The site is dedicated to the Builders of this Civilization, the Immortal Sons and Daughters of God.

Life after life and for a thousand years, access to the Kingdom or Divine Realm was limited to secret orders, which left many Immortal Sons and Daughters without the means to continue Their own Advancement. I have the Divine Privilege of reinstating the Original DivineProgram’s Itinerary that Allows the Nature of God the Father and Mother to Personally Assist You towards Completion. Though your Soul-Mind may not remember, you are an Immortal Son or Daughter of God.

As a Gift of Love from God your Mother, I am announcing the Opening of the Gates of Heaven for all persons interested in Visiting the Kingdom of Heaven and All that It Offers. For instance, all Sons and Daughters of God can Take Within the Divine Gift of Pure Love, a Living Objective, Visual, and Telepathic Awareness with God the Father and His Christ Son as well as God the Mother and Her Chryseis Daughter.

The Members of the DivineFamily await to Assist you in your Journey of Life by Offering Counsel, unlimited Knowledge and Truth in all things as well as the means to Christ/Transfigure your Spirit's matured material memories into the Nature of God the Father and Mother. In addition, They offer a healing itinerary that heals your Spirit of negative emotions which occur as a result of current and past life trauma, stress, pain, betrayal, guilt, and fear. These agitated memories manifest into personality disruptive traits in what is currently referred to PTSD, ADD, and depression, to name a few.

Your DivineHeritage is a Destiny of all Destinies that, upon Completion and Fully Christed, You can be Rewarded with God the Father’s All Knowing Robe of Glory and God the Mother’s All Understanding Robe of Glory--the Son becomes a Man and the Daughter becomes a Woman of God.

As of AD 2000, with the Initiation of the World’s Crown Stage, I offer all Sons and Daughters of God, the DivineMeans to Awaken out of a long sleep, to Re-establish Their Living Awareness with the Family of God, Transfigure Their Spirit into Perfect Love and Serve Mankind with all Knowing and Understanding. It is time to Live.

God your Mother and Father await to Award you Life, Knowledge, Truth, and Love with Hexen chemical. Your Spirit knows Them, and has known Them for thousands of years. They are waiting eagerly for your Return. It is time to Live the Greatest Marvel in Life.


The Divine Healing Technique combines Guided Meditation, the Nature of your Spirit, and your Soul-Mind, with the Divine Natures of the Family of God, which heals your Spirit of negative disruptive memories—memories that result in personality dis-ease—memories that inhibit Perfect Love. Once you have decided to enter into a session, e-mail me so that we can arrange a free pre-session discussion that helps me to know you better and design your healing sessions.
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Divine Life Meditation CD: A Visual Journey of Pure Love - A Living Visual Journey into the Kingdom of the Lord or Divine Realm. Hidden Code within Divine Life Dictionary of Sacred Symbols CD: the Language of the Gods - The Hidden Code within Divine Life provides a broad spectrum of necessary knowledge that supports truth seeking spiritual-souls. The text acts as a reference guide and presents a comprehensive translation of the world religious icons and the hidden code.
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