If Awarded Its Presence, the Pegasus will land near you. You have full telepathy with Pegasus, as well as the ability to mount it. Upon mounting, you can give the Pegasus free Hand to take you on a Journey into the DivineRealm. The Pegasus will return to the Garden when your DivineJourney is complete.

Holy Trinity: The Personal Holy Trinity is Immortalized into a DivineIcon at the time of the mortal spirit's Transfiguration into an Immortal, a Son or Daughter of God. The lower Triune Point symbolizes the Son or Daughter of God; the upper left point - the Holy Spirit Chryseis Daughter; and the upper right point - the Holy Spirit Christ Son.

Robes of Glory: During the Spiritual-Soul's Heaven Stage Itinerary, the final DivineLife Initiations take place.

Reference to the Robe of Glory is found in "The Echoes from the Gnosis" by Mead-remember it is written in code, the Language of the Gods.

Student's Personal Experience for the Reception of the Robes of Glory:

We begin our Narration in Paradise, where my Student stated: "It is Beautiful, so Bright, O, my Father's Fingers have a Bright Object between Them, and it is coming toward me. O, (He cannot talk now as He is catching His breath) He Wrapped a Body of Light Around me. I am Glowing very Bright. I look up, O, the Mother's Beautiful Hand is coming toward me with something Bright in Her Fingers. She (He cannot talk again as He is catching His Breath again) Places this Light Around me. I am Glowing Even Brighter. They Both just stated to me, "It is Done." I feel so Ecstatic; I can hardly breathe or talk. O, God's Hand is Picking me up and I am now back on the Hill. His Hand is Receding Upward and is Gone. I am walking down the Hill and onto the Cloud, I am now Awakening."

Current Son of God’s Past Life Recall as Leonardo Da Vinci

The Last Supper

Current reincarnation recall of Leonardo Da Vinci, 1452 - 1519 as well as the Divine Code Hidden within His Painting, the Last Supper

A gentleman, who through intrinsic emotions and DivineDreams, enlisted my services to help him recover his past life memories as well as find an answer for his prophetic dreams and visions.

During his past life recalls, we find that he is Leonardo da Vinci, a life as a Mystical Knights Templar, one of Jesus' Apostles, as well as an architect for Alexander the Great. His Spiritual profile is typical of thousands who belong to a DivineOrder of Immortals known as the House of David, Sons and Daughters of God, the Monarchs of the Gods, or the Blood Line of Christ.

But, before we continue, I must clarify the Sacred meaning of the "Blood Line of Christ." The word 'Blood' is the Sacred Code for an active participation in the DivineLife Program, life after life (Line). As the Spirit advances in material life maturity, these new material psycho-aspects can be Transfigured into their Divine Counterpart for the eventual Transformation into an Individualized Being of Pure Light and Love. The true meaning of the BloodLine of Christ has nothing to do with the physical body's DNA passed on generation after generation.

Each of DaVinci's past life sessions included a DivineLife Awareness into the Living Presence of the Family of God's Personalities—God the Father and His Christ Son as well as God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter.

In one of his sessions we centered on his Da Vinci life memories. He states that his Teachers are all DivineLife Students, but must remain secret to the Public in fear of the Inquisitioners. His DivineTeachings award access to DivineTemples, where he is trained in any philosophy he seeks advancement. He explains that he learned how to work with his Spirit, who altered his optic nerve in order to 'see' a projected ghost image on the canvas he desired to paint. He further states he was awarded the use of the Philosopher's Stone—a DivineRealm Scenario that allowed him to journey into the future. He was curious to see the social results of the Inquisition's removal of Jesus' DivineLife Program and Living Awareness with the Family of God. He sees one war after another, as man's conscious mind rules over life. He states, "I see many strange things, many wars . . . I do not understand them--I tried to draw them - and I fear the future and all world societies falling into darkness".

We then addressed his painting "The Last Supper." He states, "I was regressed to my past lives in that life and found that I was one of Jesus' Apostles. He found he had attended the last Passover Celebration with Jesus. I questioned him if he knew Mary Magdalene. He said "yes", but comments that he is jealous of Jesus' closeness to Her. He is surprised to find that he did not approve of a Woman DivineTeacher and felt it weakened Jesus' position.

In reference to Jesus' DivineLife Program, he emotionally recalls that he is absolutely against Jesus' stating, "I am the way, the only way". In fact, he recalls many heated arguments and felt the statement made him choose between the Zealot movement and Jesus' Teachings.

From the DaVinci point of view, his earlier rejection of Mary Magdalene emotionally bothered him as well as the Church's rejection of the DivineFeminine. He stated he wanted to make amends and painted Mary to the right of Jesus . . . "I had to be very careful and paint her so she was not recognized as a woman"--He laughs and states, "I am fooling the Church".

He added that he painted the entire picture in the Language of DivineLife and that he entered into a Pure Spiritual DivineState of Mind that allowed him, as he painted, to project onto the plaster the entire picture in Sacred Code onto the plaster as he painted. He again emphasizes that the Coded Picture is nothing like the actual Passover which took place in an upper room, where oil lamps lit the room and the presence of a single rectangular table and benches. There are many persons standing around in the room. The cups are made of clay and wine is poured from a clay jug. The room is filled with anxiety, because of the wars between the Romans and the Zealot army. Jesus is caught in the middle, but as a DivineTeacher he refrains from the use of force against the Romans. He states, over and over, that he is here to teach a new DivineLife Program to all persons - the Romans, Greeks, and Jew alike. . I am blind with anger.

He recalls antagonism between the Zealot Judas Escariot and Simon, as Judas is a hothead and wants to get Jesus out of the way . . . Jesus announces that He must carry out the Old Testament Prophecy--the martyred death of the Messiah . . . Judas acts on the opportunity . . . None of us understand Jesus' way of thinking, and we feel betrayed—He is supposed to be our King . . . We are angry, mad, and confused.

The DivineEncoded Message within The Last Supper Painting

The floor represents material life, which is divided into seven divisions, seven being the number for the completion of a state of growth. The table's eight legs represents a state of transition from material to that of the up building of DivineLife within--symbolized by the White Table Cloth. The rectangular table is a symbol for reincarnation or rebirth of the Spirit, as it progresses from material memory into the Natures of the Family of God.

The Apostle's garment colors depict primary DivineFeminine and Masculine Psycho-Aspects, along with hair and beards that depict DivineTruth and Knowledge. The position of arms and hands depicts the mind-conscious association between material interaction and use of Acquired DivineTruth and Knowledge. Everything in the picture depicts a Spiritual-Soul's Advancement of DivineLife within.

Note that the following translation is oriented through the perspective of looking at the picture. We see there are two groups of three persons, on each side of Jesus, that represent three primary DivinePsycho-Aspects that, once matured, can be Transfigured into a primary DivineAttribute. The two groups of three to the left of Jesus symbolize the major DivineFeminine Aspects that come into Completion for Transfiguration into Truth and Wisdom Attributes. The two groups of men to the right of Jesus are symbolic of the DivineMasculine Psycho-Aspects that upon maturity are Transfigured into Knowledge and Intellect Attributes. The DivineFeminine Attributes of Truth and Wisdom are then Personally Celestializes by God the Mother into her "All Understanding - Perfect Love" Robe of Glory. This is followed by the DivineMasculine Psycho-Attributes of Knowledge and Intellect Celestialized by God the Father into His "All Knowing - Pure Love" Robe of Glory.

Mary Magdalene is painted to the left of Jesus and is leaning away from Him that forms a "V" shape between them. The "V" is symbolic of an upside down triangle DivineConfiguration that represents the Lower Holy Trinity--the three Active Constructs necessary to Evolve an Individualized Human Spirit into Pure Light. Mary Magdalene or the DivineFeminine is represented by the Upper left point, while Jesus, or the DivineMasculine, is represented by the upper right point; while the lower point represents the human DivineSpirit, which is symbolized in the picture by Mary's and Jesus' hands coming together.

He states that he paints himself with his back to Jesus, to emphasize his feeling of still being against Jesus' statement that He is the "only way". His current emotions have not changed either, although he found no other DivineItinerary or philosophy that provided the means for his Spiritual-Soul to Attain Transfiguration into the Light Natures of the Family of God.

If you count Mary Magdalene's presence, there are only 11 male Apostles--the number that symbolizes justice, the central ideal of the Zealots' movement against the Romans.

There are five men on Mary's left, who symbolize the five senses that generate emotions, the key to all human psycho-development. There are six men on the right of Jesus or His left side, who symbolize the six major phases necessary for DivineLife Completion. Da Vinci stated that he left Judas Iscariot, the betrayer and also the twelth Apostle who symbolized Judgement, out of the picture, because he did not deserve to be there.

Five on the left of Mary:

1. Thomas - Truth Seeker, Sincere and Truthful
2. Peter - Analytical, Inspirational and Impulsive
3. Nathaniel - Perseverance to Seek DivineTruth, Dreamer, Philosopher
4. Andrew - Organizer and Administrator
5. Philip - Methodical and Reliable

Six on the right of Jesus:

6. James Alpheus - Twin - Faithful and Organizer
7. Judas Alpheus - Twin - Kind, Generous, and Helpful
8. John Zebedee - Intellectual and Courageous
9. Simon, the Zealot - Intellectual Discernment and who was known as a Fiery agitator and Debater
10. James Zebedee - Understanding and Knowing
11. Mathew - Harmony and Devotion to DivineLife, who was Forgiving and an Advanced Son of God.

Judas Escariot is left out of the Picture:

12. Judas Iscariot - Judgement

Therefore, Leonardo da Vinci identifies himself as being Simon, the Zealot.

Mary Magdalene is leaning to the right toward Peter, a symbol to point out the importance of the analytical mind at work as a DivineFeminine Aspect. All the men to Her right symbolize DivineFeminine Aspects that balance the DivineMasculine.

The first Apostle to the right of Mary is Thomas, whose character is that of a Truth seeker. His right elbow is on the table, which is a symbol for choice and deliberation concerning DivneLife. His left hand is on the table, a symbol for receptiveness and support from DivineIntuition.

The second Apostle is Peter, whose left-hand finger is pointing to Mary's throat, which emphasizes the importance of Her DivineFeminine Teachings.

There is a disassociated hand with a knife that appears to be coming out from in between Thomas (Truth Seeker) and Peter (Inspirational), the symbol for the beginning of DivineTruth - the forerunner of the Sword Excalibur of DivineTruth. The knife is held parallel with the table, which means the development of DivineTruth within Evolves parallel with Evolution and Purification (White TableCloth).

Third from Mary's right is Nathaniel, who is symbolic of the perseverance to Seek DivineTruth in each new life. He is painted placing both hands facing outward, a symbol for Reception of DivineTruth and Living Truth. His beard is white, which symbolizes DivineKnowledge. His head is bald, a symbol for an Active Crown Charkra-the Source for DivineRealm Access.

Fourth from Mary's right is Andrew, who is an organizer and administrator. His hair is light colored, which is a symbol for material life and DivineLife Activity already attained.

Fifth from Mary's right is Philip, who is symbolic of DivineCourage and Assertiveness. He is wearing both light and dark blue, which represents Purified DivineKnowledge, while the dark blue is symbolic of developing material knowledge. His right hand is on the edge of the table, a symbol of determination by his matter-of-fact type of personality that is methodical and reliable. His left hand is flat on the white tablecloth, which represents determination to Attain DivineLife Advancement.

If you notice Jesus' left hand is up and He is looking at it to emphasize the importance of DivineLife. His right hand's palm is touching the table's white cloth, a symbol that He is a DivineTeacher and source for DivineLife. The round plate in front of Jesus is a symbol for the Great Cycle of Life. The plate's gold rim is a symbol for the attainment of Celestial All Knowing and Understanding at the completion of the Spirit's DivineLife Program.

The first and second Apostles to Jesus' left are the Alpheus twins, James and Judas. The twins were not that interested in supporting the DivineLife movement as demonstrated by John's light green garment, which symbolizes a young Son of God in the first stage of DivineLife. These same DivineSpirits in their current life renewed their DivineLife State of Being and recalled that after Jesus' death they returned to farming. In later lives, both were Mystical Knights Templars and were the primary figures in the removal of the Templar treasure from France. With a crew of Templars they sailed across the Atlantic to what is now New York, where they buried the treasure and consecrated the land as a DivineLife Nation. In their 1776 life, they are again twins and both signed the Declaration of Independence.

The third Apostle to Jesus' left is John Zebadee, who is painted with both hands touching his heart area, the Center for His Love for the DivineFamily. He is painted with a pink gown; a symbol for Love and the blue bands on his wrist are symbols for the DivineActivated Mental State which govern one's interaction with life.

The fourth Apostle to Jesus' left is Simon, the Zealot. He is painted with his back to Jesus, as a demonstration that he rejects Jesus' statement, "I am the way, the only way". Da Vinci paints himself in a light blue, which symbolizes a High State of Purified DivineIntellect. His right arm is outward toward Jesus, while his left arm is bent, a statement of choice.

The fifth Apostle to Jesus' left is James Zebedee. His white hair and beard, as well as a gold garment, symbolize his attainment of DivineTruth, Knowledge, and Wisdom. His right hand is curved to symbolize the waxing moon, which represents DivineLife Advancing toward becoming a DivineBeing of Light. His left hand is face up on the table, a sign of accepting without doubt DivineLife Activity.

The sixth Apostle to Jesus' left is Matthew, who is painted with a pink shawl, a symbol for DivineLove. His garment is white, which is a sign of being purified in Jesus' Salvation Program's Itinerary. He is bald, which is a symbol for his Living Awareness with the Family of God.

There are four sections on each side of the painting. Facing the picture, the wall on the left symbolizes darkness, which prevails without DivineReality in the four human stages within the Cycle of Life. The wall to the right is bright from the light of day, which is a symbol for the four human stages of DivineLife.

The three windows behind the Apostles symbolize the DivineLife Program's three Stages. The window on the right symbolizes the beginning Awakening Stage and is small in size to emphasize little DivineLife advancement. The Spiritual-Soul's material memory and attributes that influence the mind-consciousness are complacent with religious dogma and the power of the mind developed during the mortal stage of personality development.

The middle window symbolizes the Rise Stage, where the Spirit's DivineLife advances the most, the reason the window is larger sized. The window on the left represents the Heaven Stage, which Initiate the Completion Itinerary for Reception of their Robes of Glory.

There are 36 sections in the ceiling or 6 X 6 = 36 = 9. The 6 divisions across are symbolic of the six progressive stages within the Great Cycle of Life - Eden, Fall/animal, Hades/mortal human personality development, and the DivineLife Program, the Awakening, Rise, and Heaven Stage that finds completion of the material and Divine (9).

The painting itself is 181 inches by 346 inches, and if you add 1 + 8 + 1 = 10 a state of completion; if you add 3 + 4 + 6 = 13, the symbolic number of the Human Spiritual-Soul's Reception of Their Robes of Glory, the Birth of the Individualized Being of Pure Light. The number 13 is a Holy Number, in that it cannot be divided; thus, at Completion, the DivineSpirit is One with God the Father and Mother and can no longer be Divided.

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