Evolutionary Sentient Spirits Serve the Galaxies, as Individualized Beings of Pure Light and Love.

Earth's Cycle of Life Program

The Great Cycle of Life

The Great Cycle of Life
The Milky Way Galaxy

Our spiraling Milky Way Galaxy, a member of the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies, is 110,000 light years in diameter. The raised dome in the center is 10,000 light years in diameter, referred to as Paradise, and is the Celestial Home of God the Father and Mother as well as the Galaxy Supportive Celestial Spirits. From this center, God the Father and Mother’s Great Helix Configured Omnipresence Life Force Energy radiates outward to support all galaxy life forms, Their Galaxy sentient beings and the purpose of Creation.

The Milky Way Galaxy Creation Plan is supported by billions of Sentient Evolutionary Celestial Beings, Who have Evolved inter-galactic-ally through eons of time. Their Superior Intelligence to "Know and Understand" Galaxy Evolution provides God the Father and Mother’s sentient sons and daughters the means to support their purpose--to evolve into a Being of Pure Light through the lessons that the Great Design of the Milky Way Galaxy provides.

God the Father is more of an Administrator, Creator, and Prompter of Intellect that Rules by Conditional Love, while, God the Mother’s Primary Quality is that of Unconditional Love and Creator of the millions of supportive Spiritual Orders for God the Father and Mother’s sentient sons and daughters. Sentient sons and daughters are the only created beings that are awarded the means to reason, have free will, and be rewarded with the ability to Attain Becoming an Individualized Being of Pure Light of All Knowing and Understanding, explained in detail below.

The Inter-Galactic design for the evolution of sentient sons and daughters is known as the planetary Cycle of Life Program of six progressive stages. Its eternal design functions as an experiential educational program, governed by strict requirements, put in place for all sentient Being’s graduation from stage to stage.

The eternal inter-galactic Cycle of Life Program was designed eons ago in many galaxies under the Wise and Celestial Care of the Grand Spiritual Order of the Ancient of Days. Its Members Assist all Planetary Lords, who, are in fact, Sentient Celestial Sons and Daughters that have been Chosen by the Galaxy’s God the Father and Mother, to rule over Their Planets, such as is the case for Earth. The basic Cycle of Life Program, the purpose of life, can be found defined in its entirety in all World Culture ancient writings.

The three instinctual involutionary stages are: Eden, the Fall, and the son or daughter of man’s stage, the Mortal/Hades stage. And, the three Evolutionary Immortal stages are: the Awakening, Rise, and Crown.

The Cycle of Life six stages are played out in three simultaneous levels.

The first level involves the Planet Earth that passes through its own six stages; In Earth time, each stage consists of approximately twenty thousand years. It is not until Earth's third stage (the Mortal/Hades stage), where an entire human civilization is designed and carried out. Earth’s mortal stage is referred to as Civilization One that ended approximately in 14,000 BC. We are currently in the World Awakening Stage or Civilization Two. In the future, the Rise stage will be represented by Civilization Three, and the Crown Stage, Civilization Four. Earth is laid to rest approximately three to four thousand years between civilizations.

The second Level of the Cycle of Life Program is implemented in the Civilization Design itself. Each civilization stage is designed for a two thousand year period. Civilization Two’s Crown stage was initiated as of AD 2000.

The third Cycle of Life program level of evolution is implemented for every human spirit. But, in the case of each mortal or Immortal human spirit, their passing from stage to stage can be much slower. In some cases, one human stage may take an entire civilization or many to complete, and, in another sense, if all requirements are met, a person can evolve through each stage parallel with the timing of the Civilization stages.

The Sentient Spirit’s Journey

God the Mother’s sentient sons and daughters are Created with Knowledge of Creation and Purpose of their Being and, at the appropriate time, are sent outward to their assigned material plant’s Eden Dimension, such as Earth’s.

From the Ancient Syrian Gnostic poem, the "Hymn of the Soul"

"When I was a little child,
And dwelling in my Kingdom in my Father and Mother’s House,
And in the Wealth and the Glories
Of my nurturers had my pleasure,
From the East our home,
My parents, having equipped me, sent me forth,
And of the wealth of our Treasury
They had already tied up for me a load,
Large it was, yet light,
So that I might bear it unaided ..."

The Eden Dimension

Young earth bound Divine Sparks are transported to the Eden Dimension designed specifically for symbiosis with biological forms orientation. During this period, they are implanted with receptors that provide the means for the young Spark to receive incoming directions from Earth’s Mother, the Celestial Daughter. These incoming directive impulses are referred to as instinctual drives.

At the completion of the Divine Spark’s "Eden" orientation, it is transferred to the Earth’s Fall Dimension, where the Spark begins material life symbiosis.

The Beginning of Involution

The Fall Dimension and Material Stage

The Fall Heaven Dimension is supported by Caretaker Spiritual Beings of Light as well as Seraphim Unifiers that accompany the Divine Spark (now referred to as a young core-self) down into the material dimension, where it is fused with a biological form. Immediately, the Celestial Daughter's instinctual impulses are activated that prompt the core-self with the how-to-support ability to support the cell's life and function in relationship to other surrounding cells. And, most importantly, instinctual direction teaches the core-self how to turn experiential experience into quantum particles of memory that are integrated into, but form on the outside of, the core-self which forms what is known as the astral body of memory. When the death of the material cell or body occurs, the astral core-self is accompanied back to the Fall Dimension, where the astral memory is studied for maturity of purpose. The astral core-self continues to evolve upward into complex biological forms, as it learns:

         To rule over a complex two brain neurological system;

         How to use the brain to register survival experiences;

         To create the memory necessary to use the eyes for sight as well as form memory for later recall;

         To create the memory necessary to hear as well as create memory from what is heard for later recall;

         To learn reproduction and loyalty to a mate or to belong to a herd.

         To search for food and respond to danger as well as fight for survival.

When the astral core-self finds maturity during mammalian symbiosis, it means that the astral core-self can now support the complexity of the human physical body symbiosis. The astral core-self is now transferred into the last involutionary stage, the human Mortal/Hades Stage.

The Human Mortal/Hades Dimension and Stage

The animal astral core-self is now referred to as a mortal son or daughter of man. More animal than human, the astral core-self is fused to a mother's fetus in a primitive culture, where instinctual support prompts speech as well as using experiential knowledge to reason one independent action--a process that takes hundreds of lives for upbuilding along with:

         Development of emotions derived from the stimulation of the five senses;

         Development of self-expression through speech;

         Developing family and tribal unity that supports survival;

         Organization of memory used in relationship to seeing, hearing, and mental reaction to stimuli;

         Developing hunting skills for the sake of family and tribal survival;

         Building and understanding the importance of shelters from the elements;

         Learning tolerance;

         Children are never rebuffed and feel secure with all members of the tribe;

Once basic emotions from the stimulation of the senses and reasoned independent actions are matured, the core-self is reborn into a more complex primitive tribe. During this time, tribal member?s emotion of fear has evolved which leads to the astral core-self, or lower self, being instinctually prompted to fear external invisible powers that, through instinctual prompting, supports worship and sacrifices to protect one's self from what is unknown and feared. The astral core-self is then born into tribes that worship the sun, moon, clouds, wind, lightening, thunder, rain, rivers, ocean, lakes, plants, mountains, animals, and sea life, to name a few. To be noted, this act of worshipping evolves a library of symbols required for advancement throughout evolution and the entire Cycle of Life.

The act of worship, in itself, generates a unique higher signature pattern of energy associated to Divine Activity. In this case, the worshipped symbols become a fixture within the core-self and, when projected upward to the Countenance of the Celestial Daughter, they are held in what is likened to a data file, but linked to the originating core-self.

It is now that the Transmutation Principle can be initiated. At this time, the generated emotional psycho-aspects are projected upward into the Celestial Daughter and Son?s Countenance. The psycho-aspect is then turned into its higher state, loaded into a symbol, and sent downward, imbedded in a dream scenario, to the core-self. The lower self's core-self then takes the higher psycho-aspect and integrates it into its proper memory matrix of like-theme for upbuilding of the now mental body that is integrated into, but forms on the outside of, the astral body. In the mean time, the lower self's data file of higher symbols and transmuted psycho-aspects within the Celestial Daughter and Son's Countenance evolve into a feminine and masculine higher selves. The above cycle of events are repeated over and over every day throughout a lifetime and in every life throughout the Mortal/Hades Stage.

Second Half of the Mortal/Hades Dimension and Stage

The son or daughter of man’s spirit is reborn into socially more advanced cultures that introduce the reality of external Gods, such as the Polytheism Religions of Egypt, Greek, Roman, Japanese, and Scandinavian cultures, to name a few, as well as higher organized speech, a written language, and knowledge used in complex reasoning in relationship to politics, business, creativity, architecture, and philosophy. The mortal’s personality psycho-aspects expand and mature from life experiences, as well as from new and complex emotions derived from a variety of higher complex social strata. Courage is learned in the face of death, which teaches the value of life, discipline over the self in support of an ideal, as well as loyalty to various levels of leadership.

A crucial input of experience and emotions are derived from the son or daughter of man’s introduction to the reality, worship, and faith in the Cultural external Gods. Driven by instinct, the soul-mind indulges in worship, emulation, and the study of the Gods. And, slowly, the emotions of love, trust, and faith evolve over the centuries.

The emotions derived from religious activity are transmuted upward into the Celestial Daughter and Son’s Spiritual Embodiment, where they are held for each core-self that evolves into their feminine and masculine higher selves. In addition to the above, the spiritual-soul can be introduced to the "Worship of the Sun" which is, in reality a learned inner visual exercise, where in an inner visual state, you pretend to "look up at the sun" that connects to the Divine Circuits of Light Emanating from God, thus forming memory that can be called upon in future lives.

The Light, when inwardly witnessed by the soul-mind, introduces Divine Emotions of Peace, Love, and Contentment associated with the Family of God. These are crucial memories that must be strengthened for a time in the future, when the Celestial Daughter intrinsically prompts the soul-mind to seek Immortality through a Living Awareness with Them. Eventually, through the Worship of the Cultural Celestial Daughter Logos, She will Award the spiritual-soul with a Vision of Her Living Presence, an act that strengthens Her Reality within. But, at the same time, the son or daughter of man’s conscience is initiated, thus initiating the correction of actions that are in error toward the up-building of righteousness.

Spiritual study, worship of the Family of God and all associated psycho-aspects of memory are integrated into, but lay on the outside of the mental body, as the spiritual body. The mortal is now referred to as a spiritual/mental/astral/core-self.

At the completion of the Mortal/Hades Stage, the son or daughter of man enters into the "Earth Initiation." Unknown to the person, a destiny is designed that places the son or daughter of man’s material body in a position where it is buried alive due to an earthquake, mine collapse, or some other natural disaster. If all requirements are met accompanied by sincere prayer, the person is saved.

Mortal Son or Daughter of Man's Christing/Transfiguration into an Immortal Son or Daughter of God

In the Living Presence of the Holy Spirit’s Celestial Son and Daughter, the mortal son or daughter of man is Christed/Transfigured into an Immortal, Son or Daughter of God.

The mortal son or daughter of man’s Transfiguration is eulogized in fragmented religious writings, as the Resurrection story. For the first time in history, I am sharing the non-encoded story that describes the Resurrection/Christing/Transfiguration of a mortal son or daughter of man into an Immortal Son or Daughter of God.

At the completion of all spiritual Mortal/Hades stage requirements, a son or daughter of man is instinctually driven to find and petition a Divine Teacher for help to enter into the DivineMystical Itinerary for Transfiguration into an Immortal.

In the Presence of a DivineTeacher, a mortal spiritual-soul is guided into an inner objective visual state of awareness, which is followed by requesting a "Door to Form that Opens to the Garden of the Soul. These Sacred Words initiate a Divine Objective State of Awareness.

The "Door" is made of heavy dark wood that, upon opening, the spiritual-soul finds itself visualizing a vast field of dirt.

There are three descriptive Scenarios designed beyond the "Door."

     First, if the mortal has not, as yet, completed the Mortal/Hades stage requirements, he or she will find that, upon opening the "Door," they are in underground tunnels--the reason why the mortal son or daughter of man is associated with the underworld in religious writings.

     Second, if the son or daughter of man is sanctioned to become an Immortal, there is found beyond the "Door" a field of bare ground.

     Third, if an Immortal Spirit, there is found beyond the "Door" a Garden full of grass, plants and trees depending on Advancement.

Continuing, the sanctified mortal spiritual-soul is guided to walk into his or her field of dirt, which is followed by requesting out loud, a Stone Staircase that Ascends upward to a White Cloud/Divine Realm/Kingdom of the Lord, or Kingdom of Heaven Resides. Next, the spiritual-soul climbs to the top of the stairs and steps forward onto the Cloud that is open and endless. The Teacher then requests of God, a "River of DivineLife" to Appear, at which time, God Designs a small stream of the Father and Mother’s Pure Life Force Energy that flows through the Cloud and stops at the feet of the spiritual-soul.

The DivineTeacher states, "Do you want to continue your Transfiguration into an Immortal Spirit?" If the answer is "yes," He or She suggests that the spiritual-soul kneel down and "drink" of the Pure Life Force Energy. Upon doing so, the spiritual-soul is immediately aware of Energy that vibrates in each of the Charkras starting with the Crown Chakra and moving on down to the Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Genital, and finally the Seat Chakra that will support the future Immortal Spiritual State of Being.

At the completion of the above, he or she stands and is prompted to walk to the right and down a path to a DivineHill, where he or she climbs to the top of the Hill and into the Living Presence of the Celestial Son. He or she kneels in supplication. The Celestial Son asks, "Dost thou desire to become Immortal?" If the response is "yes," the Celestial Son takes ahold of the spiritual-soul’s shoulders and lifts him or her to a standing position. He then states, "We are finished for now. Come back tomorrow."

The spiritual-soul is then guided to walk back down the hill and to the edge of the cloud and descends down the stairs to the dirt field, walks through the "Door," closes it, and is then awakened .

The above scenario is repeated two more times, and on the third visit, when the Celestial Son asks, "Does thou desire to become Immortal?" And the response is "yes," He places His Hand on the kneeling son or daughter of man’s head and Projects God’s Energy downward through his or her body that Transfigures matured masculine psycho-aspects into their Divine Masculine Psycho-Aspects as well as Unify each of the separated chakra bodies into one that forms an Immortal Spirit. During the Experience, students report that the Transfiguration feels as if they are being put together, beginning with the Crown and working down to the Seat Chakra.

The Celestial Son states, "Rise, thou art now an Immortal Son of God." Even though the material body may be female, the word "Son" is the Sacred Code for his or her Spirit’s masculine mental psycho-aspects that have been Transfigured into the Nature of God the Father. He continues by stating "You are now to walk to the "East" and to the Celestial Daughter’s Living Presence."

The Spiritual-Soul is guided to walk back down the Hill to the Cloud and down a path that forms on the right that leads to the Living Presence of the Celestial Daughter. She is found standing in front of Her Bridge over the River of Divine Life, which is, at this early time in Immortal Growth, a small stream that now separates the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine halves of the Cloud or Divine Realm.

The Celestial Daughter is Dressed all in White and is Holding a Divine Baby Wrapped in White Swaddling. The Baby is, in actuality, the young Immortal Spirit’s Higher DivineFeminine Self, that is referred to as the Chryseis Daughter. She is never human, and She must be of Pure Love, as She Contains within the Pure Nature of God the Mother. The Chryseis Daughter Evolves in proportion to the lower Self or Immortal Spirit’s advancing DivineState of Being.

The DivineBaby is Placed down on the Cloud in front of the Spiritual-Soul, who is Intuitively prompted to pick up and hold the Baby, when a Great Surge of Energy Passes into the Spirit that Transfigures its matured material feminine psycho-aspects into their DivineFeminine Psycho-Aspects of God the Mother.

Once the Energy Surge ceases, the Son or Daughter of God Passes the Baby back to the Celestial Daughter for DivineCare. The Celestial Daughter then turns and walks back over the Bridge and disappears into the Light.

The Spiritual-Soul is now guided to walk to the edge of the Cloud and descends down the Stairs to His or Her Garden. Upon arriving in the dirt field, the Immortal notices sprigs of grass that are now growing, a symbol for God the Father and Mother’s Nature Active within the Son or Daughter of God’s Spirit. He or she now closes the session by walking through the open "Door," closing it, and is then awakened.

     In addition to the above, four major DivineEvents have taken place:

     1. The Celestial Daughter will continue to accompany the Growing Chryseis Daughter throughout the Awakening Stage. At the completion of the Awakening Stage, the Chryseis Daughter Appears to be about 12 years of age.

     The same is true for the Celestial Son, as He will accompany the Christ Son up to the completion of the Awakening Stage, where the Christ Son will appear to be about 12 years of age.

     Both, the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son’s Divine Nature must be equally Evolved before Completion of the Awakening stage is Sanctioned, as with the Rise Stage, and Crown Stage.

     2. The Son or Daughter of God’s Immortal Evolutionary Program, is Initiated in Their Book of Life.

     3. Symbolic of the Son or Daughter’s Evolutionary Program, the Lower Holy Trinity Configuration is Initiated. In Religious Writings, the Lower Holy Trinity is symbolized by an upside-down triangle, the inverted triangle found in the Star of David, but at this point, is symbolized with the upper and lower bases touching each other. The inverted triangle’s lower point represents the Immortal Spirit, while its upper left point represents the Chryseis Daughter, and its upper right’s point symbolizes the Christ Son.

     4. The Son or Daughter of God is transferred from the Mortal Stage in the Heaven Realm Dimension into the Immortal Awakening Stage Heaven Dimension, where the Spiritual-Soul’s destinies are designed and played out according to the Awakening stage requirements.

The Awakening Stage and Dimension

"Praise ye the Lord, Praise God in His Sanctuary; Praise Him in the Firmament of His Power."--Psalms 150:1.

The destinies of young Immortal’s are designed to fulfill all requirements necessary for completion of the Awakening Stage. But, because of the strength of intrinsic dogma learned during mortal evolution, lives are more material than Divine Life oriented.

For the next 2000 years or approximately 24 lives, destinies are designed to include karmic liability contract resolution, uphold and support family structure, continued education for social advancement as well as serve in a manner that strengthens the value of life, courage, loyalty, and leadership.

In each life, when available to the Son or Daughter of God, He or She is intuitively driven to participate in the Divine Life Program’s Protocol Itinerary for continued Christing or Transfiguration of material memory into the Natures of God the Father and Mother. Also, Divine Up-Building of Psycho-Aspects, Attendance to Temples for the Advancement of Knowledge and Truth, as well as a Living, Objective, and Visual Awareness with the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son.

At the completion of the Awakening Stage, the Spiritual-Soul enters into the "Initiation by Fire" Awareness, where, unknown to the Son or Daughter of God, Its material body is destined to be in a fiery explosion. But, know that, in all cases, the Immortal will have time to sincerely ask God for help. If all is well, God will form a Gold Bubble around the Person as well as turn the awareness into slow motion which allows time for the consciousness to take action in order to walk out of the fire or explosion unhurt. Once out of danger, the Son or Daughter is Rewarded with an Internal or External Vision that announces "It Is Now Done." The Spirit is then transferred into the Evolutionary Program for the Rise Stage.

The Rise Dimension and Stage

In each new life, a Spiritual-Soul is unaware of its Christos Status until entering into the Awakening Divine Life Protocol. The amount of time a Son or Daughter of God Studied with a Divine Teacher in past lives determines the amount of Christos Transfiguration and in what Stage the Spirit currently resides within. Currently, I have found many advanced Sons and Daughters of God who have not had access to Divine Life Activities, and who have therefore, accumulated a large amount of Transubstantiated Divine Attributes. Upon claiming them and with continued Divine Life Access, they have progressed rapidly toward the Completion Protocol.

During the Rise Stage, destinies in each life to advance and mature intellect, will, reason, leadership, and idealism. In each life, and if the Spiritual-Soul enters into the Salvation Program in order to remove negative memories. The measure of negative memories removed from the Spirit determines the Right of Access to the Divine Realm Temples for Knowledge and Truth. The Level of Knowledge and Truth made available to the Spirit is dependent on current Intellect, determination, purpose, and the type of Knowledge and Truth the Spiritual-Soul is seeking.

During this Stage, Evolving Christed Attributes of Knowledge and Truth are multiplying and maturing toward Transfiguration into Qualities. And, at the same time old and useless material memories diminish and fall away, while, at the same time Emotions are generated from the development of courage, strength in the Attribute evolved from Service to God is maturing, and psychic abilities are learned and Self-Expressed as a Service to man.

During this stage, the Sword Excalibur within a Stone, if offered by the Divine Teacher and if Awarded and Transfigured by the Omnipresence of God in the form of Lightening, the Spiritual-Soul’s Matured Attributes are Transfigured into a Higher State. Attributes within the Spiritual-Soul’s Psycho-Nature now serves the Reality of Divine Life and upholds Truth even to His or Her Death. See Sword Excalibur.

"And the seventh poured out His bowl upon the air;
and there came forth a Great Voice out of the temple, from the throne,
saying, It is done:"--Revelations 16:17.

At the completion of the Rise Stage, the Spiritual-Soul enters into the Air Initiation. Unknown to the Soul-Mind, a destiny is designed that places the Son or Daughter of God's material body in a position where it falls off a cliff, down an elevator shaft, or a parachute will not open. If the Soul-Mind appeals to God during the fall and His or Her Trust in God is strong enough, God catches the material body as it hits the ground, but there are no injuries. Shortly after this experience, the Son or Daughter of God will be awarded a Vision, where God announces completion of the Rise Stage and Awarded entrance into the Crown Stage.

The Crown Dimension and Stage

Attainment of the Robes of Glory

Life after life, the Awakened Spiritual-Soul continues Objective Encounters with God the Mother and Father, Christ Son, and Holy Spirit Daughter, continues to Claim One’s Divine Heritage, continued Study in Divine Temples, and continued Purification found from participation in the Salvation Program’s Itinerary.

The now potential Divine Man or Woman of God lives with a clear responsibility of serving two realities: the material world and the Nature of the Family of God that, by now, is overwhelmingly important. He or She struggles with intrinsic Right of Truth, Justice, Goodness, and Wisdom in Service to material life and God. The Nature of One’s Spiritual-Soul includes development of the psychic, Miraculous Healing talents, and, because of Wisdom, the perception of many results of an action before actuated.

He or She is developing a deeper understanding of the social stratum of human personalities as well as being painfully aware of social ignorance concerning the needs of spiritual growth. He or She struggles with negative force activity and the society’s rejection of its reality or finding the importance of stopping it. God's Sons and Daughters live a difficult, lonely, and frustrating existence, as He or She awaits the Great Reward--Completion.

At the completion of the Crown Stage, the Spiritual-Soul enters into the "Water Initiation." Unknown to the Immortal, a destiny is designed that places the Son or Daughter of God’s material body in a position where it is trapped under water, either in a sinking boat, a car sails over a cliff and sinks under water, or during flooding, where one is caught and pulled under water. In this case, the Son or Daughter of God sincerely Appeals to God the Father and Mother, which is accompanied by a Surge of Energy that is directed upward. God the Father creates Divine Light around the Person, which is Accompanied by an External Verbal Instruction of what must be done at which time God takes over to save the biological body from drowning. Later there is a Light Experience, where God, in a Deep All Encompassing Voice, Announces "Thou shalt wear a Crown."

The Religious Statement, the "End of Days" refers to this period of final development of the Divine Spiritual-Soul. It symbolizes Immortal completion of the Divine Life Program, where the Divine Teacher, upon Awakening the Spiritual-Soul, recognizes the Son or Daughter of God by the Maturity of the Icons and Scenario of the Primary Six Stations.

The Crown is Awarded the Spiritual-Soul that Heralds the Spirit's Completion of material lessons that allows the Son or Daughter of God to Enter into the Salvation Program Itinerary that provides the means for the Divine Intervention in the removal of all negative memories that cannot be Christed for the Purification of the Spirit. In addition, there is continued Attendance to Temples of Truth, Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom until Completion is Attained that allows One to Claim Their Divine Heritage for total Christing of Their Spirit.

The above is followed by the Chryseis Daughter Transfiguring Her Entire Perfect Nature of Feminine Truth, Knowing, Wisdom, and Understanding into the Spiritual-Soul, followed by the Christ Son Transfiguring His Entire Perfect Nature of Masculine Truth, Knowing, Wisdom, and Intellect into the Spiritual-Soul. It is at this moment that God the Father Lifts the Spiritual-Soul into Paradise, where the Father Awards His Celestial Transfiguration of All Knowing Robe of Glory Around the Spirit, followed by God the Mother Awarding Her All Understanding Robe of Glory Around the Spirit. And, in Unison, Both the Father and Mother State,

"It is Done."

The now, Man or Woman of God, as the Hands of God, goes forth.

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