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Dr. Barbara J. Young

Reinitiating the opening of the DivineGates to the Kingdom of the Lord for reinstating the DivineLife Program for all Sons and Daughters of God

Barbara Young has lived and studied Christian Mysticism for thirty years. To help her achieve her destiny and gift to earth, she experienced external Apparitions of Light Figures beginning in childhood. Her mind-consciousness education began with pre-medicine, branched into psychology, the study of altered states of consciousness, parapsychology, parapsychology and medicine, world religions and the psychology of social change. To better prepare her for her destiny, during and prior to her post graduate education, she gained experience in missile systems technology, the medical field and oceanographic research.

In 1977, after achieving her higher degrees, she began a twenty year walkabout to educate the public about its true purpose in life, the evolution of its spiritual nature and its Divination. She introduced to scientists, clergymen, teachers, and medical researchers inner spiritual techniques to advance their creative nature.

In her twenty years on the road, she appeared in many radio and television interviews, was a guest speaker at various universities, and gave general public lectures. In all instances possible, she transferred her audience into the Heaven Realm for an Objective Reality to their Higher Self/Holy Spirit, Christ, and God.

My Story and My Honor
to Carry out the Destiny of all Destinies

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, the oldest of three girls in a middle-class home filled with love. From early childhood on, I experienced External Divine Experiences in which the room would flood with Brilliant Light followed by either Angels or Beings of Light, depending on the Theme of the Message Presented to me. Communication was Divine in Nature that pertained to my current life.

I entered the University of Arizona in premed, then married and moved to California, where I immersed myself in science at the Naval Research Center, China Lake, California. During that time I attended  California Universities and studied Psychology, Religion, Parapsychology and Human Behavior, Parapsychology in Medicine, and Altered States of Consciousness for a Masters in Psychology and a Doctorate's in Theology.

By the spring of 1977, I completed my material education and destiny when God honored me with a Miraculous Event. I was sitting and studying when the room filled with a Brilliant White Light that Streamed outward blocking out everything. To my left, there appeared an Archangel of no gender with Beautiful Feathered Wings, and who knelt down facing me in a prayer position. I then heard the very deep, external, and overwhelming Voice of God state: "It is time to go forth, Thou shalt be called Woman of God." And, immediately the Light disappeared and the room returned to normal.

As soon as the room returned to normal, I wondered about the meaning of “Go forth”. The next evening I was again studying, and suddenly, as the night before, Light appeared streaming outward. The Divine Scene in front of me was Living, Clouds, and Angelic. The ceiling of the room opened up into a "V" shape made up of hundreds of Angels that Ascended upward into the Heavens. Their beautiful Voices Sang, "Hallelujah" three times that was followed by Singing, "Do what thou doeth best, bring the children onto the Father for they have lost the way - Hallelujah." Then, all disappeared.

Divine Visual Meditation Into The Kingdom of the Lord

I sit and let my head fall back to rest. My Spirit is led into a beautiful garden. I hear, “This is the Garden of my Soul”. I know that Christ and the Kingdom of the Lord are above me, as I look up to see a beautiful White Cloud forming. Golden stairs form in front of me that ascend upward to the Cloud. I walk up the steps and as I near the top, it grows brighter and Light is everywhere. I wonder if the cloud will hold me up and I test it and, yes, it holds me up. I look around and the Cloud is open and endless and I am surrounded by Peace and a feeling that this is home. From my right I notice a figure walking out of the distance toward me. It is the Christ Son Jesus. He has a broad smile and with arms open, we Embrace. His Love fills me and I cry from the feeling of both my Love for Him and the Love He Radiates. He then turns me and with His Arm around my shoulders, we walk and talk about life and my family. He states, I have been chosen to reestablish the Divine Life Program that has been lost to all. I state, “I do not know all of its contents.” He states, “You will and we begin today, all will come to you as this is all you are known to do.”

He tells me He wants to show me the Kingdom. His Hand sweeps outward and there before me unfolds a path that leads to a White Sparkling Chrystilyn River. It is flowing down over the Great Rock of God from the Celestial Realm. He States, “Behold the Great River of Divine Life. It is of Pure Celestial Life Force Energy. as a Gift from the Nature of God your Father and Mother. It is in the River of Divine Life that Sons and Daughters of God will be Baptized and Rejuvenated. He turns, and with a sweep of His Hand, Temples Appear in the Greek Style. Christ states, "I Present Man with My Temples filled with the Divine Gift of All Knowledge." We walk to the edge of the River of Divine Life, and he states, “Behold, God the Mother’s Holy Spirit Chryseis Daughter. I recalled She was Known as Sophia. She is the Divine Source for Truth, Wisdom and Understanding.” She came out of Light and is Beautiful as well as Radiating Light and Love. A Stone Bridge forms over the River. I walk over the Bridge, as She walks to the Center of the Bridge. I feel inside that I know Her. We are both Standing on the Bridge. She states, “Behold” and there forms Her three primary Temples. Again in Greek Style, but there are Pillars all the way around Them. I am told that the Temples are for Sons and Daughters of God to Enter for Attainment of Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom, and so much more.

I felt we were done and walked back to the Christ Son’s Presence. We walked down a Path and with a wave of His Hand the Great Pyramid of Light Appeared. He again states, "Unto the Pyramid of Light, the Father's Temple and Great Symbol of Eternal Creation," where Sons and Daughters can Enter to Take-With-In, the Celestial Nature of God the Father and Mother’s Pure Essence. There will be found within Divine Lessons, Knowledge, Transfiguration for Advancement Upward into Greater Realities", for Here is Found the Sons and Daughter's Preparation for a Living, Objective, and Visual Awareness with God the Father and Mother.

He then walked me to the edge of the Cloud and to the stairs that led back to the Garden of the Soul. We hugged and He stated, "Come back soon, there is much more I am in need to Teach you."  I then turned and walked down the stairs to my Garden. And to my amazement it had changed, for it had grown Brighter and with many flowers. I then awakened filled with incredible Peach and Love.

In one of the following Experiences, Christ stated, "Renew to the world what I once taught, the Divine Life Protocol, as It has been lost too long. Help Me. Man prays and I hear them, but I long for them to let Me Know and Help them, to Hug them, and, for them to Feel My Love for them. Show them the way to find me and the Holy Spirit Chryseis Daughter, as well as God the Father and Mother." 

It is from this experience 30 years ago that started my journey by traveling throughout the US to find all Sons and Daughters of God, Awaken them, and Initiate their Divine Life Program for Their Christing/Transfiguration.

I was now aware of my Divine Destiny and Purpose, the re-establishment of the Living Divine Life Program and the Living, Objective, Visual, and Telepathic Awareness with the Family of God. There are millions of Immortal Sons and Daughters of God waiting to be Awakened.

My Water Initiation

From 1977 until 1983, I traveled from town to town lecturing on a Sunday night. The lecture centered on one’s spiritual nature and purpose of life, as well as the Divine Life Program and its Gifts of Freedom, Truth and Knowledge from the Nature of the Family of God. I ended the lecture with a Guided Visual Meditation into the Kingdom of the Lord.

On October 10 of 1983, I was awakened from sleep to find Divine Fire around my bed and the Heart of God Beating to the right of me. I then heard "I love thee," and it all disappeared.

One month later, I was driving from Arizona to Oregon to lecture, and ahead of schedule, I had decided to drive from Redding to Eureka, California in order to visit the California, Redwoods.

It was about 10:00 p.m. and dark, when I suddenly felt a strange shift in force and immediately my car, a new all-electric Volvo, veered out of control and plunged over a 75-foot cliff and into the river below.

After hitting the water, my car continued to sink to the bottom of the river. The water started rushing up through the floor as the air escaped out of the sun roof window. I found myself emerged in water, darkness, silence, bubbles, and things floating around inside the car. Still buckled in my seat belt, I released it, and tried the door, but could not get it open and then I tried the sunroof handle and it spun easily in my hands and I knew it was broken.

By now my diaphragm was contracting for air, and realizing I could not get out of the car, I asked God for help, a very deep and earnest plea. It was then that the insides of the car lit up with a soft White Glow and a soft voice stated, "try the electric window button" and all went dark again. I pulled on the button and then reached up in the dark and noticed that the window was down most of the way. I pulled myself out of the car and it felt so good to feel freedom and the feeling of the river’s current take me. I then lost consciousness.

A man, present at the accident scene later told me, "When you came to the surface face down, almost immediately a shimmering blue white light covered your body and you rolled over."

Floating face up and still unconscious, I floated down river with the current, when finally I heard the voice of a young man calling, "Hey lady," over and over, which brought me back to awareness. I was incredibly out of breath and my arms and legs felt like lead as I worked my way toward the voice and shore. The young man reached out and took my hand and helped me to stand up. I sat down on a rock to further catch my breath. The young man then suggested we try to climb up to the road.

With his help we picked our way over and around rocks toward the road above. When we finally reached the side of the road, I sat down to rest. Immediately, a Brilliant Light blotted out the road, the sounds, and the people around me. In that moment of absolute peace, I heard God's Voice say, "Thou shalt wear a Crown; go forth in Truth" and all returned to normal. I had no injuries and no hypothermia symptoms.

The date was November 3, 1983 and the river was the Trinity River in northern California. The young man who helped me was named John. The "Water" Initiation Sanctifies my position as a Teacher of Righteousness as well as announces to the World that the Living Divine Life Program has now been initiated for humanity. In addition, the Event Initiates the World’s "Crown" Stage that lasts from AD 2000 to AD 4000, the last stage of the Great Cycle of Life for the "Opening of the Gates of Heaven."

The Sixth and Seventh Seals, as mentioned in Revelations, were now Activated. At this time, the Sons and Daughters of God can Purify Their Spirit and Unite as One with the Holy Trinity, which is followed by the Hand of God Lifting the Son or Daughter of God from the DivineRealm into Paradise. Immediately, the Father Places His "All Knowing" Robe of Glory around the Spiritual-Soul, followed by God the Mother Placing Her "All Understanding" Robe of Glory around the Spiritual-Soul. In Unison, They State, "It is Done." The now Man or Woman of God goes forth, as the Hands of God.

I continued to Teach throughout America until 1990, when the newspapers refused a story about my teachings and announcement for the upcoming Sunday Lecture, an act that ended my ability to travel freely so that God’s Sons and Daughters could find me and be Awakened. I then chose to write a Sacred Text for Divine Teachers, and the Hidden Code within Divine Life - the Language of God, and continue Teaching to the World.

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