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Angels and Demons

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Dan Brown's Angels & Demons takes us on journey into the workings of an unbending, stoic, and all encompassing man-designed Catholic Church Doctrine of Faith under Pope Innocent III of 1215.

But, before we get started:

  1. The word 'Divine' implies all human Spiritual-Soul Events and Activities that Encompass an Interaction with the Living Personalities of the Family of God.
  2. Capitalized words relate to the Living Realities Associated to DivineLife.
  3. Words that begin with Divine, such as DivineLife, DivineTruth and etc, are joined on purpose as they are Two Words United as One Pure Ideal of Perfect Love.

During the centuries before 1215, the Church was losing members to the fast spreading mystery sects that practiced various aspects of Jesus and Mary Magdalene's Gnostic DivineLife Awareness.

The central ideal of mystery sects was based on, first, learning the Symbolic Language of God that contained material configured symbols and icons, but were assigned a DivineMessage that addressed the human Spirit's advancement in the Great Cycle of Life Evolutionary Program. The symbols are found in dreams, visions, and visual meditations, See Dictionary for the Hidden Code Within Divine Life for instance, a snake is a symbol for reincarnation, while a rock or sculptured rock is a symbol of the Spirit, and blood is a symbol for Participating in the DivineLife Program toward becoming an Individualized Being of Pure Light and Love.

And second, the Spiritual-Soul's participation in a simple inner DivineVisual Awareness, where one was guided into the Kingdom or Divine Realm, symbolized as a White Cloud, for an Objective, Visual, and Telepathic Awareness with the Family of God-Earth's Galaxy's God your Father and His Earth's Assigned Celestial Son and your Christ Son and God your Mother and Her Earth's Assigned Celestial Daughter and your Chryseis Daughter. See DivineLife Meditation. As a note, Awareness of God your Mother and Chryseis Daughter were edited out of the Bible and all religious affiliations by the Catholic Inquisition. God your Mother Acts through Her Chryseis Daughter, for it is She who is in charge of your Spiritual-Soul's evolution and your Holy Trinity Configuration. The True Holy Trinity is Idealized as an upside down triangle, the bottom half of the Star of David. The lower Triune Point symbolizes the Divine Son or Daughter of God; the upper left point - the DivineFeminine Holy Spirit Chryseis Daughter; and the upper right point - the DivineMasculine Holy Spirit Christ Son. See the Great Cycle of Life and DivineLife Explained.

In Dan Brown's story, an Illuminati member, an order of DivineLife Men driven underground to form a secret society, is taking vengeance against the Church in hope of destroying its material hold over the soul-minds that are entrapped in dogma and reinstate a Living Contact with the Family of God. I know nothing about the Illuminati organization, as all of my students continue DivineLife Awareness without an organization behind them. The activated Sons and Daughters of God are capable of freely accessing the DivineRealm for their continued Journey into the Light. Many continue a Higher Education in DivineTemples for the fields of their interest. For instance, after the Spiritual-Soul enters the Initial Journey, whether an architect, painter, sculpture, laser Ph.D., electronic engineer, medical researcher, or in any field according to their destiny, you can enter a Temple where you will find a Divine Being of Light who can advance your current education beyond what is written.

And now let’s address and decode some of the DivineGifts that Sons of God left us in the form of works of art.

Found in the preface of Brown's book is an overall layout of the Vatican City, when compared to all world DivineDesigned Religious Temples, the Vatican design contains no Sacred Symbolism-it is of man.

St. Peters Square
St. Peters Square

Designed by the DivineLife Master Donato Bramante, St. Peter's Square was Consecrated in 1628. The oblong circle is a Sacred Symbol for the Human Spirit's enrolment in the Cycle of Life's six stages, while a perfect circle is a symbol for a Spirit's completion of the cycle and DivineLife. In addition, St. Peter's Square design includes eight trapezoids in the floor design. A Trapezoid, in itself, is a symbol for Transfiguration of material memory into the Light Nature of the Family of God. There are eight trapezoids, which is a symbol for transition or continued advancement upward, from stage to stage, toward completion, as a Being of Pure Light and Love.

Helios and a Flaming Chariot
Helios and a Flaming Chariot

Pg.25. "Helios and a Flaming Chariot"--Helios is the Great Symbol for the DivineLife enrolled Son or Daughter of God who is Evolving to become an Individualized Being of Pure Light and Love. The four horses with wings represent Access to the DivineRealm for Attainment of DivineIntelligence that Evolves the Immortal DivineSpirit, which is symbolic of the chariot. The Horses and Chariot are driven by the human soul-mind consciousness for its Spirit, life after life, until the Spirit's entire body of memory is an Individualized Being of Light.

The Four States of Man
The Four States of Man

Pg.111. A Pyramid is the Great Symbol for human Spiritual Evolution. It is also an Interactive Scenario found in the DivineRealm that represents God the Father and Mother. Continuous visitation into the Great DivinePyramid provides the Spiritual-Soul with the Mother’s and Father’s Pure Nature that is 'Taken within' by the Spiritual-Soul, life after life. Nearing the completion of DivineLife, the Spiritual-Soul can be Awarded the All Knowing Eye of God at the Peak of the Pyramid that symbolizes the Spiritual-Soul's Living Privilege to Visit the Father through the Christ Son and the Mother through the Chryseis Daughter. They must, until Completion, accompany you through the Galaxy and into the Center for an Objective Awareness with the Father or Mother.

The Last Judgement
The Last Judgement

Pg.163. Michelangelo's "The Last Judgment" depicts the Human Spirit's judgement toward completion as a Being of Pure Light and Love. The Painting brought much dismay to the Church because of its nudity, but nudity is Symbolic for the Spiritual-Soul's completion of its DivineUnderstanding Attribute that demonstrates a non-discriminative attitude in all things.

Pg.181. The Cycle of Life stages are Eden (Beginning Spiritual), the Fall (animal stage that provides the Spirit with the necessary memory to enter into symbiosis with the Human body), Mortal Stage, (early human life to evolve an individualized personality), the Awakening (early Immortal), the Rise (continued DivineTransfiguration), and the Crown Stage (Completion to become an individualized Being of Pure Light, the end of human symbiosis). The four elements represent the final test for graduation into the next higher stage. The four elements begin with Spirit's human symbiosis in the Mortal Stage - Earth; the Awakening - Fire; the Rise - Air, and the Crown - Water. In most writings, the four elements are out of their true order, because of the inquisition editing to hide any reference to DivineTruth.

Earth - symbolic of the mortal 3rd stage, where the son or daughter of man, through Worship of the Culture's Family of God, up builds DivineAspiration for eventual Inner Visualization into the Light of God. While in the Light, Love for the Members of the Family brings forth the Chryseis Daughter's Living Image, or Logos for Her first. It is She who Awards the spirit a conscience. A conscience evolves the spiritual-soul for completion and entrance into Immortal DivineLife Transfiguration. The son or daughter of man can be Transfigured into a Son or Daughter of God - a Living Extended Member of the Family of God and entrance into the Fire, or Awakening Stage.
Fire - symbolic of the completion Initiation for the Awakening Stage and Rite of Passage to enter the Rise Stage;
Air - symbolic of the completion of the Rise Stage and Rite of Passage to enter the Crown Stage;
Water - symbolic of the Crown or Completion Stage, where the entire Spirit's material memory has now been Transfigured into the Light Psycho-Aspects of God the Father's and Mother's Nature. Once Attained, it is the Rite of Passage to become an Individualized Being of Light upon Reception of the All Knowing Robe of Glory from God the Father and the All Understanding Robe of Glory from God the Mother-A Spirit of Pure Love.

Pantheon Floor
Pantheon Floor
Pantheon Floor
Pantheon Floor

Pantheon Dome
Pantheon Dome

Pg.225. The Pantheon, rebuilt in 126 A D, was originally built to honor the Greek Logos for God the Mother, Gaea. Through the DivineFeminine, the human Spiritual-Soul is provided Access to DivineTruth, the source for Understanding and Wisdom, as critical elements necessary for the Spirit's Growth. Designed in Sacred Symbolism, the dome's diameter is 142 feet, which is symbolic of completion of the four stages of human symbiosis both material and DivineHigher Selves. There are twenty pillars, the symbol for completion for both the material and DivineSelf. There are six alcoves, three on each side, a symbol for the six stages in the Great Cycle of Life--three mortal and three DivineLife stages.

The inner dome contains 28 divisions--the transition (8) for the material and DivineAdvancement (2); there are 5 sections that are symbolic of completion of the senses, Spiritual Bodies, and the Cycle of Life. In addition, if we multiply 5 X 28 = 140, the number of completion.

Cappella Chigi
Cappella Chigi

Pg.267. The Capella Chigi is designed using Sacred Symbolism, but does not have the same meaning the church has assigned it. The circle is symbolic of the Cycle of Life, while the 8 peddled flowers are symbolic of transition from one state of being to another. The skeleton represents one's spiritual body, and with the addition of wings, it depicts an Immortal DivineLife Spirit. Its knees are bent which is symbolic for moral strength and submission to the Law of DivineLife. The DivineSpirit is holding the Evolutionary Shield of the Quaternary that represents the meaning as the Cross symbol. The upper right quadrant is symbolic of entrance into material life; the right lower quadrant is symbolic of the building of the material tree of life, and individualized personality; the left lower quaternary represents the beginning of DivineLife and the upper left quaternary, the Completion of the DivineTree of Life. The black background is a symbol for material ignorance due to dogma, while, the hole in the ceiling of the Cathedral is a Symbol for Access to the Family of God and upon completion, the Spirit's journey to the stars.

Ecstasy of St. Teresa
The Ecstasy of St. Teresa

Pg.338. Brenini's Sculpture, "The Ecstasy of St. Teresa depicts the Ecstatic Emotions of DivineLove that surge throughout the Spirit and material body during an Inner DivineVisualization into the Living Presence of the Christ Son, Chryseis Daughter, God the Father and Mother, or upon the Spirit's body of material memory being Transfiguration or Christing into Their DivineState. Current life Sons and Daughters of God describe DivineLove, as "a sweetness so extreme that one could not possibly wish it to stop."

The Golden Spear held by the Angel is symbolic of the Directed Act of God the Father and Mother that Sanctions the Act of Christing or Transfiguration of the Spiritual-Soul's matured material memory into the Associated Light Psycho-Aspects of the Father and Mother.

The word "Fire" is a symbol of the DivineHeat or DivineEnergy Experienced when God is Healing, Transfiguring, or Enhancing the Spirit or Soul-Mind's Psycho-Nature.

Pg.378. The statement, "Science is the new God" is a statement that, when taken literally, condemns evolution and social advancement. If we address DivineLife Reality scientifically, it is measurable in the Human Spirit, whereas, the Faith Religious experience cannot be measured. Science is paramount for Sons and Daughters of God's advancement, as they are headed for the stars. Combine DivineReality and Science, the stars are yours.

Pg.401. Diamonds are the Sacred Symbols for DivineTeachers--the Actuator for Awakening Sons and Daughters of God to Their DivineHeritage in each new life. A DivineTeacher offers the DivineLife Program that provides the means for DivineTransfiguration into an Individualized Being of Pure Light and Love.

Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers

An obelisk above the Fountain of the Four Rivers is a symbol for Aspirations and Worship of the Family of God, the source of the Spirit's Birth. The Egyptian hieroglyphics, when translated and decoded, relate the story of the Great Cycle of Life.

Pg.407. The numbers 666. In order to hide the true DivineMeaning of 666, the inquisition reassigned a negative meaning that would place within the spiritual-soul a negative emotion. It is not the mark of the beast, which means the material mind without DivineInteraction, nor is it the devil's number, or negative force activity that acts against evolution of Perfect Love. Ironically, 666 is a symbol for the Human Spirit's reincarnation or re-birth through the Cycle of Life's six stages 3 times, or living through 3 civilizations to become an Individualized Being of Pure Light - a Man or Woman of God.

6 + 6 + 6 = 18, and 18 is the Sacred Number for the completion of the DivineFeminine and Union with the Nature of the Chryseis Daughter - 1/3 of the Holy Trinity. If we separate the number 18 into a 1 and an 8, the number 1 represents completion as One with the Father and Mother, while the number 8 is the Sacred Number for Transfiguration or Transition into a Higher State. Also, if we add 1 + 8, it equals 9, the Sacred Number for Completion of the human Spiritual-Soul, the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son for the Holy Trinity DivineConfiguration.

Pg.481. Brown is addressing Jesus' statement that "Peter is the Rock." A Rock is symbolic of one's Immortal Spirit, while the Apostle Peter, allegorically symbolizes an analytical lower mind. At the time of Peter's assassination, He requested to be crucified upside down that represented an upside down Tau Cross - the Symbol for the DivineLife Program that provided a Living, Objective and Telepathic Awareness with the Family of God for the Christing or Transfiguration of matured material memory within the Spirit (rock) into the Perfect Love Nature of God the Mother and Father.

Pg.538. In addressing statements from the Bible, the entire Bible is written in Sacred Code and once decoded, the Books and Scriptures address DivineEvolution of the Human Spirit. Historical events have been used, but coded to mean something else as do events and material nouns. For instance, Noah is Symbolic of Individuality and his three sons, knowledge, will, and action the three aspects necessary to evolve individuality.

Pg.541. There is a discussion about a Pope having a child. According to DivineLife, celibacy is an error that acts against progression of your spirit's requirements toward completion. Did not God your Father and Mother give birth to all the millions of Spiritual Beings that support Creation?

As a footnote, know your Spirit, your true state of being, as you live to evolve into a Being of Light - Honor the Family of God, the source for your Spirit's Advancement and the return Home. See DivineLife Meditation.

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