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Articles by Dr. Barbara J. Young

Tree of Life

Found in all World cultures since the beginning of time, the Tree of Life symbol depicts man's Spirit, the true evolving state of being.

"And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the Tree of Life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." Genesis 2:9.


The Living Tree of Life symbol depicts the very core and purpose of life, the evolution of the Human Spirit enrolled in the Great Cycle of Life Program of six stages--Eden, the Fall, Mortal, the Awakening, Rise, and the Crown stage. The first two stages prepare the spirit for symbiosis with the Human biological body, while the third stage represents the Spirit’s symbiosis with the Human physical body--the stage to form an individual personality through reason.

The next three stages represent the son or daughter of man, who, of its own free will, enters into the Cycle of Life’s DivineLife Program’s Itinerary for a Living and Objective Awareness with God the Father’s Christ Son for the Christing/Transfiguration from a mortal spirit into an Immortal Son or Daughter of God. Immediately, the Immortal Enters into a Living and Objective Awareness with God the Mother’s Chryseis Daughter for the Initiation of the DivineHoly Trinity Ideal—the lower point of the inverted Triangle, the Son or Daughter of God; the upper left point, the Chryseis Daughter; and the upper right point, the Christ Son.

During these last three Immortal stages, it is imperative for the Immortal to enter into the DivineLife program for the Christing/Transfiguration of matured and new material psycho-aspects into God the Father’s and Mother’s Nature of Pure Love. Throughout the Immortal Son or Daughter of God’s Evolution, Their Tree of Life’s configuration depicts Their current Evolutionary State of Being, negative and positive.

There are two Tree of Life symbols, one addresses the evolution of one’s material state of being; and the second Addresses the Spirit’s DivineState of Being. The first is witnessed during an astral visual meditation or dream, while, the second is Witnessed during a DivineLife Program’s Protocol Journey into the DivineRealm or Kingdom of God that Depicts a Son or Daughter of God’s current DivineState of Being.

The DivineTree of Life’s Design informs the Spirit of not only its state of DivineAdvancement, but It can symbolically demonstrate that which is negative within the Spirit's memory that must be addressed and removed. For instance, there can be holes in the trunk that means major self-activated events that act against advancement; a wilted Tree informs the consciences of its negative attitude toward attaining DivineTruth; and dead leaves or branches represents a Spirit and/or Consciousness that contains life inhibiting habits, ideals, or attitude. If the Spiritual-Soul is interested in correcting or healing Its negative life scenarios, the DivineLife Program offers an itinerary that directly accesses the problem scenario and, with the Help of God’s Nature, the negative-against-advancement scenario memories are removed.

    The various parts of the "Tree of Life," symbolize both material life up-building as well as DivineAdvancement through Participation in the DivineLife Program's Itinerary:

  • Roots: Material - Symbolic of material life destinies that form the experiential memory necessary for growth and expansion of the soul-mind and Spirit.

    DivineLife - Symbolic of the continued evolution of psycho-aspects of memory that through transmutation up-build both the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son's Psycho-Nature.
  • Trunk: Material - Symbolic of growth, expansion and courageous strength of character to meet each life's challenges.

    DivineLife - Symbolic of the Advancing and Expanding Living Relationship between the Human Spirit and God the Father and Mother, as well as the Christ Son and Chryseis Daughter.

  • Branches: Material - Symbolic of the up-building psycho-aspects of memory within the Spirit's different matrixes, that is firm, supportive, and fixed, which support growth and expansion symbolized by leaves.

    DivineLife - Symbolic of DvineAttributes that make up the Spirit's DivineBody of Matrixes, which support continued DivineLife Advancement.

  • Leaves: Material - Symbolic of the resultant expansion of material psycho-aspects derived from education and interaction in life.

    DivineLife - Symbolic of multiplying DivinePsycho-Aspects derived from material life as well as a Living and Objective Reality in the Kingdom of God according to the DivineLife program’s Eternal Itinerary. "And the leaves of the Tree of Life were for the Healing of the Nations (The Evolving DivinePsycho-Aspects [leaves] Up-build and upon maturity are Transfigured into Attributes [Nations] within the Human Spirit's Nature.)." Rev. 22:2.
  • Flowers: DivineLife - Symbolic of the DivineVirtues matured and Self-Expressed by the Son or Daughter of God.
  • Fruit: DivineLife - Symbolic of Matured DivineAttributes that can now be Self-Expressed for Transubstantiation into Qualities that God the Father Combines into One Celestial "All Knowing" Quality. And, God the Mother Combines the Feminine Qualities into One Celestial "All Understanding" Quality that makes up the now Man or Woman of God’s Robes of Glory. Once the Robes of Glory are Awarded, the now Man or Woman of God Goes Forth as the Hands of God of Pure Love.
  • An all Gold Tree of Life is Symbolic of DivineCompleted Truth, Wisdom, Knowing, and Understanding Spirit. Attainment of One’s Robes of Glory is at hand.

    "In the midst of the street (path of designed evolution) thereof, and on either side of the River was the Tree of Life (Masculine and Feminine Side), bearing twelve crops of fruits (Astrological as well as Cycle of Life Program) yielding its fruit every month (Completion): and the Leaves of the Tree were for the Healing of Nations (Matured DivinePsycho-Aspects Transfigured into Attributes followed by being Celestialized into the Qualities of All Knowing and Understanding Robes of Glory for Completion)." --Revelation 22:2.

Worship of the Tree of Life

  • Worshipped in early Judaism and referenced in the Old Testament.
  • Referenced in the New Testament and known for Its true meaning by the Common Era Christed Men and Women.
  • The Osiris Legend and the Tree of Life, the Axis Munde, is the earliest reference found in the philosophy of the Ancient Egyptians.
  • Africa: where the Tree of Life was known as Kilembe, and was brought by the hero Sudika-mbambi, when he was born.
  • Central America’s Tonacaquahuit.
  • The Hindu Tree is Jambu and grown on Mount Meru.
  • The Irish Tree of Life is called Crann Bethadh.
  • The Korean Tree is known as the Sterchlid.
  • In Siberia, the Yakut Tree is known as Zambu and is said to be in Paradise.
  • In Tibet, the Tree is known a Zampu and grows on the Sacred Mountain Himavan.
  • In the West Indies, the Haitian tree is referred to as Grand Bois.