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Articles by Barbara J. Young

Dr. Barbara J. Young  has lived and studied Christian Mysticism for thirty years. To help achieve her destiny and gift to earth, she experienced external Apparitions of Light Figures since childhood. Her mind-consciousness education began with pre-medicine, branched into psychology, the study of altered states of consciousness, parapsychology, parapsychology and medicine, world religions and the psychology of social change. To better prepare her for her destiny, during and prior to her post graduate education, she gained experience in missile systemís technology, the medical field and oceanographic research.

After achieving her higher degrees, she set about in 1977 on a twenty year walk-a-about to educate the public about its true purpose in life, the evolution of its spiritual nature and its Divination. She introduced to scientist, clergymen, teachers, and medical researchers, inner spiritual techniques to advance their creative nature.

In her twenty years on the road, she has appeared on many radio and television interviews, a guest speaker at Universities, and general public lectures. In all instances possible, she guided her audience into the Divine Realm for an Objective Awareness with Divine Scenarios and the Family of God, God the Father and His Christ Son as well as God the Mother and Her Chrysies Daughter. In Their Loving Awareness, the Human Spiritual-Soul takes with, the Divine Memory of Their True Love and a Sense of Knowing that you are an Extended Member of Their Family, as Sons and Daughters of God.