The Immortal Spirit's Christed Life Force Centers

The Spiritual-Body contains seven directive God Created Keyed Programs that function to regulate the symbiotic interaction between the Spirit's nature and physical body.

In Eastern tradition, the DivineProgrammed Centers are referred to as Chakras. The Chakras are listed in order from the Seat or Root and moving up the body to the Genital, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. The order is in accordance to involutionary mortal status, the son or daughter of man, the material man. The mortal Crown Chakra can award the spiritual-soul in the later Hades Stage, a Visual Access to the Light of God during worshipping the Sun God. At this time, the soul-mind allows its spirit to take within the Nature of God. The recorded DivineMemory awards the Spirit entrance into the Immortality Transfiguration Initiation.

In Western tradition, the Immortal Son or Daughter of God's Evolution refers to these same Spiritual Regulatory and Interactive Centers as " Programmed Christed Life Force Centers" or the "Seven Hearts of the Head". The Centers are listed from the Crown Center followed by the Sacred Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Genital, and Seat.

The Christed Centers are made up of Energy-Keyed Programs that Activate only when the surrounding Spiritual Energy is High enough to trigger the new Program. The new Program stabilizes symbiotic polarity for neuronal re-alignment and ionic levels for the health of each of the Center's assigned organs and cells.

The Christed Life Force Centers conjugate memory matrixes linked to the Center's Psycho-Emotional Theme as explained below.

Upon Completion of the Spirit's Christed State and the Reception of the Robes of Glory, all Chakras become One within the All Knowing and All Understanding Individualized Being of Pure Light-Celestial Love.


Christed Life Force Centers

Material Psycho-Theme - Its Nemesis - Christed Qualities

Past lives and current life emotions generated from fear, pain, trauma, stress, betrayal, intimidation, guilt, and death accumulate dissonant patterns of memory that interfere with DivineLife Growth. The strength and depth of traumatic memories determine the various degrees of psychosomatic physical and mental illness as well as disruptive functions between the Christed Life Force Centers and the physical body. If any one of the Christed Life Force Center’s Programs is closed down, supportive functions cease resulting in cellular and organ failure and possible death to the physical body. 

In the chart below I have listed each Christed Life Force Center's material psycho-emotional "theme" accompanied by its inversion. In the forth column I have added the final Christed Quality that heralds completion for the DivineChristed Man or Woman of God.

Chakra Material Nemesis Christed Qualities
Crown Faith Denial Truth/Wisdom
Third Eye Perception Rejection Divine Eye
Throat Self-Expression Shame/Guilt Knowing/Idealism
Heart Nurturing Betrayal/Grief Understanding/Love
Solar Plexus Trust Distrust Trust/Honor
Sacral Procreation Malice Procreation
Root Security Insecurity DivineLife

The data found below addresses the Christed Life Force Centers during the Son's or Daughter's of God Evolution. Most altered functions in the brain are a result of dissonant patterns of memory matrixes created from the experiences of fear, stress, and trauma. Dissonant memory matrixes emit an excessive amount of ions that stimulate the production of the protein p11 that in turn produces the brain's mood-altering chemical serotonin.

Psychosomatic symptoms can be augmented by current life trauma linked to the intensity of and number of past lives in which the same traumatic theme is recorded and held as dissonant memory within the Spirit. The intensity of intrinsic emotions and current life childhood or adult experiences of stress, fear, and mental and physical trauma can produce life-threatening soul-mind reactive behavior.

All past life and current dissonant patterns of memory can be healed by the Salvation Program’s Itinerary. During the healing procedures all Life Force Center’s dysfunction are Healed by Divine Intervention that returns the physical body’s organ and cellular functions back to normal.  

Christed Crown Life Force Center

Divine Attribute — Truth/Wisdom      Lower Attribute — Faith

The Crown Life Force Center is Designed for the Exchange between the Collective Natures of the Family of God, the Spirit, and Soul-Mind.

Located at the top of the physical body’s head, the Christed Life Force Center is programmed for the reception of the Family of God's Circuits and the sending forth to the Family of God Messages from the Spirit.

The Crown Center provides the Means for the Spiritual-Soul to Participate in the DivineLife Program, DivineRealm Realities, and Living Awareness with the Family of God.

DivineLife Meditation incorporates the Heart, Divine Eye, and Crown Center. The Act is referred to in the Western Bible as the "opening of the Veil", as explained in II Corinthians 3:16, "But whensoever it shall turn to the Lord, the Veil is taken away."

Injury to the Crown Center

Crown Center dysfunction's are created from highly charged emotions derived from fear, pain of torture, and death centering on the theme of DivineLife persecution, contact with negative-force beings, punished for day dreaming as a child, head injury, Electro Convulsive Therapy, and use of medications to name a few.

Divine Eye Christed Life Force Center

Divine Attribute — Beauty     Lower Attribute — Perception

The Divine Eye Center supports the area of the head embracing the eyes, forehead, cheekbone and ears. The Center is located behind the forehead and between the eyebrows and assists the Spirit’s symbiosis with brain functions. The Center synchronizes the cerebellum, pineal gland, thalamus, lateral, third and forth ventricle, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, medulla oblongata, mid and lower stem of the brain.

The Divine Eye Life Force Center initiates inner visualization, dreaming, astral projection, and psychic visions.

There are many interacting mechanisms controlled by the Spiritual-Body's memory matrixes within the brain area. The Spiritual-Soul’s consciousness contains autonomous functional memories as well as the intrinsic memories from past life data. The Spiritual-Body's intrinsic memories control automatic responses that involve the concurrent regulation of a large number of different muscles and organs. One can then surmise that dissonant memory matrixes can interrupt the neuronal firings in the brain and thereby alter the corresponding functions of muscles and organs.

The Divine Eye Life Force Center Programs regulate the electromagnetic neuronal synchronized sensitization for cellular activity, and the complicated activities of eyesight, hearing, or speech (connected to the Throat Center).

And, most important, the Spirit's Eye Center is responsible for the symbiotic relationship with the brain, where all incoming data from life experiences, sight, hearing, DivineRealm Awareness, and dreams, to name a few, are turned into quantum memory and integrated into the Spirit. The reason why one can recall memory from the current life as well as past lives.

Divine Eye Life Force Center Dysfunction

All brain activities and body-organs are affected by the neuronal de-stabilization as a result of traumatic emotional agenda. The Divine Eye Center programs initiate and manage the areas of the brain that address consciousness and associated areas of the physical body.

When we experience highly charged emotions of fear and stressed-based memories, the memories are integrated alongside normal everyday types of memory. The agitated state of these memories generates excessive ions that alter brain chemistry, augments anger, temper, mental and physical disabilities as well as sleep deprivation.

Through the use of the Salvation Program’s Itinerary, the above symptoms can be healed and brain functions returned to normal. See Salvation Program.

Throat Christed Life Force Center

DivineAttribute — Idealism     Lower Attribute — Material Self-Expression

The Throat Life Force Center is situated at the throat and circles around to the spine at the third cervical vertebra. It is programmed to assist in verbal self-expression, the key for the exchange of one’s personal State of Maturity, Will, and Intellect. One’s voice is the Self-Expression of Individuality, good or evil, nurturing or destructive. The Christed Center’s primary psychological attributes are: idealism, to teach, nurture, and express love.

Throat Center Psychological Dysfunction's

The Throat Center programs closely interact with the Divine Eye Life Force Center region of the brain: the posterior part of the thalamus, at the top of the brain stem--the central thalamic region being the main area for processing speech controls.

Recorded into the Spirit's body of memory, a person thrust into a highly charged verbal exchange generates emotions that are stored in the cortical area of the left hemisphere. During self-expression, one can emotionally link to these pockets of memory that instantly alter the voice into a raspy sound, high pitched voice, or in severe cases form severe speech difficulties and impediments.

In the search for speech dysfunction, I found the following causes:

  • Tortured for self-expression and idealistic self-expression;
  • In a destiny of slavery, spousal, and child abuse;
  • Unable to scream;
    • In a position to convince persons to do something to save the lives of loved ones, but cannot find anyone to help as he/she watches them die.
    • Combat experiences.

Physical Trauma to the Throat Center Area

Destruction of Throat Center functions occur from the physical acts to the neck as in being guillotined, throat slit, hanged, choked, knifed, or shot in the neck. In the Spirit’s following life the intrinsic memories manifests into chronic hoarseness, tumors on the vocal chords, fear of having anything around the neck, an over and under active thyroid. If found soon enough all dysfunctions can be healed using the Salvation Program Itinerary. See Salvation Program.

Heart Christed Life Force Center

Divine Attribute — Understanding/Love     Lower Attribute — Nurturing

The Heart Center Life Force Program governs the biological body from the diaphragm upward to the clavicle, consisting of the rib cage, the heart and lungs, and the area that circles around to the spine at the eighth cervical vertebra. The Center's primary psychological attribute is that of Understanding, the meaning of Love.

The Heart Center contains the Spirit's Central Processing Unit, the Original DivineSpark Born of God your Mother. The DivineSpark is preprogrammed before its arrival to earth in order that it can evolve according to earth’s evolutionary program. See Cycle of Life.

The Heart Center is the receiver of One's Book of Life Circuits that prompts the Spirit to remain on its destiny time line. Also, it is through the Heart Center that all emotional themes generated by the soul-mind are projected upward to the either of the Holy Spirits, the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son for Transmutation and Transubstantiation.

The DivineLife Evolutionary Program slowly evolves the Spirit's Body of Memory into an Advancing State of Christing. Upon Completion of the Salvation Program followed by total Christing Transfigurations, Union with the Holy Spirits, the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son takes place. At the time of both Unions and the Holy Trinity Configuration becomes One, so are all the Life Force Centers One within the Spirit.

Immediately following the Holy Trinity Union, the Robe of Glory is Awarded by the Father for Celestial All Knowing and the Robe of Glory from God the Mother for Celestial All Understanding. The Spirit's now Individualized Celestial Nature is One with Its Center, the Nature of God, as the Man or Woman of God goes forth to Serve as the Hands of God.

Heart Center Dysfunction

The Spirit’s Heart Life Force Center is made up of experiential memory and when that memory is in harmony with love and progress it functions in full capacity. But, when that memory is contaminated by against-life memories, such as:

  • The emotion of love is absent.
  • Your child or children are killed;
  • A child who is beaten by its parents;
  • Families torn by war, a soldier in combat, a prisoner of war;
  • A person who is tortured by a son or daughter of darkness and eventually killed by them.

All of the above diminishes the function of the Heart Center as well as the possibility of closing down most of the Heart Center’s functions that can result in asthma, breast cancer, and a weakness for lung diseases. In addition, if sever trauma is experienced over several lives, the Heart Center can cease to function resulting in the inability to feel or give love, or feel and record the Love Nature Emanating from the Holy Spirits, the Chryseis Daughter or Christ Son, while in Their Living Presence.

Under these dire circumstances, the Spiritual Evolution comes to a standstill, and if not Healed by God the Father or Mother, the Spirit slips further and further into anti-life activity with the possibility of recovery.

If and when the Heart Center is Healed using the Salvation Program’s Itinerary, there will be a need to re-activate the Heart Center in the DivineRealm’s Life Force Temple. After reactivation, it is recommended that the Spiritual-Soul experience the following DivineScenarios: the Olive Tree and Oil Scenario, River of DivineLife, the Great Pyramid of Light, and of course the Living Presence of the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son.

Solar Plexus Christed Life Force Center

Divine Attribute — Trust/Honor Lower Attribute — Trust

The Solar Plexus Life Force Center governs the biological body at the navel and then encircles the body to connect with the spine at the eighth thoracic vertebra. The major organs and body anatomy affected are the diaphragm, stomach, liver, kidneys, blood pressure, spleen, pancreas, small and large intestines. The Solar Plexus Center Program is directly connected to the reticular area of the brain. The Center's primary psychological attribute is that of DivineHonor and Trust--to Trust and the Honor of being Trusted.

When it is time for the Spirit to leave the Heaven Realm and begin material life, a Seraphim Unifier (witnessed as a Gold Being) accompanies the Spirit into the material realm, where it fuses the Spirit with the fetus at the unbiblical area. The fusion holds the Spirit to the new physical body until the body dies at which time the Spirit is released to return to the Heaven Realm. 

Trust is an unquestioning belief in, and reliance upon, someone or something else. Trust is the foundation for the development of love and, thereby, very closely connected to the Heart Christed Center.

The Honorable Quality Trust is the foundation for Spiritual-Soul advancement. And by developing to maturity, the Quality to-be-trusted evolves attributes of morality, Goodness, Unselfishness, Righteousness, and Service to the Right.

Unfortunately, an absolute childlike trust in persons or organizations is unhealthy in a relative society. The evolving Soul-Mind, in order to develop inner strength and leadership, must sacrifice total trust for caution--a powerful and basic need to develop qualities of discernment.

Solar Plexus Center Dysfunction

Distrust associated with psychological and physical trauma diminishes the function of the Solar Plexus Program resulting in kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, and small intestine dysfunction. Absolute closure of the Center can result in total failure of organs. If negative emotions are accessed and resolved before organ failure or just before or after a transplant, the organ returns to normal functions. See Salvation Program.

Genital Christed Life Force Center

Divine Attribute — Procreation Lower Attribute — Procreation

The Genital Life Force Center Programs support procreation and exerts influence on the front portion of the pelvis, including the genitals and lower intestinal area. The Center's primary psychological attribute is that of procreation and DivineGoodness and is thereby aligned with the circuits from God your Mother and Celestial and Chryseis Daughter.

The Genital Center is conjoined with the Divine Eye Center through the neuronal pathways that act in unison with several biological functions and they are:

  • Regulate the master gland of the endocrine function, the hypothalamus for production of gonadotropin, the releasing hormone (GnRH) that stimulates both the ovaries and testes.
  • Regulate the hormonal functions that support reproduction, pregnancy, and birth--the procreation of life.
  • Regulate the sexual behavior programs evolved from the experiences of both male and female bodies throughout the centuries. These programs are stored in the left and right lateral ventricles in the reticule activating system. The amount and quality of memories stored there determines the balance of maleness or femaleness in each life.

Genital Center Dysfunction

Genital Center dysfunction is created by either psychological and/or physical trauma created by the act of rape (male and female), complicated childbirth, still born birth, and sexual torture.

Resultant subliminal or subconscious trauma creates a psychosomatic response of pain during a sexual encounter, dysfunction of the sexual organs, inability to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to full term, and passive or active negative aggression with sexual partners (such as sadism, shame and guilt).

Additional Genital Center dysfunction results from the practice of forced celibacy imposed by the church, spouse, lover, or incarceration. It is a "willed" act that must be forced against natural autonomous programs already active in the Spirit’s psycho-nature.

Stabilizing Affects of a Sexual Climax

Subliminal traumatic psychosomatic response manifests in areas of the physical body associated to the Life Force Centers. Consequently, all affected associated Life Force Centers can generate excessive amounts of ions that diminish organ or cellular health. And, since all areas of the physical body are associated to areas of the brain, excessive ions are generated in the brain area.

Excessive ions in the brain stimulate intensive sexual arousal that finds a temporary resolution after a sexual climax.

A sexual climax acts exactly like an epileptic seizure; in fact, the two create the exact same brain wave patterns that produce the same effects. A sexual climax acts like bolts of lightning streaking back and forth across both left and right hemispheres that neutralize excessive ions and stabilizes brain chemistry.

At the initiation of a sexual climax, the act produces a whole body-stabilizing phenomenon. A climax is similar to the cause and effect of a tornado where excessive ions and the need to neutralize them form the tornado phenomenon. In the case of a sexual climax, the climatic act is initiated by the learned functions of the Genital Life Force Center Programming. The climatic act has up-built memory over millions of lives and is a necessary function for continued reproduction of all species. Its gift stabilizes the health of the physical body and mental health. 

At the time the Genital Life Force climatic energy is generated, the activity runs outward along nerves to the spinal column. If the Seat Live Force Center contains dissonant memory, the climatic energy neutralizes ionic buildup, the cause for prostrate and colon weakness toward cancer.

The climatic energy begins its journey as it whirls upward to the Solar Plexus Life Force Center. If the Center contains dissonant distrust trauma memory, the energy runs outward from the spinal column along the nerves attached to both kidneys and liver. When the climatic energy reaches the kidneys and liver, the person is aware of an aching sensation in the kidneys and liver area as the excessive ion are neutralized.

The climatic energy continues its path upward into the Heart Life Force Center. If the Spirit contains against love dissonant memory, an aching in both breasts is felt as the excessive ions are neutralized. I found in all cases of breast cancer patients that there were few, if any, sexual climaxes. I also found patients were in a double bind between what they wanted to do in life to fulfill their dream, but were unable to force the issue that would act against their husband’s wishes.

The climatic energy continues to whirl upward into the Throat Life Force Center. Excessive ions, as a result of traumatic memory caused by persecution to self-expression, hung, guillotined, choked, or decapitated, an aching sensation is felt in the neck and cervical vertebra as the ions are being neutralized.

From the neck, the climatic energy continues up into the brain, where excessive ions are neutralized that stabilizes brain hormones and chemistry. At the end of the climatic activity, the physical body is at peace, although for a short time. And, again the unresolved traumatic memories recorded throughout the body begin to generate an excessive amount of ions that starts the need for a climax again. Entrance into the Salvation Program’s Itinerary stops the physical cycle. See Salvation Program.

Neuropathological Results of Sexual Trauma

a Reactive Symptom in Both the Genital
and DivineEye Life Force Center

Spiritual intrinsic traumatic memory can produce reactive physical neuropathological symptoms. Dissonant Spiritual Memory as a result of psychologically demeaning, intense physical pain and fears are recorded in two areas of the Spirit’s body--the area where the physical damage and accompanying pain is recorded; and second, the corresponding area within the brain assigned to the damaged section of the physical body.

Manifestations of psychosomatic response are: Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar, Autistism, Dyslexia, Schizophrenia, Tendinitis, Tumors, Nerve Deterioration, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms,Tourette’s Syndrome, to name a few. See Salvation Program.

Sacral Christed Life Force Center

Divine Attribute — DivineLife Lower Attribute — Security

The Seat or Sacral Life Force Center's Primary Ideal is the Supports of Life.

The Sacral Center program influences the area of the physical body at the base of the spine and connects with the fourth sacrum vertebra and the anal region. The Center's primary psychological attribute is that of attaining security to live out its destiny.

The Sacral programs promote the Soul-Mind's drive to live and furnish itself with the needs for survival of self and family: food, shelter, work, and the means to support a family.

Seat Center Dysfunction

Dysfunction or scarring to the Seat Center occurs when the physical body starves or the family suffers from lack of food or shelter. Traumatic emotions derived from starving and inability to feed and care for the family in a past life can create psychosomatic dysfunctions of the colon, genitals, and bladder.

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