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Articles by Dr. Barbara J. Young

Echoes of Vengeance

Echoes of Vengeance is the story of payback that initiates a Karmic Liability Contract.

We begin our story thousands of years ago, or perhaps as close as the Spirit's last incarnation. Events in life that bring about devastating sacrifices of conflict can generate highly charged hate and sworn vengeance against the perpetrator. Sworn vengeance, an unresolved emotion, falls under the act of karmic liability capitulation. This means that the victim switches rolls to become the antagonist, while the original perpetrator now assumes the role of a victim to the antagonist's wrath. But the victim is only a victim for two reasons. First, the Spirit of the victim accepts being in the wrong; and second, the Spirit offers to become a victim in order for the avenging Spirit to find resolution.

Karmic liability destinies are designed likened to a stage play, where the antagonist 'walks' onto the victim's life stage play or destiny. The unassuming karmic victim is soon the subject of the avenger's payback psychodrama, as a deceiver, liar, betrayer, or destroyer of trust and self-esteem, or even more devastating, a calculated murderer. The victim, over the centuries, has developed complex inter-linking mental and physical traumatic memories of terror and death associated with the avenger. In the meantime, the victim's original psycho-profile takes on a reversal in attitude, where "I will love him and do everything possible so he/she will love me and not kill me" prevails. Even in counseling, love for the avenger is so strong that leaving him is out of the question or if convinced by family or friends to do so, love strengthens in hope of forgiveness and an end to the liability.

Karmic liability encounters are designed before birth, where the avenger is designed to be the future husband and the victim the future wife (although there can be any combination of encounters as this is only an example), their encounters must be intrinsically driven by a direct input from each of their Perspective DivineFeminine Higher Selves. The Higher Selves first, "cover up" original emotions from past lives and, second, input emotions of euphoric love into both parties to seal the drive to enter into marriage. Their honeymoon and lovemaking are perfect, and life is perfect. In approximately a year or two in time, the Higher Selves slowly, week by week, pull away the veil from hidden emotional memories. Her husband becomes increasingly abusive, while her emotions become increasingly affixed with, "I will love him and do everything possible so he will love me and not kill me".

In the meantime, her husband manipulates interactions that demean and weaken her will to fight back.

He makes her feel worthless, as she fights to continue to please him.

If his vengeance emotions are filled with vehemence, he secretly makes plans to murder her.

But, if the vengeance is older and emotions of hate have weakened, his altercations are physical and psychological.

The End Game

There are two phases of Karmic Liability resolution, or 'End Game.' First, the antagonist finally feels within that the victim is now hurting at the same intensity he or she had. Second, the victim's spirit has determined that further encounters no longer support resolution or advancement and an inner grand emotion of resolution is felt as in, 'it is done'. And third, the victim enters into the DivineLife Salvation Program that allows God to Show Them the identity of the karmic liability theme. Next, the Thought Form created over the centuries is removed in a DivineTemple for Thought Form Removal, which is followed by Entering into the Temple of Being, where the antagonist is Removed from Their Book of Life for eternity.

The antagonist, in the meantime, has two alternatives: to use all past life encounters to hone his ability to continue the role, as a destroyer of love and life that can eventually end as a being of darkness.

And second, if the antagonist desires a reversal in attitude, he can seek out and enter into the Salvation Program's itinerary that allows him to access and remove all negative psycho-aspects and renew his or her DivineAdvancement.