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Articles by Dr. Barbara J. Young

The Reptilian Infiltration

As a Transpersonal Psychologist I developed a healing modality that addressed the Human Spirit, one's true state of being, and its relationship to the biological body, as well as the physical body's influence on the Spirit. I combined the study of reincarnation and ancient Judaism that believed in living life for the purpose of evolving one's Spirit from material memory into an Individualized Being of Pure Light.

Symbiosis with the human physical form enables the Spirit to attain an independent reasoning personality during thousands of lives or approximately 1.5 lives per century. In every life, the Spirit takes within knowledge and experience, used to reason independent actions, strengthen the will for the good as well as take within fear, trauma, betrayal, and stress memories.

In working to heal Spirits, I found both positive and negative memories evolved from both earth-lives and from off-World that included recalled memories from interactions with the two brain Reptilian race from across the Galaxy. Reptilians lack emotions, as well as the means to reason right over wrong and, thereby, are absence of the ability to love. Human interactions were that of terror, slavery, and death. Earth was a young planet and in need of expanding its human sentient civilization. Word was sent out and a great transfer of Human Spirits from the Reptilian side of the Galaxy were brought to Earth that provided the means to advance.

The Great Cycle of Life

Through my clients and Divine-Students, I learned that Earth, as well as all Planets, has a Celestial Son and Daughter, who are Planet's Divine-Assigned-Lords.

All sentient oriented planets throughout all the Galaxies, including Earth are enrolled in an Evolutionary Planetary Design referred to as the Great Cycle of Life. The Cycle of Life unifies the Planets for sentient growth, which includes similar third-brain configuration that allows for reason as well as a biological configuration so that the Spirit can transfer from Galaxy to Galaxy and Planet to Planet and still be able to support its symbiotic biological body.

Earth's Great Cycle of Life Evolutionary Program is designed with three elementary stages--Eden for the new arrivals, the Fall--the animal evolutionary stage that teaches the young spirit how to support the life of cells, act through the neuronal system and brain, see, and hear. After the Fall stage, the young spirit is transferred to the Human biological stage referred to as the Mortal/Hades stage. Here is where the Spirit is fused in symbiosis with the human third brain configuration that introduces the means to reason an independent action, and learn from the result of that action in order to evolve wisdom—the mortal son or daughter of man stage.

At the completion of the mortal son or daughter of man's stage, the spirit must choose to enter into enter into the Divine-Life Program for Transfiguration from a mortal status to that of an Immortal Som or Daughter of God. The Divine-Spirit Evolves upward through three Divine-Stages of development the Awakening, Rise, and Heaven Stage, Earth's AD 2000 to AD 4000, that the Divine-Spirit finds completion as a Man or Woman of God.

I found that Divine-Students from off-World well into the same Divine-Life-Program that Jesus introduced in the Common Era. He and Mary Magdalene offered the same opportunity to Earth-evolved sons and daughters of man to become Divine-Beings.

There are three Cycle of Life Programs congruently active on the Planet Earth. And they are:
  • The World, where the last four stages within the Cycle of Life of six stages are acted out as progressive civilizations—Civilization One, the Mortal stage; Civilization Two, the Awakening stage; Civilization Three, the Rise stage; and Civilization Four, the Crown stage.

  • Each of the World's civilizations progress through its own six consecutive stages designed according to the current World's Stage.

  • And, within each civilization, all human spirits progress through their own six consecutive stages of development until completion regardless of the number of civilization stages or Civilizations.
Understanding the above data is the key to all off-World incursions of Spirits.

My first introduction to the reality of the reptilian race occurred during a counseling session with a female client. She wanted to know her past life encounters with her abusive husband. In most abusive cases, the victim is destined to design a life with the protagonist about every 200 to 400 years, or until it is resolved. In many cases, the contract lasts for thousands if not millions of years and originated from off-World, as in this case.

Once we entered into the Access Imagery Program her Spirit accessed only the lives she and the Spirit in her current husband experienced. We were able to identify a general theme as well as the original awareness for his revenge—an off-World encounter where she was a DivineHuman Spirit and her current husband's spirit was a member of the reptilian race.

In her recall of memory, Reptilians invade her planet and a Reptilian takes her captive. She becomes a slave in his house and is later killed and eaten. I did not take the time to recover more data, but I surmise a karmic liability already existed from past lives.

I then guided her forward to the current timeline and into the Divine-Realm. I then worked with a Healing Scenario that included God the Mother, Who removed all traumatic emotions. Separating her husband's Spirit from her Book of Life dissolved the Karmic Liability Contract.

The Reptilian Profile

The Reptilian species are two brain beings whose consciousness is based on learning the laws of right and wrong, as they have no third brain that allows for reason. Their type of worship is sacrificial, as they feel no emotion of love, and thereby, can never achieve Divinity. Their worship includes the most valued part of their ritual sacrifice—the Human baby. They have evolved to live in structures, practice medicine, and are advanced in knowledge and technology. Their females lay eggs, but lack the emotion of nurturing, but do posses, as this egg belongs to me. They have evolved from primitive existence to intergalactic in nature, and are primarily carnivorous, in nature, the human flesh being their favorite meat.

Intergalactic Karmic Liability

Reptilian spirits are very possessive and demand, through free will, the right to be allowed to follow their human Spiritual victims to Earth in order to carry out the acts of revenge for leaving them--the act of karmic liability.

But first, let me define karmic liability contracts. During a life interaction, when one or the other person, or being generates emotions of vengeance with an Immortal Divine-Spirit, under DivineLaw, the two are contracted to return into a future life encounter for resolution, while, the DivineSpiritual Soul-Mind is enlisted in the contract because of the generated emotions of guilt and, thereby, cooperates with the avenger by entering into the Contract hoping for resolution. In the meantime, the avenger must be satisfied that their action has made the victim suffer, as the victim had previously made it suffer.

A second type of karmic liability occurs when one feels it owns another, as a slave. In the case of Reptilians, human families were owned and multiplied both for food and laborers. But, as the human Spirits were moved out of rebirth pattern on the Reptilian Planets, the human species were dramatically reduced in numbers. The reason? Stillborn human babies, as Spirits were not available to fuse with the newborn baby.

And, now we step out of material life symbiosis and into the realm of the Spirit. Celestial Spiritual Lords—Male and Female, govern every Planet, including Earth. Every Planet's Lords are responsible for all Spirits assigned to Their Planet, as well as the evolutionary program. A Spirit leaves or enters the Planet's Evolution only by the Sanction of its Lords.

I have found that upon a Reptilian spirit transferring to Earth, it is destined to enter into symbiosis in the animal realm. The ideal is to soften the reptilian profile for human consumption, as well as to prepare for Human biological symbiosis—the use of the Human third brain and the means to reason as well as react to emotions.

Once human symbiosis is initiated, the Spirit still contained within:
  • Powerful reptilian intrinsic psycho-attributes;
  • Advanced intelligence and strength to act as leaders and to manipulate others without mercy or support;
  • Little or no humanitarian emotions;
  • A Powerful will based on right and wrong and is cruel and unbending;
  • Lack of interest in learning to worship external Gods, which led to eventual atheism, the support of the material ritualistic church ideal, a lack of a conscience, and a lack of moral behavior.

The Reptilian protagonist spirit has reincarnated as a Divine-Spirit's own human father, mother, or siblings, spouses, or someone outside of the family. In every past life destiny, the Reptilian spirit punished the DivineSpirit by betrayal, death, torture as well as mental and physical abuse. I found that, in working with reincarnated Reptilians, they directed and planned much of the Catholic inquisition, which provided the perfect avenue for avenging DivineSons and Daughters of God. It is important to add, the Inquisition edicts removed from public awareness the means to identify a Reptilian spirit by the removal of the DivineLife Program, as well as all of Jesus and Mary Magdalene's teachings. By doing so, a society of the mind has evolved, and without the ideal of living to evolve one's spirit. And, for the first time in history, the Human Spirit's body of memory is being damaged in staggering numbers. Century after century, they have been reborn to avenge.

The Reptilian Spirit's Transfiguration into Human Evolution

For the Reptilian Spirit who is interested in remaining on Earth in order to evolve into a Divine-Being of Light, the psycho-transition takes over 3 years. The Spirit must pass through required material and spiritual elements and uphold a Living Divine-Awareness.

First Level of the Transition Program:
  • Access and negate the intrinsic memory to eat humans;
  • Access and negate the need to punish human life forms;
  • Access and negate life experiences that include human torture, death, and betrayal;
  • Enter into the DivineRealm to know Earth's Celestial Daughter and Son;
  • Enter into the DivineReal, to Study the Human Evolutionary Program;
Second Level of the Transition Program:
  • Travel across the Galaxy to the Reptilian Planet and to the Lords of the Planet. He must state to them, "I wish to remain in the Human Program." The Lords then respond by asking the Spirit if it wants to remain Reptilian? And the Spirit must respond with a "No". The question is repeated two more times. With the last response as a "No", the Spirit is thrust into Space. The Spirit now must "think" Earth, if it so desires to continue evolution on Earth. If sanctioned, the Spirit is pulled to Earth and to the Living presence of the Celestial Daughter and Son. At this time the Spirit is asked, "Do you wish to enter the Earth's Evolutionary Program?" and if the answer is "Yes", the question is again asked two more times, and, if the Spirit answers "yes" all three times, the Spirit hears, "Welcome".
Third Level of the Transition Program:
  • The Spirit is now guided to enter into the Golgotha Ritual, "The place of the skull (Human)". During the DivineInitiation, the Spirit is transfigured into the Human Evolution program.
  • At a future time, the Spirit enters into the DivineRealm, where it Petitions the Celestial Son to be taken into God the Father's Presence in order for its Reptilian Programmed Core-Self be removed and reprogrammed to support Earth's Evolution Program.
  • The Spirit is accompanied to the Father's Presence and laid upon a White Marble Table and God states, "Be not afraid." God reaches into the Spirit's Chest and removes the Core-Self. It is described as just having lost one's breath. The Spiritual-Soul states that from God's Forefinger there is a Bolt of Light which enters into the Core-Self. God states, "It is done." "God puts the Core-Self back into the chest. Whew!" "I am now taking the Celestial Son's Hand and am traveling back to the Cloud".
  • With the Transition now complete, the Spirit's new destiny design is created and the Book of Life Initiated.