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Articles by Dr. Barbara J. Young

Negative Entity Phenomenon

The belief in possession or entities ruling over a personality is found in religious writings since the beginning of history.

Unacknowledged as reality in the fields of psychology, possession symptoms are treated as various forms of schizophrenia or illness.

Negative Entity PhenomenonDuring the 1960’s, I was developing and teaching a DivineMeditation into the Light of God. And, during the meditation sessions, I noticed small black entities leaving either the mouth or genital area. Taking notice, I began to center interest on all data of possession I could find, and centered part of my efforts on the psychological profile of a typical host.

I discovered that patient backgrounds varied, but consistently contained similar themes—extended periods of combat, abusive use of drugs or alcohol, prisoner of war accompanied by torture, child abuse, and spousal abuse. I theorized that lower biological and spiritual frequencies acted like a beacon to attract any black entities in the general area of the person in question. At the time an entity chooses its host, it "flies," as it were into an orifice. The host may get a glimpse of the entity entering into, say the mouth, which is felt like a swelling sensation after it lodges itself at the base of the brain or spinal column. Shortly thereafter, the host is driven into increased anger, negative behavior, or substance abuse.

As soon as the black entities have anchored themselves onto the spinal column or at the base of the brain, they project telepathic patterns of pure evil that activates and adds intensity to the already present negative emotions the host has accumulated. And, with each amplified explosive action, the memory of the incident is increased in intensity feeding upon its self, over and over.

Entity Removal

As a matter of physics, the entity repelling mechanism is a matter of creating opposite polarity fields of energy.

The Frequency of God's Light Energy, while surging through the body, has been measured using a Galvanic Skin Response Test. Measured on a scale from 1 - 10 in frequency measurement, it was found that 2 is the normal range for the body's frequency. Once the Light Energy fills the body, the numbers showed a marked increase. The Light Frequency measured between 8 and 10 and might have even been higher.

The polarity of Light Energy is High, while the black energy of the entity is in the negative range creating opposite polarities. Therefore, in order to set up a field of opposite polarities in the human body, one simply needs to achieve a meditative state of visualization into a country scenario. Once the country scene is stable, the host pretends to look up at the 'Sun', which is, in reality, God's Pure Light.

The Light, once witnessed in the area of the brain, instantly runs down through the neuronal system and out to all biological tissue. As soon as the black entity is "hit" with the energy, it feels extreme agitation or pain, if one wants to describe it that way. The entities only recourse is to interfere with the host's concentration. For example, if it is attached to the base of the brain, it begins to irritate the nerves in the throat, or its close proximity, that produces a stinging and burning sensation. The host must hold firm and "will" itself to override the stinging feeling in order to sustain the Light Frequency. If the Light is sustained, the black entity is forced to flee the "pain". It leaves out through the orifice it entered, leaving the host with a feeling of swelling and movement as it exits the body orifice.

Case Example

Just after the Vietnam War, I was lecturing in California at Edwards Air Force Base on the reality of one's Spirit, purpose of life, the cause and removal of PTSD symptoms, and the availability of a Living Contact with the Family of God. After the lecture, five military men approached me—all from the same unit. Their history included combat, as well as drinking and the use of drugs. Two of the men stated they caught a glimpse of a small black 'thing' that flew into their mouth. Which was followed by a sensation of swelling in their mouth and neck. Shortly after, and with the littlest provocation, they suddenly flew into an uncontrollable state of rage and an overwhelming desire to kill and fight. No matter how hard they tried to "will" the anger away, it seemed an impossible effort.

I suggested that the men and their wives come to my hotel room the following night, at which time we would work at removing the entities. After they arrived and I discussed the guided imagery process, I suggested the men lay on the floor about two feet apart and face up and their wives remain in chairs around the room. I proceeded to guide the men into an inner visual state of awareness of a country scene. I then suggested they pretend to look up at the Sun—a symbol for the Light of God. As soon as the high energy of the Light filled the brain, the entities retaliated by producing a stinging and agitation in their throats. I continued to remind them, "to hold on to the Light, fight to keep the Light. Do not give into the stinging in your throats or any other body irritations. You must fight to keep the Light and fill your body with the Light."

After about 2 difficult minutes, their wives and I witnessed small black entities, about the size of small black marbles leave out of their mouth and genital areas. Their wives pointed at them as the entities flew up and out through the ceiling. The men reported feeling them leave and immediately the stinging and irritation stopped. I suggested they bask in the Light and relax. Two of the men stated out loud that this was the first time they had felt peace in years. I suggested they remain in the Light for a minute or two and just settle into its Warmth, Peace, and Contentment. Upon ending the session, each stated they felt a remarkable mental calm for the first time in years. They were completely at peace. I suggested that each continue to bask in God's Light as often as they felt comfortable doing so.

I am noticing that the symptoms generated by the intrusion of entities are now shared by our Iraq Vets. The additional influence of entity intrusion escalates PTSD symptoms. And, through a simple inner visualization and access to Energies from God, all PTSD symptoms can be removed.