Templar Knights

e are riding two by two toward a battle. I am in the second row back. Feeling full of pride and honor, my heart is alive. The Knight next to me is the one who is my partner, as we watch each others back. We trained that way. We all feel it is a good day to fight, and die if such is God's Will. As we approach the battle already in progress, we stand on a hill, side by side, looking down at the battle. We all close our eyes and see a Brilliant Light. In my vision, I kneel, and a Great Energy fills me doubling my strength. We all feel powerful and full of Honor and Pride as well as a feeling of Divine Purpose and Service. I telepathically hear, "Go my Son." We form a "V" shape and spear head into the battle.

They hear and see us as friend and foe alike separate not wanting to be trampled by our horses. I am swinging my sword in a flurry of action. I ask God for help, and everything goes into slow motion. I am startled as a sword I missed blocking is coming down on my horse’s neck. The sword breaks in half. I feel, "well, you knew better," and I took off his head, and said, "my Lord, my God, for Thee I serve." The enemy is now fleeing and even those we serve part and back off in quiet respect.

We are unscathed, tired and proud. We form a circle with our horses heads facing the center, my back man is next to me, on my right. We dismount and walk to the center and kneel, where we take our swords and point them to the center, touching tips. We all bow our heads. I feel thankful as a Brilliant Light fills my head, as I am filled with Energy, I cry with love and pride that I can Serve God. We stand in unison, sheath our swords, mount and ride, two by two, away from the battle field and back the way we came. "It is done."

This same person was one of the most decorated heroes of the Vietnam war, who experienced many miraculous events to save his life. During a guided meditation, I regressed him to the life experience above, and then into the DivineRealm. I guided him to the Cloud of Light, where he was to experience a River of DivineLife. He stated to me "O, I have been here before." I said in this life? He said, "no, in a past life." He then stated, "a beautiful White Swan was in His River." I knew then that I was working with a Mystical Knight Templar of the 4th Degree. After He bathed in the Celestial Falls of White Sparkling Energy that Flowed over the Rock of God, I suggested He turn and walk into an Alcove formed behind the Falls and in the "Rock of God."

When He entered His Alcove, the Inner Walls were of a soft Glowing White. On the floor was a Gold Rug upon which lay his Armor, Shield, Sword and Helmet. To his right, there was a small table with a beautiful Red Rose laying on it. He knew to just "think" his armor on. It immediately covered his body with the Power of God. His demeanor immediately filled with the Emotions of Love and Honor in Service to the Will of God.

He walked over and picked up the Rose, a Gift from God - a symbol of His Love. He heard God state, "I Love Thee, You have Served Well my Son." He again stated, He felt a surge of Energy through His Spirit and body accompanied by the Words, "Go my Son, thou are healed." (God removed all Post Traumatic Stress symptoms.)

In still another life, after escaping the Inquisition at the time when De Molay was arrested, He left Europe with other Templars on three Templar Ships. They sailed across the Atlantic to the land that is now upper New York state. As a DivineDeclaration of Intent, they constructed a Templar Tower claiming this promised land as a future nation based on democracy. The Tower was found later in the 1500's by the Pilgrims.

In another session, He found himself in the American colonies where, as a politician, he helped form the United States and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Present Day Templars in Service

h gallant Knights, in fitting garb arrayed,
With helmet high, and cross, and glittering blade,
Met to do honor to a Stranger Knight,
Worn in life's strife, and weary of the fight,
Brave Warriors in a warfare not to cease,
Till all mankind shall find Celestial Peace,
While in this noble Chamber met,
Where Zeal, and Light, and Love Abound,
Let's sit around the Master's Feet,
And listen to His Gracious Sound;
The Master, Prince Emmanuel,
The Sound, that Word we love so well!"

A poem from "The Knights Templars." by C.G. Addison

In my search for Mystical Templars throughout the United States and England, I found their present life psycho-nature strong, courageous, service-oriented and filled with the desire to continue their DivineProgram. They wanted to arouse the Energies of Truth through pulling Excalibur and seek the possibility of receiving the Gift of the Grail Cup, for rejuvenating the DivineLife Program.

For all those who have studied with me, the above came true and even more. Many persons, presently in the Templar, as well as the Masonic Lodges through the World are already in the DivineProgram from past life initiations, as Sons and Daughters of God, ready to continue their DivineIndividuality.

I have had the honor of helping two past life Mystical Templar Knights, and upon awakening them, finding they were near the final activities for completion. Here is their story.

A Son of God and a past Mystical Knight Templar, from Australia, found me through my Website. We conversed over email and he decided to fly here to work with me. We worked privately for 4 to 6 hours every day for four weeks. He began by pulling Excalibur, accompanied by God Proclaiming him His Holy Son. We entered the Salvation Program, where he courageously surfaced all traumatic traumas of being tortured, which allowed God to heal him. And from the Salvation work, we were able to identify his enemies and see their history of attempting to destroy his Divinity. Upon addressing and finding their identity, this allowed him to remove them from his Book of Life so that he had no further lives with them, completing his Salvation Program. He claimed his Divine Heritage, attended Temples, as well as the Temple of Solomon for study; he was Honored by Celestial Knights, and visited His Higher Self/Holy Spirit, the Living Christ-Jesus, God the Father and Mother each day. And when all lessons were complete, God with Great Honor, summoned him up to His Presence, where He Announced, "It Is Done," while Placing his Robe of Glory around Him.

His past lives have been courageously lived. He fought in the Australian Infantry in WWII, dying in battle. In the middle ages, he deliberately designed his return into each life to Serve the Living Reality of God’s Kingdom as a Mystical Knights Templar. He paid dearly, in four horrific lives, where he was captured, tortured and slowly roasted to death by Inquisitioners. The Fraternity of Brother Knights that served, died and were tortured with him - together upholding a Living Ideal against terrible odds - served in the Presence of James, the Brother of Jesus.

Scotland has their God-Man too, his story of valor in each life is similar to the life above. He served in the Scott’s Guard in WWII, where he was killed and returned into this life. We met in Scotland, where I worked with him for several weeks. He had been waiting for the return of the DivineProgram for 400 years so he could complete his lessons. He completed all DivineRequirements and was Honored by God when He Placed the Robe of Glory around him. In Jesus’ time, he was one of the men that protected Jesus as they traveled from town to town.

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